Missile Launched Near Phoenix: Witness formerly with U.S. Space Command / NORAD

By Kevin W. Smith

On May 6, 2011, my guests on air were Alex Hearn and Mitch Waite.  Hearn and Waite are both well known as Bigfoot researchers in Arizona, and had experienced something rather amazing the previous day as they were returning home from aBigfoot research trip in the Superstition Mountains. 

As they approached the ”Florence Junction” on Highway 60, they saw what, at first, appeared to be another of Arizona’s frequent dust devils.  But, a second glance convinced them it was definitely something else.  Had it been a dust devil, it would not have extended so high into the sky—so high they had to exit their vehicle to follow it all the way to its end.  At its end was not just clouds in the sky, but something that should not normally have been there—a missile.

The plume of exhaust extended from the ground and stretched far up into the sky.  This was a freshly launched missile—near Phoenix, Arizona!  Since they had been on a sasquatch research trip, they both had their HD video cameras with them.  Both men grabbed a camera and began to record this amazing event. 

Shortly after returning home, Hearn sent me an e-mail about the incident.  He also notified every news crew in the Phoenix area (radio and television) and provided video to them.  He did the same for national news services.  Amazingly, only one news team thought it news-worthy enough to do a story on it.  To their credit KPHO TV in Phoenix checked into the story of these two men and aired a report on May 6th.   They posted the video on their website, but interestingly, it is down now.    

The original video was posted on YouTube and an enhanced version of it showed up soon after.  The enhanced version is zoomed in as close as possible while still maintaining focus, and the contrast has been altered to facilitate seeing the missile against the bright sky and clouds.  Zoomed in, another amazing thing shows up.  An object (UFO?) simply fades into view near the missile and seems to sort of just hang around the exhaust plume.  It then moves to the left of the plume, pulsating and hovering for a bit.  Then, it just fades out of sight.

The eternal debunkers jumped right on this and began saying that this was not the launch of a missile, but was likely just someone’s hobby rocket.  But that explanation fell apart almost immediately because of two very important reasons.  For one thing, KPHO got confirmation from the National Guard that there had actually been a launch.  The National Guard  would not provide further information, but did confirm a launch.  Secondly, the quality of one of the witnesses was more than difficult to discount.

Mitch Waite is retired now.  But guess what he did prior to retirement.  He was with U.S. Space Command / NORAD and stationed in Cheyenne Mountain.  His job?  He was one of only five people there whose job it was to track and identify everything leaving Earth for space, and everything coming from space to Earth.  When it comes to identifying rockets and missiles, he is a bona fide expert.

When I asked if he had ever tracked an object for U.S. Space Command that would be what we generally refer to as a UFO, Waite said, “We didn’t call them UFOs.  They’re called UCTs – Un Correlated Targets.”  I then pressed again for an answer as to whether he had ever tracked a UCT that would fit the description of what we generally call UFOs.   He answered by saying, “That’s something I can’t get into.”

“Ok, then”  I said, “Does that object that appears near the missile qualify as a UCT?”

Waite did not hesitate even a fraction of a second, and said, “It certainly does.”

“Could it be something falling off the missile?” I asked.

He agreed that it is always a possibility, but said it did not look like that to him.  When I asked what it looked like to him, he said he had zoomed in on that video more than what we see online, and it looked to him “like a disk”. 

I’ve been doing this talk show for 11 years now, and I have heard just about every kind of story from every kind of person one can imagine.  Sometimes, people make claims that are, to say the least, exaggerated.   So, I do try to check out any story that seems a bit beyond.  If someone claims to be a doctor and claims to have made some breakthrough discovery that proves we are all from Mars, I am certainly going to check that doctor’s pedigree.  Obviously, if he is who (and what) he says, his claims of a breakthrough discovery of that nature would carry a great deal of weight.  The same goes for a guy who says he is formerly one of only five individuals within U.S. Space Command / NORAD to have expertise in tracking and identifying things head to space, and things coming from space.  That’s a pretty tall claim.  Of course, we know those individuals exist, but we do not often get them talking on an international UFO talk show.  So I checked.

I contacted one of my sources on the inside and asked him to check on Mitch Waite.  Like I said, I have been to this trough many times over the past 11 years.  It is quite common to discover that someone making a tall claim like Waite’s claim have exaggerated a bit about the importance of their position and credentials.  Sometimes, you discover they have outright lied.  So, I was not going to be surprised if that is what I found in this case.

What I found in this case was precisely the opposite.  I found that Mitch Waite was exactly who he claimed to be.  He had, in fact, served in U.S. Space Command / NORAD.  He had, in fact, been stationed at Cheyenne Mountain.  He had, in fact, been one of five individuals who tracked all craft leaving Earth for space, and all things leaving space and entering Earth’s atmosphere.  Mitch Waite was, in fact, precisely what he claimed. 

When a guy like that says he has seen a missile in flight that was launched nearby, you can take it to the bank.  Interestingly, though his job had been to track and identify spacecraft and missiles in flight, he said this was unlike any missile he had ever seen.  He described it as appearing to be the size of a Boeing 727, and it had “swept back wings”.  Not fins.  Wings.  He explained, “You don’t put wings on something unless you intend for it to come back”.   Whatever it was, it was a missile that was launched from the desert near Phoenix, and it was unlike any missile known to this bona fide expert at identifying missiles and rockets.

Further research following the show revealed that a UCT is something that is within Earth’s atmosphere.  The same object, if detected in space, is referred to as a UER.  The terms UFO and fastwalker are not used at the U.S. Space command / NORAD.  They are UCTs and UERs.  According to my second source, the unit Waite was working with, and his job in particular, would have included monitoring for, and reporting on hostile space events.

There is more.  Much more.  But that should suffice to provide the evidence that what Alex Hearn and Mitch Waite witnessed and video taped was genuine.   As for that object that appears near the missile?  Well, the guy whose job it was to identify such things for U.S. Space Command / NORAD said it was a UCT and looked to him to be “a disk”. 


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