New Book: Mary Magdalene – Princess of Provence and of the House of Orange

A new book, by Ralph Ellis

Did Mary Magdalene travel to Provence, in France?

Ralph Ellis follows the trail of mythology and reveals circumstantial evidence to suggest that she did, and that her presence there has left its mark on the region.

Ralph also suggests that the legacy of Mary Magdalene was bequeathed to the town of Orange, the town that was central to the Royal Dutch House of Orange, and thus central to the entire Reformation and Enlightenment movement of the 17th century.

The book then goes on to explore the Orange Enlightenment and the Age of Reason, the twin religious reforms that created the modern rational and technical world that we live in today. But this era of rationality and reason is now threatened by forces of darkness that seek to extinguish the gains of the Enlightenment.

Will the twin fundamentalist forces of Environmentalism and Islam take us back to the Dark Ages, and into a new era of fear, ignorance and oppression? In this section,

Ralph Ellis tackles some ancient and modern taboos, with his characteristic hard-hitting style; each and every politically-correct stone is overturned, in this robust defence of the intellectual freedoms of the Enlightenment.

Only available on iPad or Kindle. For more information or to order this book through Amazon.Com simply click on its title: Mary Magdalene: Princess of Provence and the House of Orange (Egyptian Testament)

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