Mixing Life With Machine – A Big NO NO in MY Eyes

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I came across the article below and instantly felt sick to my stomach. I have been writing for years about the danger of allowing our technology to overtake our humanity.  I do not think my warnings could be clearer to us than the article below which describes how we will  be brought to a road that may be the start of human life becoming integrated with machines and computers making us something far less than human. I fear and dread this idea . 

Could this be what took those from another place in this universe from living creatures to machine like half beings more machine than biological?  Can this be the type of  alien form that can withstand space travel, visit all types of atmospheres and want us for our flesh and blood? 

I do not think this is a fabulous leap of science- I think this is a leap towards the end of humanity.  I fear this road  and hope it fails and stalls every step of the way.

Long ago I felt that what we consider  “Aliens”- were in fact beings that were built rather than born . I know from personal experience they are cold and far different than the living warm blooded life forms that we are.  I think that part of the reason we are  being visited by other creatures is because we still are all life made biological beings and continue to  efficiently reproduce that way. 

I think blood type as well as genetics plays  a large factor in who is abducted and why in many cases of reported close encounters of  those who report being taken by beings that are not human. 

Imagine a million years of crossing life with machine driven by computers rather than souls and you can only imagine a being more steel than flesh and blood. 

This type of creature could have lost the ability to produce the  needed material to continue the living portion of their makeup and find a easy quick answer in taking what is needed from  the body structure of human beings.

 How simple to collect those of us who fit their needs. How simple to take whatever it is they may need, when they need it – knowing there is a lot more available when they need it all over our planet . Even if only a small percentage of us carry the exact biological material they need or prefer obviously we are plentiful enough  and easily used . I believe this is why family blood lines are followed and taken and why those with  Rh- blood or of certain human descents are followed and taken.

It seems these creatures  can easily block human memory and have been using us at will for as long as man has walked on this planet.  A even harsher thought is that they developed a human branch that does what they need and  have included in the cell structure of these humans a form or a homing device that makes them easily found so they can be snatched when needed for use.

I believe that which makes us living beings is also the draw that brings many of our visitors in our direction. We may be the easy access to a cup of DNA when needed without the trouble of keeping a living farm of their own.  It would be logical to simply visit this planet full of life, take what is needed and continue doing that as it may be needed.  

I reject the technology being developed by the Russians in the article I have on my site describing being able to transplant a human brain into a robot body within ten years as insanity by our own kind to destroy mankind . 

I am revolted by the idea and  simply had to have my say on this subject.  Find  this article on my site .

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