Have you seen all the fantastic changes going on in nature lately? Did you enjoy the wonderful fall colors this year or sit in silence watching that first crisp snow fall this season?  Have you looked at the night sky recently? With the time change we have earlier dark night skies making star watching earlier and easier each night. Have you noticed the wild clouds that grow during the day to huge feathers consuming the blue sky right before your eyes?  I know, your answer is no, I do not have the time.

What you mean to say is : “ No, I am too busy looking at my smart  phone, I pad, or playing a game while out in the world and rarely pay attention to anything around me. Hey, I rarely look at my family or friends nowadays as I am too busy with whatever gadget I am hooked up to, playing with or sitting in front of.” I am sure that would be your answer or something very close. 

Truthfully I doubt many of you pay much attention to anything during your day that is not a machine -and a machine that demands and gets most of your attention.

How sad to see so much of the world and life passing you buy as up frantically sit with this little box between your hands acting like a deranged being thumbs a flying working those fingers in text messages and tweets, self-photos or mindless games that in the big picture of living one’s life mean NOTHNG!

Technology should have been mankind’s jump-start to a better place on this earth for all of us as well as a foot step towards being a more sophisticated animal reaching towards a place with our more advanced cosmic neighbors. Instead we use it to divide us from one another. We do not talk to one another face to face, we do it through a device. We do not look at others when we are out in the world, we are deep in conversation on a cell phone, or tweeting, or texting or attached to and in trace with a machine. How freaky is that?

We have become a society of rude obnoxious loud annoying fools. We will bring our phones to the table while having a Sunday dinner, or worse out to dinner in a nice restaurant. We sit and rudely check the phone every few seconds for whatever the hell it is your checking while ignoring or half listening to those sitting at the table with you. Our rudeness is wide and clear. If you get a call or text or even see a tweet during an outing or meal with family or friends you will immediately dis who you are with to rudely answer that call or text or tweet. For goodness sakes people grow up and act like adults. Those of you who are adults stop standing for this type of obnoxious rude behavior and tell those around you who do these things to knock it off!

How about shopping. Years ago those walking about alone talking loudly with hand gestures flinging all around the place along the sidewalk or inside a store where considered deranged. Watching my neighbors do the same while in town doing their errands is sad and disheartening. I can remember when we all talked to each other while out doing our shopping. I would often stop to catch up with a friend or neighbor when out running errands. At the end of my shopping I would always buy a hot chocolate or coffee that I would take to the park located at the end of town where the town meets the harbor on the Long Island Sound. People often would do this and sit on the benches overlooking the water while talking to whoever may be about sitting on the benches also sipping their hot drink. Now there are people around, they are all marching about barely taking in the beauty at the water’s edge due to the fact they are deeply involved in a trace like fixation with some type of gadget. Rarely do they notice their neighbors or for that matter what is going on around them.

I think of these things as little wedges we all walk around with that we spend our days using to literally place a wedge in our relationships with those we love or live with and work with. Wedges we insert each day between us and those we spend our days alongside. Instead of nourishing the relationships in front of our faces we turn to tweets, texting and our cell phones. Instead of enjoying the life that stands right in front of us we instead stand back and take photos of it all and send it out to everyone ignoring the live humans standing right there with us. It is just plain weird.  We took the technology that should be used as work tools and instead are using them as family, friend, and face to face communication killer. I have to wonder if it has come to this by our own addiction weakness or by the hand of something more sinister as a method of control.

With that said let us be honest that this technology has society seriously addicted in a hard core way. Do not object to my word addiction as that is exactly what it is. If you cannot and do not want to detach from whatever hand held gadget you walk around with all day- you’re addicted. If you cannot have a dinner without your phone or whatever your gadget of poison is sitting next to your plate so you can check it every few seconds- then you are addicted. If you cannot leave your home, go out for an evening or work without these things then you are addicted to them.

You find all the elements of addiction with these things including people becoming angry when you suggest they are addicted. I fear for us and this new addiction but that is not the worst fear I have about these things.

My fear is that the very things we addicted ourselves to are the devices that very well may be brain washing us, controlling our thinking, keeping us more trance like robots than normal free will, free thinking humans. My fear and suspicion is that we are being fed   constantly subliminally mind controlling information 24 hours a day. If you are not hooked up to your gadgets or home computers you most likely are sitting in front of a TV. A huge one at that!

How simple for those who want to control our thinking, politics, schooling, buying habits or simply to stop us thinking freely at all.  The way of our technology addictions have made all of this easily done.

