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I  became involved with the  Real Time Abductee group   about  three years ago. Originally the group consisted of 12 people who in my opinion had what I considered  Real Time Abduction events.  

Real  time means  lost time  abduction events that occurred while the people were fully awake going about the normal routine of their everyday life.  No sleep encounters, no floating through walls , no hypnosis  involved just everyday people walking along the normal routine of their day when taken against their will by something unknown and  overpowering.

The group was gathered over many years of talking to people and finding a dozen who had had encounters that were very similar  The events took place while they were busy living life, they all remembered the start of the event and being returned with little or no recall of what took place while they  suffered  the lost time.  All of the people returned ill and confused and often miles away from where they were when taken. Often it would be at distances impossible to reach within the time they were missing.  

About three years ago I  started to  have communication with the 12 people I thought of as real time abduction cases.  Three of the people lived far away from my location making it impossible to meet with them on a regular basis.  That brought the group down to nine.  

One of the nine could not accept what was happening to him and decided to remove himself from any contact with the others.  He  insisted his lost time abductions were  being done by someone he knew who was drugging him. The fact he was covered with burns that would heal and reappear a few weeks later was not enough for him to consider it was something unknown.  He also could remember strange people in odd tight suits that covered them like a skin but still felt it was someone he knew.   We agreed it best for him as well as for the others in the group for him to  travel another road with what he was encountering.  That brought the group down to eight.  

I talked on and off  with the eight abductees until about a year ago I decided to form a group where we  could spend time talking together in person about what we had been dealing with most of our lives.  I am one of the abductees by the way. It is the reason I do what I do and have devoted so much time and energy to this group.

We started out as eight.  The next abductee to leave the group was a woman who had a fear of being taken again that was so over powering she would become hysterical whenever she heard  a strange noise or saw any kind of light she could not immediately identify.  Her life is a hell as her fear is ruling every moment of her day and night.  When she met with the group she became terrified that our being in a group would entice and invite us all to be taken again.  She quickly left the group . We all understood her fear and felt awful for the control her abductions were having on her lifetime.  That brought us to seven.

Another abductee  carried  yet another fear that was controlling her life. She has a extreme fear of being hypnotized.   She fears that if someone does hypnotize her  they will unlock places in her mind she does not want to recall or relive. I have to say that  all the real time abductees have this same fear and all reject and warn others who have been abducted and have had their memory adjusted to be very careful about these things.  Our fear is that  knowing we have been tampered with concerning our memory and knowing we have endured events we do not want to fully recall the last thing in the world we need is for a human to go where they do not understand and try to hypnotize us.  What if  they destroyed our memory completely or harmed our brains or worse made us relive things so horrifying we may never get past fully recalling them.  For us Hypnotism is a very dirty word. This  abductee feared somehow being  in the group an outsider would try to find her and hypnotize her  possible without her permission.  

Our number seven abductee however  could not get past that fear and did not trust I could keep her away from  this  horror . Her fear was so great I told her there was no point in torturing her any further and  she left the group.  Once again the remaining abductees all understood.  That brought us to the remaining six members.  

The remaining six lived in an area that  made it possible  for them  to  be  able to meet during  the last year.  They used their meeting together  to discuss and decide what they thought was best  to do with the information they  gathered.  It was by way of these meetings that it was decided  I would write about certain things the group wanted to share.

I have not to date written in any of my articles  about many  obvious things we discovered as a group.  We  quickly realized that all but one of the group had light blue eyes.  We all , including the original  twelve members of the group,  are of  Irish decent.  We do not know if that is common in all abductions or only with the real time cases.  The reason for this is unknown but most likely it has to do with our biology. 

Out of the twelve original people  all but three were RH  negative blood type. They also all  had physical ailments  they were dealing with that resulted from their abduction experiences.

The group is made up of people who are bright and score on the above average scale of the  IQ test  levels.  One abductee has a recorded  IQ  around the 200 mark.  She is  very careful with her words and only says exactly what she wants to be known . 

The group of six all have had ongoing lost time abduction events from their early childhoods that lasted  through out their adult lives.  The older the  group members get the less frequent the events occur. Two older members of the group have not had an event happen  for over ten years.  They feel the events are now over for them.  However one of the members who could not attend the abduction group meetings due to distance is in  the mid 70s and had an event happen to her and her husband last year.  

The group discovered a few odd things concerning their time together once they started to meet  in person.  The first thing that the group realized was that they all shared  very similar views on the condition of the world at this time in history.  

