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Predictions for 2011
I asked many people from the paranormal community if they had any predication’s for  the new year. It was funny but only two gave a reply. One person thought we may hear more from the those like the  NORAD  officer about UFO sightings that may be seen in the new year. The other person was sure UFO sightings would increase and the world in general would start to take the subject in a far more serious light.

Although few offered an opinion on what would happen in 2011 concerning the  subjects of the unknown I would like to offer a few ideas that I feel may occur in 2011.

 I have drawn  my ideas about the new year from trying to think logically about the future as well as from conversations I have had with the people I talk to. I am not in any way claiming to have any gifts other than that of listening to what others are thinking about .
I believe 2011 will be a year of nervousness. People are nervous about the state of the world and this upset will carry over to the subjects of the paranormal. In the paranormal I think people will begin to experience things on a continued increase which has been going on for many years now. 
The fact that the stress in the world seems to be very high will increase the areas of ghosts being seen as well as unexplained events including poltergeist activity. I think we are a world primed for this type of activity as well as  one that will  invite spirits to visit and ghosts to haunt.
I do not believe there will be much forward movement towards disclosure. I do not think this is the time in history for that to happen and feel sure the governments of the world and aliens visiting share this view.
I do think we will see a steady increase in the sightings of and reports of unidentified objects , beings and creatures across the world. I think the sightings will be increased by increased visits by those watching us and the fact the world is more aware that the paranormal. Slowly people have been coming forward over the past years making it a bit easier for others to speak out about what they are seeing. This will continue as will the  amount of people coming forward about what they are experiencing and seeing.
 Even as the media and skeptics continue to insult and ridicule those who experience the unknown the numbers of people reporting these things will continue which will make those hearing the reports to  start to rethink listening to those who insult and attack things instead of investigating them. A turn in attitude about things unknown may begin in 2011 .
Of course this is mainly in the hands of the public. If they decide they do not like being treated like as well as acting like they are ignorant sheep they will push back against the old school way of things and start to demand answers.
That brings me to a change that I do think will begin in the year 2011 which will be the start of the human race to begin thinking again. As the world slides down a slippery slope of potential serious decline in many areas the people may realize that following the ways of those who are destroying us may not be the way to live and a movement towards thinking may begin.
 Instead of following blindly what those on TV or  radio tell you  people may begin to demand more answers. This is without question needed and starting to take place in the area of the paranormal.
The days of listening like giggling fools to frauds , fakes or those without any real experiences or knowledge may be replaced by a hunger for truth,  real information about real encounters and those who seriously study the unknown to come to the fore front.
 This is a needed shift in the area of the unknown that will be the only thing that will move us out of the dark ages of the subjects we really should know a great deal more about.  I will add that if this shift does not soon begin we will remain dumb deaf and blind to the facts of the universe and truth that surrounds us.
From those I have spoken to over the past year regarding other unknown issues  I think we will continue seeing strange weather , continued chem trail spraying and weather manipulation. This will add to our strange weather patterns which will continue to cause constant upheaval in the world.
Subjects about our food sources and the control of it will become openly discussed this year as well as the search for free energy and the apparent problems those trying to work towards it continue to come up against by the powers that be.
I wish I could say I think 2011 is going to be a fabulous year for one and all but I would not be telling the truth. I think we have an opportunity to work towards a better world if we so desire. It is our desire that seems to be draining from us which is the biggest hurdle we need to overcome 
Life may be tedious and more of the same for us in 2011 if we allow it to be. Or life can take a new direction and we can begin our journey towards a new future .  That decision lays in the hands of each and every one of us.
 So for 2011 I say we will know in a year’s time if we sat this one out or if we took the bull by the horns and head at 2012 with gusto. The answer will be in each and every one of  your hands, hearts and minds. 
Happy New Year May the Force of the Universe be with Each and Every one of You  
Chris Holly
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