If you have a Facebook page you may have noticed along the massive movement of passing posts a silly thing asking if you would give up all your communication devices for three months for a million dollars.

 Of course this is ridiculous as many of the comments on this post  were how people could not live without their phones, Facebook Friends or all their other techie devices that fill their time. My bet is that in reality if this offer was made in a serious manner there would be a stampede for the money and cell phones being tossed in to the air! However on second thought many people are seriously suffering from technology addiction , I guess unless the offer was real we will never know what our addicted society would do.
I am not a fan of our way of life that now includes not only constant computer connections for work, school and home but cell phones and every other hand held device you can think of being an extension of the population’s body like an arm or growth coming from the hand. In short I hate the way society has become slaves to technology and think it is dangerous and the path to the end of our free will and destruction of mankind.
Of course I was guilty of spending huge amounts of time on the inter net taking care of my blog, writing articles and interviewing people however I was starting to really hate it.
I was finding that I was losing touch with normal time. I would be up all night working on the computer and sleeping late in to the day or worse not sleeping at all. I was coming up short with the time I needed to take care of my family and home. I felt cranky with people for no reason and depressed at times for no reason. I knew it was time to take a break. I also knew it was time to test out my theory that our way of life spent attached to all the new technology was really a negative in our life not a positive. The only way to see if this had any truth was to put my money where my mouth was and go completely off the grid of technology connection and turn it all off and test the waters without  that daily connection to the communication grid we have all been addicted to.
From May until September that is exactly what I did. I had help from my family and a good friend who kept my blog somewhat alive and took care of my Facebook page. My emails where read and anything I needed to take care of personally I did by calling the person keeping the communication one to one, not text to text. I do not own a cell phone and only watch the news , movies and a few paranormal shows making my TV time about an hour maybe two at most a day. Many days I did not watch it at all instead I did this old fashioned thing called reading, and loved every second of it.
I told my family and a few others what I was going to and to my surprise one of my sisters and two of the people who I interviewed for my abduction stories who have since become my friends decided to join me in the experiment.  I was happy about this as it would give the experience of being off of this grid we all attach ourselves to and this experiment an added depth if four of us were doing it.
All four of us had almost the exact reactions as we traveled this experience which I find interesting and makes me think it would be similar to others who may dare to walk this path of detaching and detoxing from the grid.
For the first few days I thought I must be crazy to think I could do this and wondered why I would commit to such a stupid thing. My habits of checking my emails four times a day and looking at my blog daily as well as sitting writing for hours per week sometimes until the wee hours of the night were hard wired in to my routine. Sitting searching the net for things I really did not care about also was something I had been doing as a habit and was quickly becoming an addiction. I did not really grasp any of this until I stopped doing it.
I felt cranky and lost and did not think I would make the week. My family kept me in line or I should say off line that first week and told me I was acting exactly like any addict with any other addiction. It was a real eye opener for me. I was the one who was lecturing the world to stop this constant link to what I call the communication grid or as I think of it as the demise of human free will and thought. My sister and two friends were going through the same exact things.
I was really out of sorts and truly wanted to go peek at my computer. I knew I was acting exactly like any addict with an addiction. I do not belong to any active groups or do I take part in any form of inter net chat. I never play games on the net. I simply used the net to write my blog, read what was new in my area of interests and visited my email boxes. I only participated in Facebook for a short time as I did not have much  time for it and quickly had to hand that over to those helping me maintain my blog site and email concerns during my experiment away from it all..
I do not use a cell phone. My husband has two for his business life. I rarely go anywhere completely alone so always depended on who was with me for cell phone use and only would need to use one if I became stuck somewhere. When I went off by myself I would take my husband’s extra phone in case I needed to call for help. Otherwise I hate cell phones.  I really find the new way of life with the world walking around with a phone stuck to their hand like an extra thumb both rude and extremely ridiculous not to mention obnoxious. I will explain my feeling a bit further in the article.
I realized within the first week that if I was having problems withdrawing from the technology I used. I knew that those who walk around connected nearly 24 hours a day to some sort of device would without question suffer severe withdrawal symptoms exactly like any addict suffers when withdrawing from any addiction.
It was clear to me that the technology of our times was not a great tool or a bit of a habit it was clearly a control method that has society solidly addicted in what I feel is a very unhealthy way.
I spent the first two weeks breaking my habit of wanting to run to check my blog or read my email. I also used that time to begin to re-adjust to what life use to be like when I had what I remembered as full days. Full days where when I had my mornings where I started my day, afternoons where I took care of the work of my day and evenings where I was happy to be home with my family to unwind, have a nice dinner, talk to those I love, watch a TV show or movie and end my day by going to bed at a normal time and sleeping throughout the night.
The thing I thought that had changed in the world was time. I had managed to convince myself that time had changed and it was not the same as it was when I was younger. I also convinced myself it was this way now for everyone. I would watch people run around highly stressed as they rushed through what they were doing to try to fit life in to the new way time flowed. I also found my working days were a mess as I stayed up sometimes all night working on an article or a work project and felt overwhelmed as my ordinary chores seemed to get away from me.
I longed for the days when I was the master of my day and my night and felt sad that this external whatever it was had taken that away from us all. I knew the seasons were changing and just placed this time problem in the same box as the way it was nowadays and like the change in seasons something I had no control over.
Well I was wrong. Completely and totally wrong. The very first thing I recovered when I removed myself from the nonstop controlled communication grid was my time.
