Monsters and other Scary, Nighttime, Bedroom Intruders

Fighting Pre-Sleep Psychic Attacks: Monsters, and other Scary, Nighttime, Bedroom Intruders

Why should one not flail about, when one finds oneself suddenly deep in quicksand?

Everyone knows that the more one flails about in quicksand, the deeper and with more certainty, is one stuck.

But common sense is not common when one finds oneself firmly stuck, bemired in quicksand, as one often tends to panic and to experience terror.

Raw fear releases a million muscular escape movements, reflexes hardwired into our DNA to escape entrapments .

One must stay calm and instead immobilize oneself, relax and lean backwards, to soon lay fully backwards, as though to float, to redistribute the muck’s pull on one’s weight, and ‘swim’ out, backwards, to safety of firmer ground.

But one forgets any common sense when one finds that one is sinking deeper; quicksand survival facts are lost, as one thrashes wildly about, to extricate oneself, in a futile struggle.

The pillowed bed, soft and warm, culled my senses and with eyes closed, fully relaxed, I drifted into an eddy pool of pre-sleep, feeling vulnerable, but primed and alert for danger; I had been disturbed by daemonic psychic attacks and conundrums for weeks, but now I was dreamily hoping that nothing nightly would happen.

My unconscious mind was thus focused, watching for monsters.

My unconscious mind, with assistance from the demonic, cooperated in showing me a face I was half expecting to see..

Demons may well have been involved but the human mind cooperates as well, also part of the process.

The shifting and circling fogs and clouds behind closed eyes slowly shift into a shape barely recognizable, but I did pay closer attention.

At once, an alien, a green and brown mottled monster /creature appeared , a seven foot tall alien insect mantis, and radiated curiosity and menace, a familiar ‘supervisor ‘ mantis alien being, often reported as seen aboard UFO craft, observed by human abductees..

In his claws he held a syringe and a grouping of silver surgical tools; as he approached closer, he cocked his mantis triangular head sideways, birdlike, to study me.

But, I remembered that I was again in quicksand; this time, however, I remembered not to flail about mentally and to feed the situation with my fear.

I remembered to ‘shift’ my attention away from this monster and to block all of my emotional responses.

Like a captive in quicksand, I recalled that any focus on a monster released emotional fear responses that increased the powers of that monster’s activities and phenomena.

When demonic activity begins-such as with repeated nightmares, evil smells, taps on furniture and appliances, electrical disturbances, poltergeist phenomena and a creepy, fearful atmosphere- it is a natural thing for one to reach out with one’s five senses and the sixth, one’s mind, to seek the source and identity.

But, in doing so, reaching out to it with your mind, the quicksand effect is psychically radioing you into and connecting you more firmly with the demonic, which is causing the scary and bullying phenomena.

Instead, use spiritual quicksand avoidance techniques, that work. As many entities are empowered by attention to it and by fear of it, powerfully rebuke and negate its existence by tacitly pretending that it cannot and thus does not exist.

-Ignoring it and keeping one’s mind away from the it and its disturbance, will diminish the severity of psychic/telepathic attack and blunt the stronger astral connections attempted through emotional energy release of human fear.

-If a book flies off a shelf directly in front of you think, instead,”Well, these things HAPPEN!” and go about your business elsewhere and pay it no mind.

Never, ever address the entity directly, openly and audibly admit fear of it, curse it, do E.V.P. session captures,or employ a OUIJA board.

-This use of intelligent denial, modulates the raw fear response and negates the entities’ efforts towards establishing stronger connections through fear, dread and panic.

-Think about gardening, baseball, sunsets, fishing, haircuts, a high school sweetheart, anything other than the demonic close by and then go about doing passive countermeasures, such as eating and placing some raw garlic in plates around your bedroom (garlic is the best herbal demonic repellant), taking a short shower (diminishes EMF and static charges essential to connections), putting lights on, burning some incense and playing classical music, low( changes the frequencies).

– Remember that the power of the human mind has Godlike powers.

-When disturbing pre sleep mental imagery blossoms because a demonic is nearby, in addition to not letting yourself react, make a firm aloud command,”I choose NOT to see scary and negative things; I choose to see ONLY good and beautiful things!”

-Wonder of wonders this does work. As the human mind is part of the quantum physics of the Universe, this banishes and closes astral doorways.

-If a horrific monster’s face looms in, again, repeat the command and change the face in your mind’s eye to a flower, a unicorn, a lakeside scene with butterflies, a baseball game; creatively CHANGE your mind’s eye imagery.

-If more horror faces blossom, change them also into desired images saying, ” I choose NOT to see negative things!”

-This pre-sleep technique is a splendid way to take control and shift attention away from the demonic, a technique which will strongly disconnect and weaken negative thought entities’ telepathic connections.

-Remember not to react emotionally to negative and disturbing mental imagery and to take control.

-Banish and forget the initial scary imposed image, put it firmly out of mind.

-If you awaken, later repeat the process. This will help you get healthy sleep that you need to combat the demonic, which will try to impede sleep, to weaken you.

-Stopping daemonic’s attempts from doing this gives your psychic and mental shields time to renew themselves.

-Establishing control of pre sleep is a wonderful step forward; your focus is positive, your mind’s eye is filled with beautiful things and you will likely have a peaceful night’s sleep.

“Do you believe it?” I asked the monk.
“I scarcely know,” he replied; and I continued: “If there are other beings besides ourselves on this earth, how comes it that we have not known it for so long

a time, or why have you not seen them?

How is it that I have not seen them?”

He replied: “See them?Do we see the hundred-thousandth part of what exists? Look

here; there is the wind, which is the strongest force in nature. It knocks down men, and blows down buildings, uproots trees, raises the sea into mountains of water, destroys cliffs and casts great ships on to the breakers; it kills, it whistles, it sighs, it roars. But have you ever seen it, and can you see it? Yet it exists for all that.’

(Guy du Maupassant )

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