“On the Difficulty of Determining the Intentions & Origins of UFOs” By Fr. Peter D. Hun

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Hi Robert,

The Australian UFO Group had a discussion going about mass sightings.  I sent them this to start a discussion, by asking questions.

Do you think it would be worth running as an article in UFO Digest?

Fr. Peter

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Fr. Peter D. Hun
Date: Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 7:30 AM
Subject: On the Difficulty of  to Determining the Intentions & Origins of UFOs
To: AustralianUFOsightings@yahoogroups.com
Hello to you wonderful folks from Australia.

I have worked as a civilian investigator at a major Canadian UFO research organization and I decided to quit because I thought my own well being and safety could be compromised by my knowledge.

Things have reached the point now with the massive sightings and escalating geo-engineering operations (Chemtrails) that I think that I should ask a few questions from some people.even though I don’t want to do this publicly.

Thanks for the video summarizing the latest mass sighting incidents. I thought that I’d ask some questions of the group and then check the responses after.  I find it difficult to guess the intentions and the origins of what appear to be genuine solid operational unconventional aircraft  in our skies.

Are some of them ours?  Are some of them hostile?  Are some of them friendly?

Do we have air superiority?  Are we trying to get air superiority? 

It appears to me that NASA, and our governments believe that civilians don’t have the knowledge and have actually identified many kinds of unconventional aircraft that civilians call UFOs (“Unidentified Flying Objects”) or in military jargon, “Unknowns”, or simply  “Fastwalkers.”  They just arbitrarily determined in the 1940’s that not only do we not have a right to know, we don’t have civil rights as it relates to that subject.

The Brookings Report concluded that the public simply could not be told because so many people would suffer identity crises and not be able to continue working and probably would quit their religious faiths as well.  Since then the  media has been controlled and still is being controlled. Governments shed doubt on civilian witnesses and footage by circulating fakes with genuine footage on Youtube and elsewhere, always casting doubt on civilian claims.

My main concern is that if some of the unconventional aircraft which are involved particularly in mass sightings are in fact predatory or hostile, we might only be seeing a small sampling of their real numbers during obvious public shows – they might just be testing our readiness.

Should a hostile group choose open large scale invasion, we wouldn’t see just a few over a city exercising military operations, I believe we would see not just thousands, but tens of thousands of craft landing simultaneously worldwide in order to drop large numbers of their own troops on our soil for military purposes.

Therefore, governments should involve civilians in preparing to defend themselves, and  the Planet Earth if in fact some of the craft doing “frequent flier miles” (quoting Peter Davenport) are from a hostile group from another planet.

My theory after having studied abductions is that some of the potentially hostile aliens can shut of our brains within a certain distance using electromagnetic energy to block the Limbic Systems of our brains.

Do some of our troops have the means to counter that?  Using something like 3M Velostat as a block?  What kind of countermeasure technologies are our governments already
using (Star Wars,  lasers on aircraft, airborne lasers, aerial spraying, HAARP for example)?

I believe that our governments already have many of the answers in trying to counter potentially hostile groups, however it is kept most secret because as Margaret Thatcher was quoted as saying: “You just can’t tell the People.”

Also, there is a side to this whole issue that involves human origins, our fate, and our destiny – as Sitchin has argued.   I believe that groups within our governments and social power groups have known about this all along, and are in fact either complicit with extraterrestrials, or are using their occult knowledge to maintain their power and privilege.

If we already do have back-engineered technology and our own secret space program – which I think is probably the case – the wonderful people running the oil companies just want to keep pumping and selling  – well I would probably want to do the same thing myself if I was controlling hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

Are the weather modification programs now underway actually under alien control?  Are our governments sworn to alien secrecy? By co-opting in bases with EBENS have our governments already ceded national, international, and world sovereignty without our knowledge?

Truth is the first casualty of war, and in the case of unconventional aircraft,  how many hundreds of billions of world dollars are being secretly spent on the whole operation?  I’m guessing the whole mess is much, much bigger than most civilian investigators could even guess.

In war, Truth doesn’t just lose out, civilians do as well.  Civilians run and hide and try to find food.  They mean nothing to military operations during a war.  Truth and lives mean nothing to the warriors.

Except to Major H. Von Dach Bern, who wrote about Swiss Army guerilla warfare organization in 1957 in his response to the Russian invasion of Hungary.  His book was called ‘Total Resistance.’