At first I felt lost and did not know what to do without my habits or (addictions) that I had fallen in to. Quickly I discovered what a lovely and relaxing way it was to start my day by having tea on my deck on a beautiful morning. Doing my chores during the morning hours kept my home and life smoothly moving and my afternoons free to explore and go out into the world to look around and enjoy the day, not rush around to get back to my addiction of the computer and the grid. My sister found she too started her day with coffee on her deck and spent her day interested in her work. My friends had similar reactions to their re connection to time.
Dinners were once again  wonderful  with lots of talking and great summer meals and my nights were a summer’s joy. To sit with my husband and view the night sky from my hot tub was just a delight and quickly becoming my new addiction!
I returned to going to bed around 11 p.m. and waking refreshed in the morning. I now had normal sections to my day and was thrilled to have back a long normal day each and every day followed by a normal night.
I found that I was getting far more done each day and distressing with each hour away from the grid. I was becoming the master of my own time and I loved it.
Time had not changed -how I was using it had been altered due to all the noise of constant communication. The technology I was addicted to was  taking precious hours of living real life away from my life by filling and wasting those hours with stressed filled constant attachment to our controlled communication grid.
Once you detox from this habit or addiction you are stunned at how society has really given away their time and freedom to the addiction of devices and technology that not only keeps them stressed and distracted but controlled by a constant flow of chosen material that is pumped in to them by way of their devices.
It is frightening as to me this is  obviously a form of controlling society yet no one does a thing about it. How can we (society) who have been trained to check their phones every 60 seconds or post a quick selfie instead of throwing the damn devices away and fully involving themselves in real life break out of this mess?. I find it bizarre that instead of taking part fully in their life experiences people stop and take a photo or selfie posed photo instead of  simply getting in there and living each moment. I do not know how to tell you all this but to be honest with you other people really do not want to look at 400, how cute am I, posed selfies of you. I know you are more adorable then we can stand but enough already. Put down the phone and just enjoy what is going on around you and engage with the people you are with.
We went to a bunch of parties this summer and family gatherings and must say at some we had a really good time. Those were the parties that the phones and pads or anything hooked to the net were left home or placed away for the event. Those were the parties that we spent talking and laughing and enjoying the company of the people we were with. We were able to find out what was happening in their life, talk about what they thought of current events and even played music and danced.
Other parties, well- not so much…  They were attended by those who were allowed to bring with them the sad side of our new society. People sat rudely looking numb and taking on an air of self-importance as they held, in a death grip, their favorite techie device which they checked every minute for what ever it is they are checking. I do not think that they are part of any organization that needs their constant communication and instead  tend to find them to be extremely ill mannered rude adults.
If you watch our addicted society you will become saddened at the lack of concern people now have for each other. If you are shopping they are screaming loudly right next to you in to their phones as they shove and push their way along the store. It seems owning a cell phone or smart phone seems to now give an arrogance to those who own them that they did not have before.  If you are in the middle of a conversation and a phone call comes in people will immediately interrupt you and take the call. Unless you’re a doctor on call I really think you can retrieve your lame call later and politely finish the conversation with the person standing directly in front of you.
I have been at parties where everyone sat around tables overlooking the ocean during a beautiful night and no one held a conversation as they were too busy flicking across the screens of their phones , checking for messages or doing whatever the hell it is they do however they did not talk to the people or enjoy the party.
This took place over and over which was sad as some of the people especially the younger ones I rarely see and would have liked to have known what was taking place in their life. I do think however unless it is a new selfie or tweet to some other dullard not much must be happening at all for a great deal of people!
Do you know that if you sit and watch the sky be it night of day you will without question see something you cannot explain?
Since we are now trained to look down all the time as well as what to think and how to dress, talk, what to watch on TV or movie to see we would not believe our own eyes most likely at this point unless the information came from some grid controlled device.
I watched the sky endlessly this summer and was able to catch four of five sightings of things I could not explain that were not man made due to the speed they were traveling or maneuvers they were making.
Do you know that the spraying across our skies is just incredible as well as the patterns and type of material they are spraying all over us weekly. Oh that is right you have not looked up all summer, not once. I keep forgetting you need to check your smart phone every few seconds. I guess that one big call from the White House or Hollywood is due in any minute for you.
Little kids. They sit and play with hand held games instead of running around playing. Young people on dates sit silently looking at their phones instead of at  each other. Society has lost its way and each and every one who is addicted to this controlling communication grid has given away their time and their free will not to mention losing out on the beauty, fun and humanity of enjoying the world and each other. Turn off your damn phones and turn on to one another before it is too late and you are all a bunch of rude socially incompetent robots.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest I will leave you to decide if you truly are happy to live as an addicted tool of who or whatever controls the huge grid you have attached yourself to or if you may want to cut the cord and once again try being your own man or woman for a while. You will be amazed at how wonderful it is to have control of your time to live real life your way. Look it is great to use all this technology as tools to work and even keep up with the world and our special interests but it is not OK when it controls you and you are not in control of it!  That is the monster we all need to face and conquer or it will conquer you!
My next articles will be about my summer visits and conversations with the people who I referred to as Real Time Abductees as well as my talks with those who taught me a bit more about ghosts, angels and spirits around us all.
I had a great summer and know I will never return to my old ways as living away from the world. I may be slower at doing things but have vowed to only use my computer for a limited time each day during the day to write. It goes off and I will control my life, my time and use technology as a tool not a way of life. I learned a big lesson and I am grateful I listened to my own angels and took on this experiment which ended in giving me back a gift known as life.  
Maybe you should try it , you may like it , and yes the sky is really that blue and yes those are stars up there at night oh and yes those things you walk around tolerating as they are in your way are actually nice people or family members and yes maybe you should have a conversation with one of them!
 Now let me think about my next articles and the abductee conversations I took part in this summer and how to go about telling you what they think about this crazy world in which we live and who they think we live here with! 


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