Multigenerational Extraterrestrial Abductions

The Reed Family’s Alien Nightmare

By Mike Gibson

Thomas Reed understands that the story he has to tell exists in a realm far beyond the pale of credulity.

“I know that this is hard to stomach,” says Reed, a stocky, bespectacled 51-year-old West Knoxville resident, sitting in the kitchen of his comfortable suburban home off Northshore Drive. “Hell, it’s hard for me to stomach.”

Thomas Reed says his family has been traumatized by beings that are not of this world. And he’s spent the better part of his life trying to prove it.

But he doesn’t expect anyone to accept his seemingly chimerical narratives on first blush, nor even take them, upon further deliberation, as holy writ. He simply asks that people look at the evidence—multiple eyewitness accounts, polygraph tests, readings from Geiger counters and electromagnetic equipment and spinning compasses—and scrutinize it with clear eyes and an open mind.

Reed and his family have been involved in a multigenerational series of UFO sightings. More specifically, they have been involved in a series of what members of the UFO followers’ community refer to as alien abductions. Reed generally stays away from labeling them as such; rather, he prefers to relate the facts as he has experienced them, and let others draw their own conclusions.

What makes the Reed case compelling—in addition to the UFOlogy circuit, it has lately stirred the interest of major cable networks, and Thomas Reed says a film treatment has been suggested—is the presence of physical evidence backed by eyewitness testimony by multiple principals that have held consistent over time.

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