New “UFO Disclosure Lite Program” Revealed by The Outpost Forum

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Unusual UFO Over Haslet,TX December 13, 2012

This slant tail view reveals possible “Scram Jet” & trianguar structure of UFO Note unusual “nimbus” surrounding craft and radiant effect on clouds. 

(Photo:Anonymous – Photo enhancement:Robert D. Morningstar) 


The “UFO Disclosure Lite’ Program Revealed


Chris Iversen & Doc Andrews

The Outpost Forum

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>

There is a new, exclusive and important UFO Disclosure article just posted at The Outpost. 
According to our contacts, ‘Disclosure Lite’ (our term) is a new and officially sanctioned program that was initiated in 2012. Its genesis came about as a compromise between the various elements of the Government, Intelligence, Aerospace and Business communities who have been fighting over Disclosure for decades.

Dimitry Medvedev

President of The Russian Federation

In a well-publicized news story,last December (2012), Russia’s President Dimitry Medvedev made some remarkable post-interview comments discussing UFOs, their “reality” and a long term, historical presence of extraterrestrials, referring to many ETs already living amongst us. Medvedev recommended that audiences view “Men-In-Black”, which Western media misconstrued and ridiculed, confusing Medvedev’s reference with the Will Smith-Tommy Lee Jones comic series.  
In fact, President Medvedev was referring to a well-known Russian TV documentary, which can be viewed at the link below:

Russia’s “Men In Black”

The Full Russian Documentary

(with English subtitles)

As we all know, there have been sides taken in this battle with ultimately the anti-Disclosure group(s) managing to somewhat keep a lid on the various attempts at official release.
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Lee Nicholson, Chris Iversen, Doc Andrews
and The TOP Staff
The OutPost Forum,

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