Northern Ontario UFO Sightings

Here is the picture that I sent awhile back, with the right filters you can see a little energy trail coming from the bottom.

I took this picture last summer and I live in Northern Ontario Canada, I do not wish to state my exact location for privacy reasons, I use false names like Daniel Fraser and Jeff Smith on my emails also.

The photo was taken in August of this year 2009, it was around 3 pm central time. The weather was nice and warm and there were a few clouds overhead.

I have tried to share my story with others and was not treated very well, almost met with disbelief or ridicule.

The truth is that I see them all the time and have figured out how to communicate with them.

I have many pictures, and even a 9 chapter book on teachings that I wrote on the communication.

Hard to believe right, I also have pictures of the occupants that have come with messages.

There is really a lot of evidence but no one seems to want to believe me.

I am a Addictions Counsellor and never had anything like this happen to me but it started in 1992 and was able to take pictures starting last summer.

My pictures include silver balls, one man triangle ships (attached), donut ships, fleet ships (5 or more occupants) in fleets of 5, tandums, flagships and the big mother ships. And they are all daytime shots, I never have night time sightings or visits. It is never fearful and always a joyful, peaceful feeling during my sightings and communications. You can look at my other pictures that I have had posted on your site and see some of the silver disks and the mushroom shaped disk.

Gleaming Disk Over Northern Ontario Lake

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