“Mirrors are the doorways through which Death enters the world”

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Mirrors are the doorways through which Death enters the world. Stare long enough into a mirror, and you will see Death at work.” — Jean Cocteau.

“My floors creak all over the house. Sometimes at night, I hear creaking when no one is up. I sometimes see shadows as well but I thought those might be hallucinations from lack of sleep. Finally, the man in the mirror: A bit before the light incident, I was having lunch after I got back from school. I glanced up and noticed what looked like a face in a large bedroom mirror we have. It looked like someone had drawn a detailed picture of a scruffy man on the mirror. It had no colors; it was basically what it looks like when you smudge your finger on clean glass. That man now comes and goes.

 He seems to come out of and back into that mirror.”

I have heard noises come from the mirror and quite often cold just emanates from its surface.

I have seen images in this mirror of the man.

When my family saw me take this out of the attic all I heard was “Oh No” or “I thought you got rid of that thing years ago!”

In the first picture There is a face of a man.

I guess the resident of the mirror decided to honor me with an appearance when I was snapping the pictures. The second picture has been enhanced so the man haunting the mirror could be seen better.”

(from a communique)

He had brought the mirror into the house in September 1998.


His brother – an interior decorator -found the mirror in the attic of a house that was being renovated.

He gave the mirror to Robert, because he knew his brother liked antiques. The owners of the renovated house knew nothing of the people who had lived there before them, and so, no light was ever thrown upon the mystery of the spooky mirror and the creepy face concealed behind it’s looking glass.

Mirrors have always been suspected of having magical qualities,

inter dimensional attributes.

Mirrors visualized, surrounding you, can have the same evil spiritual deterrent effect of having mirrors that face doorways; it is believed that the entity sees itself and is repulsed by its own ugliness, its own demonic ungodliness.

Surely you heard about people who have seen a ghost in a mirror, a person they couldn’t see when they turned around?

That’s got to be one of the scariest experiences that one can EVER have when it comes to mirrors and ghosts’ presences in a house.

Mirrors are often portals into another parallel dimension and are therefore most dangerous.

Mirrors can act as a doorway that allow the gangster fringe element of the spirit world access and egress to our lives, and all the while, we are unaware.

Many religions and cultures, retain some remnant wisdom of mirrors as doorways, portals to the paranormal, when these cultures cover all mirrors in a house of the recently dead friend or relative.

Many in the world still do actively believe that you should and must cover a mirror if someone dies in a room and their image is reflected in a mirror.

The confused spirit of the dead likely now a wandering spirit, present in those rooms, must be persuaded to rest.

Folklore millennia old teaches one to believe that the mirror will capture the dead person’s soul, thus preventing its entry into heaven.

Some ancient oral traditions state that the Devil invented mirrors for this specific purpose.

“Mirror … Mirror on the wall you make my skin creep and crawl. Who’s the ghost that resides within?… The sprits of the dead, the lost or my next of kin! “

Since ancient times, mirrors were said to have odd magical powers, including the power to foretell the future and were considered devices of the ‘gods’ which we stole, then tried to copy.

Breaking such a mirror would end its powers and bring untold miseries and misfortunes upon the one whose reflection it had last held.

A mirror could also damn an already trapped spirit to a Hell that only the Devil himself knew existed.

Mirrors are odd visual doorways in that one can see one’s reversed face in the mirror as well as the entire room behind one in the background.

That mirror is not glass but an open doorway into that visible space. Birds will try to fly through a mirror, or through a shiny glass window reflecting the sky.


Some cultures see mirrors as night time hazards to our spiritual energies.

Japanese Feng Shui holds that any mirror facing the bed releases destructive feng shui.

Any large mirror facing the bed directly can deplete your astral energy, over time, when you oddly and especially need it the most, at night time, when your body is genetically programmed to do repair work.

Mirrors allow entities entrance to your sleeping form and act directly, to drain you of energy.

You awaken more exhausted than you were, going to bed.

Your spiritual energy drained, causes somatic diseases.

Japanese energy scholars, who tout the importance of unseen flowing energy through one’s house and one’s body, state that any mirror facing your bed is also said to bring the energy of an unwanted third party, a marriage-breaker- into your most intimate relationship.

In feng shui,

a mirror which faces the bed is most destructive; it reflects your body while you are in bed.

Remedy the situation with a mirror

reflecting your bed and find a different spot for it. One can also use mirrors to improve the feng shui in own’s home.

Mirrored closet doors can be disarmed with simple draperies/curtains that can be closed at night.

This system allows positive mirror energy in daytime to get all the light and freshness for the bedroom that mirrors can provide, and at night time, allows one to close the curtains that cover the mirrored closet doors that face the bed..

The entrance vestibule of one’s house is tantamount in feng shui energy flow teachings.

It is the place where one lingers when one enters or leaves the house.

One gets energy from the chi that is flowing through this space.

If the entrance hall has no doors or windows and is enclosed, then it can lead to stagnant chi.

A mirror, can solve this problem.

“ Mirrors are the doorways through which Death enters the world. Stare long enough into a mirror, and you will see Death at work.” — Jean Cocteau.

“When people talk of Ghosts I don’t mention the Apparition by which I am haunted, the Phantom that shadows me about the streets, the image or spectre, so familiar, so like myself, which lurks in the plate glass of shop-windows, or leaps out of mirrors”
Logan Pearsall Smith

The mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) posed a question about mirrors in one of his best-known books, “Through the Looking-Glass”, that gets at the heart of the trouble: “Is mirror milk any good to drink?”

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