The Abingdon UFO Event

By Pat Regan


Dennis J. Wisnosky Jr, a former paratrooper, contacted me this autumn with an intriguing UFO account that he informs me has been briefly highlighted elsewhere.

Regardless of his military background, Dennis courageously granted me full permission to use his real name, photo, etc in an effort to bring more attention to the situation at hand. 

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In order to fully understand the situation Dennis wished to go back a little way to explain the background behind his amazing account. 

As a child, Dennis grew up on a great number of military installations as his father was in the Air Force serving as a security police officer. 

“We had been stationed at several installations to include the base that I was born at Ft. Wainwright in Alaska, Minot, N.D., MacDill A.F.B., FL, Wurtsmith A.F.B., MI and Anderson A.F.B., Guam.

Throughout those travels and bases, I had seen a great many aircraft, never thinking too much on the circumstances.  Although most no longer experienced air raid drills, they were still a common practice at these places, as most of these bases were top targets in the instance of nuclear attack. They housed the B- 52’s, ALCM (Air Launch Cruise Missile), KC- 135’s, AWACS and various others like the B-1B’s while others stopped in occasionally, and some were TAC (Tactical Air Command) like MacDill, which had the standard strike and fighters of the day, the F-15 and 16’s, A- 10’s and other whatnots in the A.F. arsenal.” explained the witness. 

Dennis had a rather strict upbringing. His father, in his later years, was high ranking enlisted security at these bases and then left security due to the stress for the Civil Engineers. When his father retired Dennis returned to FL in St. Petersburg where he finished his last two years in high school. After noticing the public abuse his father suffered after returning from Vietnam, Dennis initially promised his dad he wouldn’t join the military. However, he was his father’s son and felt obliged to join up. 

Dennis originally had planned on being a jet jockey, applying for the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs in the beginning of his junior year in FL. Dennis informed me.

 “Low and behold it wasn’t meant to be, they requested that I do another two years of HS as I went my first two in Guam (in spite of the fact that it is a DOD funded school). Go figure. That just wasn’t going to work. To say the least, I wanted to get the he** away from home, be my own man, that whole bit, so I said I was going to join whomever called first. Turned out to be mother green, and off to take the ASVAB I went. Seeing “Platoon” and “Full Metal Jacket”, I was set on the SUCK, the Infantry. Due to testing scores, the Army wanted me to do Apache Avionics. (Hind sight is always 20/20) But, nope….gimme the suck. Between the testing and everything else, I found out about jumping out of planes, can’t fly them, I can fly a chute, close enough for me! I had no idea of the direction it would lead.” 

From this point on, I shall let Dennis progress the tale in his own inimitable way. This will hopefully transmit the basic militaristic flavour of the situation better than I could… 

“ Now, I’m not a hero, and have no delusions as to that fact, but I wanted to serve with them, if I could hack. I did my basic training at Ft. Benning, GA (yea, home of the suck, till courses at Bragg, but that’s a bit later). Upon completion of Basic and Infantry School (OSUT, One Station Unit Training), due to FM’s (Foreign Military) coming in for Airborne (of course FM’s have priority, genius, NOT), me and others scheduled were on a two week delay. That’s when I got another bright idea. One of my bunk mates had a book, “Eyes Behind the Lines” written by a LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) named Gary Linderer. Holy heck, I was sold. I thought I was going to go to Bragg, but got orders for the 101st Airborne instead (by the way, most there don’t jump; the name is a history holdover from WW II). In Airborne, I saw a guy with a 101 patch, and went to him to find out about the post.

To my dismay, he gave me the name hold over story for the unit title, but said that there were a few active jumpers there, but they were kept out in the middle of nowhere, the red headed buck toothed step children of the division. Yea for me.  Instead of taking leave after Airborne school, me and that bunk mate hauled a_ _ to the post.

After getting there and finding the unit, before even signing into the Division replacement, a Physical test was in order. Yep, you guessed it, SUCK X 2. It was raining, and we had to do it in boots. Tired as he** afterwards, we signed in (looking like someone just took a huge dump on us) to Division. When we explained why, the NCOIC (Non Commissioned Officer in Charge, otherwise known as the HMFIC, I won’t explain that one, a little crude) just said “Crazy Mother F(*&%^%^).  The next day, standing in formation waiting to do menial tasks, some dude from another unit with a maroon beret ( I didn’t see any others on post thus far, and it looked sooooo cooool) on asked for all Airborne qualified people to step forward. OOOO….I couldn’t wait to find out what this was about. HA HA ……..SUCKER. The Pathfinders……..wooo hooo. Same thing as the night before, but five miles at the end this time. Yea, harder than woodpecker lips.  