Do you really believe that this is not being done? Do you really believe the things you talk about, view and indulge in are not being watched and used to continue to control and manipulate society? You cannot be that naive about the use of   today’s technology that you do not clearly see these things are being done by those who want power over us. You cannot be childish enough to think that this power is not being used in sinister ways.  I think it is very possible you are becoming a slave to whoever and whatever wishes to do so by your addiction to this technology.

What really upsets me is that we have no idea what is using this grid of easy access in to our brains or why they are doing so. The governments of the world could use it to control us. Secret power groups could do so as well for their private agendas for the world. Far more frightening is that other life forms could be using our addiction to feed our brains with thoughts that are not our own as well as uploading everything we use our gadgets for. They may hear every call, read every text and know what we think and do with ease. 

I once had a fantastic report of a craft viewed by a group of men who were of a professional good source. This group of reliable men reported watching a huge unknown craft hovering over a large field that housed a cell phone tower, a radio station tower and a large grove of electrical wires and transformers belonging to the electric company in their area on Long Island New York.  The craft hovered over the area and had long laser type rays running down to the towers, wires and radio station equipment. The craft caused a mini black out in the nearby area that quickly resolved once the craft detached its ray from the wires. It certainly seems logical this craft was both uploading and downloading into this grid which to me is a very scary thought.

All of this has been a topic of discussion on the internet in various groups and blogs by many in the paranormal community. The fact that we are being watched and monitored by way of our technology is not a new idea.  Also it is becoming more obvious that we are being walked by way of this technology away from social communicating humans to new less than human beings and more like cold manipulated machines by our addiction to these devices we now seem unable to live without.

I am sure that we are being watched and listened to as well as fed subliminal messages each and every day. I tend to think I am correct in saying you are not as clear in your own thinking as you were before your addiction started and your life became over taken by these devices.

I only take my cell phone with me in case of an emergency. I keep a camera in my car and do not need to have it in my hand at all times.  I do not stay on the computer more than three hours a day. Since I have been talking to others about my technology concerns I made a decision to disconnect daily from the communication grid that seems to control our lives. My sadness is that which should be used as tools for us to advance our species has instead become a weapon used at us or on us for control, invasion of privacy and possibly manipulation.

Our hand held gadgets have walked us down a road of brain numbing activities that fill our days in mind dumbing activities that may amuse us as it numbs us to real life and real concerns around us Tweeting is ridiculous. No discussion needed about that. Hours spend on one liners is simply a ridiculous waste of time as well as an easy form of control not to mention a way to feed the tech addiction. 

Facebook seems to be something people sit and look at all day long. The information moves too quickly and frankly seems to be a long stream of every thought that crosses everyone’s mind. No offense but how boring and how sad it is  that people would rather sit and do that instead of going out in the real world with real people where face to face communication could take place. Living behind a computer persona is not only sad it is dangerous. It is dangerous as it opens you to a world of vile people who pounce on those addicted to these things and dangerous in the aspect it may keep people from developing real relationship and communication skills on a one on one real time involvement with other human beings. It also confuses people who become confused between their fake on line persona and who they really are. Life is hard enough without these complications

The worst of it is that we do not know who is monitoring us or why. We do not know what is being fed to our unconscious mind or why  yet we become outraged if someone suggests we turn all this damn stuff off and regulate your mind and body back to real time and real people.

If you do not believe what I am saying test yourself. Do not use your computer, cell phone or any other techie device for three days. Sit in silence and clear your mind of outside stimulation. Go outside and take a walk with your eyes, ears and mind free of all devices. Sleep without these gadgets interfering or to the sound of a TV set at night.  Take off your shoes and connect directly to the earth for a few minutes each day. Look at the sky, watch the people around you. Talk to other humans without the interruption of some annoying device. Do these things and tell me if you do not see, feel, hear and realize a huge difference. If you do this for a long enough time you will start to clearly notice that the people around you seem to function in a daze or trance at times as they stay addicted and connected to their gadgets and devices. Once you do these things and realize these things on your own I promise you will become as frightened and concerned as I am about what is happening to us and concerned by  who and for what purpose?

I strongly urge you all to consider my words as I think we are on a very slippery slope that is sliding us all towards a hell I do not think we are prepared for. It is time to wake up and find your strength to fight this dangerous game we are playing as we willingly give our way of life, our freedoms and our future up to something we do not know or understand. It is happening, there is no question about it. The only question is how willing and how fast are you going to give up your humanity?

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