Publisher’s Note:  Received an interesting email from David Wisbey about the Mexican government revealing Mayan documents that seem to prove extraterrestrial contact. For your pleasure. Dirk


Link below is to a French website with photos and explanations of these artifacts. To translate into English, or many other languages (including Czech, Mirka!), scroll down the right hand column until you get to “Translate.” Looks like this came out in August, 2012, with an eye to 2012 prophecies. The images are quite detailed and amazing, and the interpretations seem entirely plausible.

Click here to enlarge top photo.

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke is working on another book about what she has learned from the Mayans in Mexico and Mesoamerica about extraterrestrials and their relationship to them. From the looks of these artifacts, she will have a lot to write about.

Here’s a link to a 12 minute video about the artifacts. (May need your mute button for the music.)  From 3:20 to about 6:30 is a short lecture by Nassim Haramein and again at about 9:15.


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