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Advice, to One under Demonic Spiritual Attack/ Psychic Attack

Hi Paul, me and my mum went to a mortuary in 2001 to see my dad who had just passed and brought something back with us.

 It burn my skin with its touch, it prods my feet, and it sends electric shocks up my backside.

It won’t let me sleep as it go’s inside my mattress and prods and burns me there too. 24 hrs a day, we have tried the spiritual church, a Wiccan, a black magic woman, a Catholic priest who preformed an Exorcism but nothing. Most of these people took my money then ignored me when I told them that nothing had changed.

I don’t think it affects my dreams but I do get very angry when it shocks me. also it causes me to wake up in sleep paralysis.

I badly need your advise as life isn’t worth living like this.

Dear Sean,

I avoid mortuaries, cemeteries, very old hotels and burial grounds for that same precise reason.

However, one can pick up ‘hitchhikers’, daemonic, even by sleeping with one who has, as you do, such a strong negative demonic attachment.

Phantoms fill the air around all of us.

There are human ,’earthbound’ spirits as well as predatory negative energies that aren’t human, at all, but are instead, nonhuman juvenile reptilian aliens.

 Your symptoms are strong enough to suggest that partial possession(more common than one would surmise) may be the likely situation.

Continue megasalt baths and other passive defenses and GROUND yourself( walking barefoot on grass, soil or pavement).

They must endeavor very hard to persist in this dimension to feast on your energies so make it harder for them and like a mugger or burglar, they will try elsewhere, to seek an ‘easier’ someone.

And you MUST evolve, to survive.

Life, now, IS worth living, as you must grow mentally, spiritually, very painfully, from this; begin to see yourself as a hero rather than a victim.

You are offered a once in a lifetime experience to combat an unseen something metaphysically, a rare insight into who and what we truly are, undying, powerful spirits growing slowly towards God.

Even a rose suffers pain, when it blooms.

I assure you that you will eventually win this battle and the greater war, in general, by your own spiritual self recognition and growth; you are being,’shifted’.

Despair not.When you are  later spiritually empowered nothing will assert against you; the strongest warrior is the one who never has to take his sword out of his scabbard

Love and light,

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