The book framed Swiss Defense as it exists today – Swiss defense today is an amplified version of Von Dach Bern’s methods and philosophy.

Instead of disarming countries worldwide which now seems to be the case, governments should be organizing civilians to defend Earth. They might not be, because perhaps members of the NWO are already complicit in cooperating with EBEN dominance or open takeover through a world government.  

Have the Quislings of our age sold us out already?  Bought out by fear, power, privilege, or a guaranteed ‘seat’ in an underground base when all hell breaks loose?  How much would it take for you to sell out?  Fear?  The ‘golden ticket’?   A chance to get a tour of a  craft on display?

What about the computerization of our society?  Is it happening for efficiency, or for control?  What about the fact that we live in a surveillance society?  Is that related?

What about the Bar Code?   Is that related?   Or is it ‘paranoid’ to try to forge a connection between these things?  Is it a ‘conspiracy theory’ or is it really just a painful elaboration of what is obviously happening?

Most people are stunned, and don’t ask questions.  Those who have figured out that something’s happening are too afraid to ask questions.

We’re told that from our lessons in history regarding the concentration camps in WWII that most people in Germany cooperated.   The real reason was that they were afraid because once the machine and the camps had been set up how could they actually resist?

In our society today most people are completely atomized and have no ability to organize whatsoever.  It is the responsibility of our governments to inform the citizens of what is going on, and it is the

responsibility of our governments to defend the Earth and all our citizens not sell them out. Our governments should be educating individuals about what is coming and how people can resist and survive.

It is my own belief that the Norway Seed Vault and the underground bases have been set up because not only are we at risk for alien invasion, that alien invasion may in fact happen at a time of sudden

violent climatic change.  The population control elite would probably like that, and have convinced themselves that they could survive that.  The same group have probably already been running Alternative Three since the 1950’s or 1960s – the repopulation of the human race in other locations (Is that how humans originally came to Earth – by being covertly moved from another doomed planet?).

In my opinion the most important public statement about this has been by Canada’s former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer.   Just Google “Paul Hellyer ufo” and you’ll find him there.

This issue is so large that it really does involve everybody.

It involves replacing our energy with a new form of energy. It involves weather modification happening globally. It involves the defence of Earth against potentially hostile aliens.  It involves humanity’s fate and destiny.

It probably also involves massive sudden earth changes which our elite has been using lots of money to prepare for since at least the 1960’s. It involves the individual sovereignty of our nations and the nations of our world.

It involves the potential loss of the freedom of everybody on the Planet Earth. It involves all future generations. It could involve the sudden and massive loss of life worldwide that would dwarf all world wars.

I don’t actually have any solutions for all of this,  I’m just asking some questions.

When the ufo’s buzzed the BBC, London Bridge, and the Ministry of Defence in the UK recently, why did they do that?  Anybody who knows anything about war or the military knows that those locations

would be key targets during an invasion of any kind – whether from another country, or from another planet.  The craft were seen by many people publicly – a mass sighting – and filmed.  Their aircraft performance envelopes are such that I wonder if a human’s reflexes could actually operate an aircraft moving that quickly. I doubt it.

There’s no need for anybody to ‘debunk’ that footage or the subject in general because we are well beyond that now.

As someone who’s been involved in investigation in the past,  I have stopped my active involvement for my own privacy and safety however as a human being who knows just a bit of the overall picture, I’m really just sitting and waiting to see what happens because, in my opinion, the mass sightings are just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m also aghast at what appears to be the ‘write-off’ of the civilian population from the word ‘go’ in the 1940’s.  So what, are we supposed to be –  food for another species?

Are we supposed to sit and wait while everything happens and act stupid?   There’s only enough food in the stores for two days, then we’re on our own if the trucks stop running.

That’s a civilian’s reality.  Our medical systems have been shaved down so they can barely handle regular demand. What happens in the case of biological or chemical warfare or an epidemic?  What kind of civilian defense exists to help defend the Earth?

What about the Fireman’s Handbook?  Why was that written?   Why only tell the firemen? Why not tell everybody?

Greater Vancouver  probably would have problems handling a large earthquake let alone alien invasion, massive and sudden climate change, an epidemic, or all of that combined.

Civilians don’t exist as far as those problems go – the only things civilians know is that they can’t travel on roads with the yellow triangle unless they have one displayed in their car.

Fr. Peter D. Hun
Surrey BC
August 2011


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