Redbear: Lifting the Veil-we are designed to love

 You may have read many articles on what to believe in recently, articles claiming that Jesus was made up or it’s wrong to follow his teachings. Expect to see more and more as the great deceiver is whispering into the ears of the weak hearted. 

In my life, being a simple man from Northern Canada, I have experienced life in a small town, I have visited some cities and I have little education. I have devoted my life to helping others as God has asked me to, real love is self sacrifice and I am listening to my creator.  All you really need to know is that God is real, Jesus did come and this is only the beginning. The human being was designed by God, we are much like a vehicle and we have functions that need to be maintained. Jesus came to us to show us how to maintain the balance of our body mind and spirit (Father ,Son & Holy Ghost) so we can fulfill our experience upon the Earth.

This life is an opportunity for the soul to learn and express love which is the pattern of self sacrifice that Jesus experienced to show us the way to the next stage of an authentic experience with God.

The mind connects the spirit to the body, they must all work in balance, for instance the spirit knows what the body has gone through emotionally and some of the experience is good and some not. The mind is like the filter trying to balance everything out and often brings to the surface memories of the experiences, to explain why this happens we  would have to see the body as a functioning system created to love and much like any other systems, if the negatives are not balanced the system begins to break down.

When the negative arises in our minds we need to forgive to bring balance to the system, that is why the memories keep rising to the surface in our minds. It is like a warning signal of what needs to be fixed, it just needs to be forgiven until it no longer is in the system. Humans who do not forgive often carry the pain with them until it becomes a disease in the body and eventually destroys it. Simple but yet powerful, try it for a few weeks and you will be amazed at the power of the truth in the teachings.

These new shot were taken a few weeks back, stay tuned.

God will continue to show you the truth



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