My thanks to Fritz Goebel Sheboygan to sending this in to us.
I would like to share some interesting photos I got from the Mars Curiosity Rover raw image website.  They show what appears to be some kind of hole that an animal might use to access the surface when desired.  When I shared them with Robert Morningstar, he thought it resembled a gopher hole.  After doing some further research of my own, it seems to resemble the holes that sand crabs in coastal areas here make when the tide goes out.  I have also shared the images with Diane Tessman and she thinks you might be interested in them also.  In any event, they represent something worth looking at and speculation about.

I am attaching the images I sent along with details of the camera that was used, and when and where the photos were taken.  If you are interested in featuring them in the Digest, please feel free to do so.  I would appreciate being mentioned as the person who first noticed this.  The images can be enlarged for easier viewing.




sol 373 01:00:10 P.M. LMST

taken: 2013 AUG 24 05:17:42 EDT

released: 2013 AUG 31 14:04:28 EDT

size:1632×1200 (729547 bytes)

bearing 206.72° (SSW), elevation -82.87° map it






sol 373 01:04:02 P.M. LMST

taken: 2013 AUG 24 05:21:41 EDT

released: 2013 AUG 31 14:04:25 EDT

size:1632×1200 (1026279 bytes)

bearing 206.17° (SSW), elevation -82.91° map it





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