Mysterious Red Light Over Lawton, Oklahoma


Publisher’s Note: I received the following email from UFO Digest reader Sarah. This is the content of her email. Dirk

I  read “Mysterious Red Lights Hovering Over Wabush, Labrador” on UFO Digest and wanted you to know I had a similar experience.

On July 4th 2012 at about 10:20PM in Lawton, OK me and my family were outside shooting off fireworks.

I had noticed something very strange in the sky and was so shocked I almost couldn’t tell everyone else to look up. It was a red light silently moving over us.

It was was round and the light was almost transparent.

You could not see any wings or anything around the red light.

It was not a plane.

It was completely silent and not very high up.

It slowly moved over us and went off into the distance and disappeared.

My sister and my Husband both saw this too.


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