Mysterious UFO video footage from Cumbria: creating massive international interest

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by Pat Regan

The Bob Atkins amazing Cumbrian UFO video footage has taken international media attention by storm.

Dog walker, Mr Bob Atkins, presented his fascinating account and film footage to author of UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH, Pat Regan.

Pat promptly finalised the witness testimony and included it in the pages of UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH.

Shortly afterwards Pat presented the story to SupernaturalUFO website, where the full account can be seen.

Pat also gave the story to the UFO Digest website.

The Cumbrian press quickly picked up on this remarkable story and before long it had spread to places as far away as Pakistan. 

At the time of writing (October 2010) the video on YouTube has brought in 101,804views. Existing indications however signify that the number will increase significantly.

On Bing, the story has received enormous attention with 278, 454 views.

Bob inadvertently filmed something strange that day in the English Lake District that remains a mystery, regardless of many typical speculations.

Author Pat Regan was later contacted by MSNBC about this unique situation and interviewed by, TV anchor, Dara Brown for the Today show. 


Viewing figures therein have been substantial.

Cumbria has been a UFO hot spot for quite some time.

In 2009, following numerous UFO sightings in Cumbria, an earthquake was felt.

At the time of writing additional reports are coming in from the West Cumbrian region.


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