Multiple Witnesses Report UFO in Halifax

By Tracey Parece

On January 27, 2012, multiple witnesses in Halifax, Canada were concerned after they spotted a large UFO in the night sky around 9:30 p.m. Several observers said the bright orb resembled a falling star as it moved behind the clouds.

According to Halifax Open File, the UFO was reportedly green and orange in color. One observer commented that it “looked like a flare or roman candle.” The object moved across the sky from west to east, and it was seen from various vantage points including the Mumford bus terminal, Saint Mary’s University (SMU), Beaver Bank and Point Pleasant Park.

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Some witnesses even called the Halifax Regional Municipality Fire Department to report the blazing orange UFO before it disappeared from view. Unfortunately, the object remains unidentified, but there are some plausible theories to explain the strange phenomenon.

The UFO in Halifax may have been a relatively small asteroid that was expected to pass close to the Earth on Friday but has already been observed from Arizona and New Mexico before then. According to Universe Today, there is no danger of the asteroid penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere. Could this asteroid be the source of Thursday night’s mass UFO sighting in Halifax?

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