The group also found they all had the same fears and warnings for society which I wrote about in my article that discussed the devastation of mankind by way or our new addiction to technology.  Quickly the group realized that they all shared the same fears and  view of where our society was heading  including  our relationship with mankind and beings society consider unknown.  

A more disturbing observation was that together in a group the six abductees could feel an absolute  distain  for those that portray that they have had close encounters who in fact never did.  The odd thing was that this strange uncomfortable feeling of  negativity did not seem to come from  the group as individuals.  In a way that is hard to express the feeling came only when the group was together and seemed to be implanted within the group with  a sensation that is was being impressed on us to  steer us  in the direction of passing this information on to society.  I did write about this  distaste  in a past article  but since we felt it was a message being presented through us instead  of  from us we decided to stay away from other  impressions we were feeling on other subjects.  

Strangely alone we may have been more easily pushed into thinking this was our own  opinion but when together we seemed to gain strength and a higher level of awareness  making decisions  in mass a different experience then it would be  singularly.   Of course  many minds are better than  one however this experience was different.   It was more like one large  brain that worked  as one instead of six minds sorting out a single problem.  It was an odd event for all concerned. 

Due to the fact we realized together we were  becoming something strange and strong we decided during our last  visit this fall to end our meetings and break the sense of becoming joined in a way we were not comfortable with.

During our time together we found that  we all had  witnessed at least once in our lifetimes a clear sighting of a large UFO. Each member of the group with slight differences did see a large craft of oval or cigar shape . Each one described the crafts as gun metal in color with assorted neon colored lights.  Each abductee had also had experiences with  strange Orbs , all red , orange or white- during their lifetimes.   We also found our recall of the start of our lost time abduction events were  similar.  The events would start with either a light  or ray and the feeling of dread or sickness overcoming the abductee.  Sometimes the dread would hit first and a bright light would be seen before things went black. 

Most all the events ended with simply finding you are awake and standing, walking  or sitting somewhere you did not at first know.  The first sensation felt was of nausea.    Vomiting was frequently uncontrollable followed by extreme weakness.   This added to the difficulty of trying to get yourself home or   to safety for all the abductees.  

Recall was different for each abductee.  A few  had no recall at all, others had flashes of what had happened to them.  Mostly  the recall consisted of being in the presence of  beings that were human like but covered in what seemed to be a skin type suit .  Details were fleeting and different. 

All  agreed the recall of the unknown  experience  did  include  human like beings that were not human. Three of the abductees  felt that other humans were  around during the event however  they were not sure if they were part of the abductors or other humans who had been taken. The abductee group all agreed fully that they did not sense any type of concern or emotion at all from their abductors. The idea that the beings who were taking us were not 100% living crossed all the abductees minds. The idea that the creatures handling us were  more of a machine or part machine seemed a logical explanation why we felt those taking us were non living .

Of course it was not impossible that the form of the beings we were dealing with were suited in a covering making it impossible for us to ever know what they really looked like was also very logical.  I know that I often thought that those visiting us were more of light and less of material substance. Using a suit to give them form in order to deal with our heavy biological forms is also a possibility.  I wish the groups recall in this area was more detailed however with regret it is not.  

Each  Real Time Abductee  had physical problems as a result of their abduction  experiences.  The problems consist of  rashes, burns,  skin  changes ,  internal changes ,  a  growing sensitivity to the sun and many foods  they once loved or use to eat.  They also became ill easily and suffered from bouts of exhaustion and fever without explanation.   The physical problems never leave and cannot be explained by the medical specialist they all  have seen trying to seek help.

The abductees in this group have all taken extreme measures  to protect from future abductions including  never being alone especially in a place that would make it easy for them to be taken.  They stay away from dark areas , keep the places they work and live in fully lit and secure. They all have dogs and keep others around them at all times.  Those who are involved in taking people in the way these people have been taken  tend to shy away from large groups,  bright lights and places they could be easily viewed or captured during an abduction.

Our last meeting dissolved our meetings as each member realized that we could  become harmful to each other or others in our lives  if we continued to join as one in our talks together.  Not one of the members of this group want to add to or help in any way the  agenda of those who have taken  them.  The group parted knowing they were doing the right thing.

As I have stated before  my  part of and experience with the  Real Time Abductees has been a life changing event.  Writing about them has been stressful and difficult.

I will be writing my final article about this group shortly.  I do hope my articles on this subject has someway somehow helped others like the people in this group who have gone it alone .  I also hope it has given new insight to this subject to those who understand that abduction occurs and it is a painful difficult ordeal for those involved and their  families .

Be careful of your surrounding and do not take chances by making dangerous decisions.  You never know who will be next to find they are the ones eye to eye with the  dead eyes of the unknown.

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