Publisher’s Note: Received an email from one of our newsletter readers Patricia who took the time to tell us how much she enjoyed our newsletter

I have to tell you this is one of the very best newsletters I’ve read….

I saw the “midnight Triangle” in Pine Bush NY back in 96 the only thing is mine had white lights on each corner and under the ufo was a VW size mesh type basket you could see thru it was metal tho….it was tree top but across the road from the Pine bush Jewish Cemetery it was a huge orb.. (When we pulled in driveway of Jewish Cemetery I went to the fence around the Cemetery **respect for the dead** asking its permission to park there)** *I’m glad there was no answer*** .

The Triangle instantly was over us and had another orb travel along with it across the other side of Cemetery….it was silent and afterwords we tingled like and both dreamed of UFOs all night long …this happened around 9:30 pm.. now it just passed super slow over us we had great view of it (

My 27 year old daughter a RN was with me) then all of a sudden it was gone ….it makes me wonder if we were taken… don’t really know …the next morning at motel in Newburgh we went to eat at Denny’s for breakfast and this older man kept hanging on me….it was the time of West Point graduation. 

He irked me staring at me and daughter constantly and there was a line for getting in this restaurant….so I said lets go to my daughter we’ll eat elsewhere…so we headed back up hill to motel to pack up….I happened to glance out my room window and this same man was going around my Ford Explorer looking into it…so we hurried to leave and on the way out driving…. he stood on side of road video taping us going by and leaving and he was still video taping us going down highway….Very Weird..but the UFO was fantastic (who ever created it) later that year in 1996 I joined Civil Air Patrol at Fort Drum NY….

After a few months I was made Commander of NY 406 Civil Air Patrol at the base….

In 2000 my daughter and I decided to sell our home on Lake Ontario  as my husband died earlier in year and 12 acres was a lot to handle ….moved to Florida and hurricane Charlie hit us we were at Port Charlotte…my daughter got a job as RN at Punta Gorda but after hurricane hospital was about gone….so we ended up here outside of Houston…My best friends live here.


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