National Museum of Mysteries and Research Center Opens

By Roger Marsh,
UFO Examiner

Rick Fisher just opened his "mysteries museum" in eastern Pennsylvania
Credits: National Museum of Mysteries and Research Center

The doors are open. Pennsylvania is now home to the National Museum of Mysteries and Research Center – a Rick Fisher invention housed in Columbia at 301 Locust Street.
Fisher and I spoke recently about his grand opening and what his museum displays now and intends to do in the future. Fisher said he is trying to preserve mysteries for future generations.
The museum houses a little bit of all things mysterious – from a Ouija Board collection to more modern items used by paranormal investigators – and pieces that deal with UFOs and Bigfoot too. The site even houses a collection of our Americana past involving all things spooky – like ET Pez dispensers and Ghostbuster toothpaste.
They also have a rare book and magazine collection. Monthly events will feature speakers. The November speaker was Rosemary Ellen Guiley.
The museum is open weekends. Donation is $5, but $3 for seniors and children under age 12. Take a look at Rick Fisher's Facebook page – which includes much more information – and current chatter – about what's going on at the museum. And there are many photos of the collection – if you can't there from here. You can even sign up as a Friend and be informed of anything new.

I do plan on getting out there one of these days soon – and giving up some of my own paranromal collectibles – better off with Rick so that the public can gain access.

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