Nicola Tesla- Are the Greedy and Powerful Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity?


Nicola Tesla was also a man who was beaten down, abused and ignored by the greedy and powerful . 

Tesla was a threat to those who stood to make large sums of money from technology they were involved with or funding. Thomas Edison was an enemy of Nicola Tesla because Tesla had advancements that would have made Edison’s endeavors obsolete . Stopping Tesla from continuing with his inventions gave Edison his road to power, money and fame . The real price of Edison’s greed was that we all paid the price for being without the advancements of Tesla’s genius. 

Nicola Tesla invented; a telephone repeater, rotating magnetic field principle, polyphasef alternating-current system, induction motor, alternating-current power transmission, Tesla coil transformer, wireless communication, radio, fluorescent lights, and more than 700 other patents. This man was the main force in bringing mankind into the world of technology. 

Nicola Tesla was a man who was stopped and ridiculed instead of backed and helped by those who only had self agenda interests in the world around them. 

The very people who had the ability to make the world a better more advanced civilization instead held back Nicola Tesla from developing the technology that would have pushed us far ahead. I cannot help wonder how many wars and deaths could have been prevented if Tesla had not been stopped from his work on free energy not to mention many other world advancing projects . 

J.P . Morgan was a very rich banker who agreed to fund Nicola Tesla’s work. As long as Tesla was working on projects that Morgan could profit from Morgan was a happy man. 

JP Morgan funded one of Tesla’s large projects. Nicola Tesla built a large tower on Long Island which he represented as his part in the radio transmission race going on at the time with Marconi. What Tesla did not tell Morgan was that his building not only could be used in his radio quest but could also be a device to work with the atmosphere to develop Free Energy. 

As soon as Morgan found out about the Free Energy aspect of Tesla’s work Morgan pulled away his funding and had the tower taken down. This was a major step in the down fall of this great genius and his work which couldhave transformed the world. 

I understand fully Morgan was a man of greed when a enormous need for power and control. I consider his stopping this project over his need to profit from energy being a paid service a crime against all mankind. 

What was done to Nicola Tesla was nothing short of criminal and we are the ones who have suffered from the deeds of men like Edison and Morgan who placed self greed and importance over the needs of the entire human race. 

I wonder how smart were Edison , Morgan and all those like them if they could not figure out how to both profit from the development of Free Energy while also advancing the entire world. I must say I have a very low opinion of people like them. 

Along with Nicola Tesla I have to wonder if the same type of things that took place to stop Tesla did not also happen to John Searl. 

John Searl was a man like Nicola Tesla who was a genius. This man invented the Searl Effect Generator which is a free energy generator that has the potential to be used to run anything that runs from electricity. 

John Searl like Tesla was an unusual man who developed some of his technology from dreams. He told of having dreams that would come two at a time that started when he was 4 years old. He collected the information from his dreams and built his first generator by the age 14. 

Nicola Tesla interestingly enough also built many of his inventions from his dreams. He was noted as saying that he would dream of a device in its complete form along with the instructions how to build them. He would keep records of what he saw in his dreams and build them from his dream notes. 

I find this similarity in both of these incredible men fascinating and a bit strange. 

John Searl figured out how to use his invention to develop a UFO looking craft that could run on his free energy work. He could have pushed us into another level of existence if his work had been funded and aided . 

Both of these men had the genius to bring us to a world without air pollution or harm to the earth . War over energy resources would have ended and travel would be cheap and clean. Energy that runs our lives would be clean and extremely cheap if not free. The fact that society sat back while the rich and greedy powers of the time kept these men from succeeding is beyond terrible it is criminal . 

I understand that both men had a great deal of work to do before many of their inventions became reality. I also fully understand that if those who could have funded and backed them would have done so it would now have a very different world around us. 

If other great minds had decided to work alone side of these men instead of taking the jealous greedy view there is no way of knowing what a great planet we would now have. Instead we continue to pollute, fight and stay stunted in a going nowhere fast civilization . We seem to be stuck taking twenty steps ahead with new technology followed by ten steps back due to fighting, power and greed. 

I have to wonder how many other men and women are out there that still are forced out of making major changes for this world by way of greed and power. 

I do know we are a violent civilization who love to fight and kill and follow what we are told like a good little herd of sheep. If this was not true and we as a group had a real need for change and advancement it would happen. The fact that we sit in ignorance silently doing as we are told proves we are indeed a society controlled and willing to be commanded by the few, the powerful and the greedy. 

I think actions like those against men like Tesla and Searl that kept them from succeeding in area’s that would have saved this world from horrific things are actions of people who commit crimes against humanity. We humans just sit and let it happen. 

Until we break away from the controls of the few over the many we will continue down this dumb ed down road. As long as we let the TV control our lives, listen without question to whatever jackass is talking on the boob tube without questioning his words, until we place down our cell phones we are all doomed. 

Until we as a society learn to listen without opinion already formed, usually by way of some TV show or radio host, we are doomed. Unless we can figure out how to form our thinking by way of searching all sides to important issues we are doomed. Until we learn to think and read without sound bites and dazzle of technology pulling us around by our noses we will stay a civilization doomed and sliding quickly to our end. 

We can no longer allow the few to fill our minds without questioning their words or thinking. We cannot sit in front of a screen be it TV or computer and believe whatever media beast is feeding us. We cannot believe everything we hear in chat rooms or read by those who have lots to say but no answers for the questions we ask. We must stop being bullied by the few and become thinking , working , competent people.

I am sad when I watch and read the stories of men like Tesla and Searl. I cannot help but wonder how many more have been blocked and stopped by the hand of the few. I watch this world spin and wonder how is it so many can be so blind while the few eat us up and spit us out all for personal gain.

The longer I live the more convinced I am that the purpose of earth is to be a battle field for good and evil. It seems we have been in this war from the start of time.

The acts of mankind towards one another can best be understood if you realize that the battle of good and evil is in constant play in the human species. We seem torn between saving mankind with one hand while raging war with the other. We develop and advance with huge steps forward yet suffer at the hands like the ones written about in this article.

We are beings that slaughter and destroy with one swipe of a hand yet understand the beauty found in art, music, a new born baby or a puppy. How we continue on being so contrary is something I will never figure out.

If only we could tilt the balance to the good and demand more of ourselves we would be incredible beings. For now we need to think long and hard about our actions and our places in the ongoing battle of good and evil. Do we want to treasure fellow humans like Tesla and Searl or settle for being pulled around by our noses by the evil of greed and power by the few.

Those are personal questions we all need to examine and decide upon in life . I will not suggest I have any right to suggest anyone should try to be a better human. I do feel we have miles to go and lots to improve upon before we are considered anything but savages by those who share our universe. I pray one day the way of things on earth change.  

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