Now is the Time for a UFO Sighting

The fall and early winter months  have been part of the year that  many  UFO sightings have been reported.. I  have had sightings myself during those months over my lifetime.  I have also  spoken to many people who have told me that they have had clear sightings during the fall / winter months with October being a prime time for a sighting.

I have had a change in thinking about this and think we many  begin to  find the reports of sightings changing with the ongoing change in our climate  going on around the world.. If the cycle of sightings followed seasons we must consider that they too will change as our seasons seem to be changing. 

I know for the last few years our yearly cycle of nature has changed dramatically from four distinct seasons to two.  In  New York  or more precise my area of New York  – Long Island  has now become a two season area.  Come April on we have warmer weather with lush flowers. This continues until one day somewhere around November we wake up one day and it is winter. Flowers one day – cold ice the next. One day warm the next  day cold and boom it is  winter. All the in-between seasons are gone. What normally took place in October where I live now only begins to happen in November.

I read constantly all over the United States where the typical weather is being replaced by new and different cycles of nature. I  have written before that it is my opinion that our weather changes are man-made manipulation . Today however I am not as concerned as why this is happening as I am with the differences it will bring to the world around us.

I long ago realized that UFO activity seemed to be best suited during late summer finding its high point over the fall months winding back down to a normal hum during the other months of the year. I believe this will continue only differently now as the sightings or activity of the ongoing world of UFO actions change to suit the altered seasons of the planet.

I would not be surprised if  the new high time of  UFO sightings now switched over to November as its prime time flowing on throughout the winter months .  I also think backing up the new increased activity  time for lots of sightings to mid August would be in order as our seasons shift and twist as the worlds weather flutters and  changes.

We can be hopeful that with the changes going on with the planet  the humans living upon it may become a bit more involved and aware of what is going on around them.

We are so lost in our own small realities that we seem  numb and dumb to what is going on around us. If we as a life form could become united in our awareness of many things that happen  around us , above us and below us  we would certainly be far more advanced and knowledgeable to our own place on earth not to mention the universe.

Can you imagine if we all looked up while out doing our daily routines what we may begin to see?  Instead we  stay  small and controlled by  our cell phones and iPods.
 If we could be fully present to the reality around us  we would soon learn  a great deal more about  the world and universe around us . Instead  we stay completely  unaware of our own surroundings by way  of being  trained not to be present and instead  walking around rather brain dead in our own little self contained  environments.  ‘ Not seeing the forest for the trees.! ‘ best describes the human condition presently on earth.

Maybe this year we will slowly shake out our heads and  shut off  the technology we all walk around with in our hands daily to replace it with conscious observation of what goes on around us each and every day..

Maybe this will be the year we have millions of reports by  many people who decided to  join reality instead of  blocking it out.  Now with so many changes happening  to our earth it stands to reason we will see changes in  the strange and unknown  around us as well. Maybe this will be the year when all of us take the time to look up when someone points out a strange light or unknown craft over heard.. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to dismiss the existence of the unknown objects being seen all over the world if we untied and took the time to not only look for them but record them in mass?  Maybe this will be the year we will all smell the coffee and start paying attention with open minds and curious minds?  Obviously our earth is changing. Surely the  odd events that occur on this earth will change too.  If we are now in a cycle of high sightings let us all try to  be aware and pay attention over the months to come over our heads as well as in front of our faces.

Realizing things are changing we all need to be alert and present to  real life around us . Since we are now entering the prime time for UFO sightings I do hope you all take the time to look up and view the sky above you .  Never waste a clear blue sky or a star filled night. Soak in the beauty as well as keeping an eye open for things that just do not seem to belong there.  I believe so much goes on all the time over our heads that it is only time before we all have a true sighting of something unknown. Tis the season to be have sightings.  You never know when it will be your turn to be the one to next see something completely unexplained .

For now pay attention to your surrounding and keep looking up this winter at that clear winter sky. I have a real intuition that  starting November this may be the year for some spectacular sightings of many unknown things.

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