Making predictions for the future is indeed a hazardous business

By Pat Regan 

Let’s face it even the so-called weather experts can get tomorrow’s forecast wrong at times on a consistent basic. Then again we have the Church of Climate Alarmism that tells us unless we all start riding to work on our bicycles the planet is going to expire.

What I ‘can’ predict with 100% certainty however is that millions of trusting individuals will continue to permit the monotheistic religious institutions of this planet to control their lives. The indoctrination process, from birth until the grave, has throughout the centuries been so successful that the leaders of religions like Christianity can sit happily on their laurels in the sure-fire knowledge that their institutions will survive the basic common sense of this more scientific age.

Regardless of any additional cases of clergy abuse against innocent children I predict that the trusting masses will, as always, turn a blind eye and continue to support the religious dogmatism that shelters such appalling child abusers.  Clearly the threat of NOT reaching heaven means much more to millions of adherents than any feasible concern for the rape of innocent children by growing numbers of heinous Christian priests. Yes, more cases will sadly unfold I feel too.

I would also in this coming year expect to see significant financial decay on an international scale due to recession and lack of confidence in the international banking system. In the UK and Europe we are in some danger of financial meltdown. Moreover, on a public scale the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) scam has displayed the huge and embarrassing spectacle of corrupt banks having to refund billions to their customers. This mega rip off was of course ‘genuine’ bank robbery and millions have suffered due to the PPI banking issue.

Riots in the UK have also shown us how fragile the peace really is. A hot summer, more financial instability mixed with the same old expected rise in unemployment plus the usual class struggle and who knows – more street riots could easily ensue.  Due to this, police powers against human liberties may be increased surprisingly.

Without wishing to be overly pessimistic, passionate acts of terrorism will potentially be marked by increasing tensions/instability in the East. Assassinations may also be on the cards due to the same fervent convictions held by the more radical factions.  Iran and Korea are places to watch with additional care I feel! Although, as always I would warn against the typical gobbledygook regularly trotted out by the bible punchers who seek to uncover so-called ‘satanic’ adversaries where no such things exist.

On deeper levels we shall doubtless be hearing of supplementary amazing UFO sightings. These will be marked by seismic activity I dare say too, as the two have gone hand in hand on many occasions in the past. Again, mountainous areas like Cumbria and Scotland may produce surprising reports of extraterrestrial activity as the summer unfolds. A new Rendlesham-type incident may be close at hand.

Yes – we shall survive 2012 and hopefully learn by any gigantic mistakes we make in this particular year.

Of course, if the gods permit it, I shall be oblivious to much of this frantic human activity as I will be blissfully fly-fishing for wild trout on some wind-swept, Lancashire stream.

In 2012, the birds shall continue to make their nests in the hedgerows, the colourful flowers of spring will continue to bloom and simple Pagan folk like me will be letting Mother Nature dictate events – rather than man.

Pat Regan © 2011

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