More seismic activity following UFO reports hits Northern Britain – signs of things to come?

By Pat Regan

More seismic activity following UFO reports hits Northern Britain – signs of things to come? 

An Open Letter to the Yorkshire press regarding the recent earthquake of Ripon in North Yorkshire and the possible relationship between this new tremor and previous UFO reports

Regarding the earthquake measuring a magnitude of 3.6 has that was felt across the region. 

The quake happened in Ripon in North Yorkshire at 9pm last night (3 January 2011) but was reported to have “rocked the ground” up to 100 km away from the epicentre. 

I also believe this new quake of 2011 was felt in south Cumbria. 

My earlier predictions for more quakes (following increased UFO activity) did indeed come true with regards to Cumbria, which is very close by to the English county of Yorkshire. 

Please see this link:  

UFO: Earthquake predictions come true as Cumbria suffers Yuletide tremor

Yorkshire and neighbouring Lancashire, like Cumbria, have seen plenty of UFO sightings and I have recorded many in my last book, UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH. 

The latest Yorkshire UFO sighting, from Leeds, to be reported to North West UFO Research can be studied on this link: 

Couple spot strange lights hovering over Leeds in Yorkshire UK

Let’s hope that we shall experience no more quakes, subsequent to UFO activity in the North of Britain. 

We must however recall that UFOs are frequently seen in greater numbers before and during periods of seismic activity. This is a fact relating to UFO/Quake link accounts on an international scale. 

I will be interested to receive any further reports from the local public on UFO movement witnessed. 

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