Turns out the Pathfinder unit I belonged to for the next two years were the first to jump in on D Day, hours before anyone else. The Unit specialty is to jump in, gain intelligence on enemy unit or air forces in the area and then mark the DZ (Drop Zone) or HLZ ( Helicopter Landing Zones ) for the following main attack units.  Hence, this is where we got our expertise on aircraft, we have to know what is coming toward us, is ours or theirs, as well as any ground units, armor and the such. To shorten the military story, I’ll just add that I served in the 101st Pathfinders, then to Berlin Brigade (so I could get real world trigger time in the Balkans), then to the 511th Pathfinders in Ft. Rucker, AL, and finally to I Corps LRS (Long Range Surveillance) at Ft. Lewis, WA. To sum up the aircraft time, with the exception of the time in the Balkans, I was a jumper the whole time, just short of eight years. “

“After being medically discharged due to a recurrent injury in Special Forces Assessment and Selection, from a jump, I went home to FL with my wife and a baby on the way (my eldest son). Yea, outdoor plumbing, didn’t need girls, her man would be dead after the first date. I know what men wanted, I WAS A PARATROOPER. Party hard to say the least and politely!  Because no one would hire me due to previous injury in the service (you get the “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” after interviews as you are an insurance liability) the VA (Veterans Administration picked me up on a temporary status. I went to work, after enrolling in Vocational Rehabilitation and Training, for an organization that represents veterans for their disability claims.

To say the least, although not attorneys, school entailed loads of medical and legal courses. I know veterans law like the back of my hand, I’m not very dumb, in spite of the fact of my infantry career (which I used a ton of algebra), and was a very successful representative, including being promoted to Washington D.C. to argue cases at the higher end of the legal spectrum. Now, no sob tears from me, at least not now, I got divorced. Me and the ex have a good relationship, it’s better for the boys. Again to shorten the story a bit, I now find myself in Abingdon, VA. My total disability is done, and now sucking the proverbial government T – T for funds.”

The UFOs

In view of Dennis’s varied military chronicle above he never expected to see what he witnessed in Abingdon on June 23, 2008. 

Dennis and others at first saw a large black rectangle with lights (smaller) on each of four corners underneath. One was larger and dimmer and set back from the front two and centered, with a large red beacon rotating in the centre. 

Initially the craft was at about 2,000 ft (Dennis knew this as he had jumped from that level before). The second craft was an half an hour later. The witnesses watched it descend through 8, ooo ft to about 4,000 to 5,000 ft, level out, move east and then begin to rise at about 8 miles out over Bristol, TN. 

“Both craft moved at 45 to 60 knots going east to west along Interstate 81 and Lee Hwy. First went right over my head on Beverly Drive in Abingdon and others saw them as they passed directly in front of us at an insanely close distance.” explained Dennis.

Dennis knew most aircraft types fairly well including his own military’s and enemy craft as well. Before that night, Dennis believed that there was life out there, but in no way believed that they were already ‘here’. Starting from roughly 10:03 pm on 23rd June 2008, Dennis and several other witnesses saw what he described as… 

 “One tube about ten or fifteen feet longer than a CH- 47 Chinook helicopter, two rectangles just a tad bit bigger than football fields and roughly five stories tall, and the last at roughly 11:08, a Foo Fighter about 25- 30 meters in diameter (based on distance from where I was standing).”

When Dennis witnessed those craft, everything that he ‘thought’ he stood for was suddenly diminished. 

Dennis’s sense of reality appeared to be severely challenged by this amazing UFO event with what he related to me next.

“Whether those things were theirs (being aliens) or ours (being black ops), I hold one thing, and only one thing now, to be TRUTH, the governments (people, NWO, or whatever) have lied and deceived its people on something that will fundamentally change our (mankind’s) place in the Universe (s) forever. Some may think we need to hide it, I respectfully disagree.  Look at America’s current situation, let alone anyone else’s. The energy crisis, either they are withholding something that can fix it, spacecraft or they are just wholly inept.  

Look at the bailout situation. The car companies want to give us merely fuel efficient vehicles, when there is a guy in California who can convert any auto to electric by switching out engines, and placing batteries where the fuel tank would be. Why would that be, MONEY, hence, economic slavery.  Regardless of when they release the truth, there will be problems, now or three thousand years from now. There will be problems with religious zealots, those who don’t want to give up a type of power or control; those who will lose economically. With everything, there are advantages, and there are problems. That can’t be avoided. But the basic and fundamental truth that they are here must be released. There is minimal harm from that.”

Dennis went on to actually ‘apologise’ to me for being, “in a military that was part of the problem, not a part of the cure.” 

 Dennis also called for honest disclosure. 

“If we are to succeed in disclosure, I believe we must turn the tables. We can’t tolerate those that have ridiculed you (now us). Nothing but disclosure, in the very least, the basic truth is acceptable.” 

Dennis has risked a great deal and significantly at least typical ridicule in coming forward with his astonishing UFO account. He must however be congratulated for not towing the official line of censorship and not sitting on the fence here. 

What we have here is a daring ex-paratrooper with a noble military background who is simply asking for the truth to be revealed, with regards to the UFO axis!

I thank Dennis, who is truly a ‘hero’ in respect of the above, for this remarkable UFO report. 


Pat Regan © 2013

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