A dark and ominous event has recently occurred in the abduction research community. News recently reached me that Kay Wilson was so harassed by malicious stalkers/ hackers that she closed her website, The Alien Jigsaw to prevent the inadvertent dissemination of corrupted information. This site is, or shall I more correctly say was, one of the finest websites dealing with the alien abduction phenomenon. Its closing is a major loss to our community, especially following the loss of other important websites associated with Budd Hopkins, John Mack, Karla Turner and a number of other dedicated abduction researchers.
It has taken me awhile to sufficiently recover from the shock of this news to respond for those of us who care about Kay and the abductions that she and so many others have endured. Kay Wilson had great empathy for those like her who have been subject to these experiences. Through her website, published books and memoirs she meticulously attempted to analyze the significance of this unrecognized reality. And how was she rewarded for her efforts? Heaped upon the physical and emotional toll of her abductions, she has been stalked, persistently harassed, had her site hacked and her files corrupted with malicious intent. Furthermore, there is some evidence that misinformation in the form of rumors and innuendos have been silently communicated about her through emails to other members of our community. The secretive nature of these communiques have even prevented her the from knowing exactly what was said and by whom in order to defend herself from their effects.
I only know Kay through her publications and website ‘“The Alien Jigsaw.” Though I only know her through intermittent email communications, I have nevertheless come to appreciate how truly special she is. Kay Wilson is a sincere, dedicated and compassionate abductee and researcher who had devoted herself to sharing her understanding of the abduction phenomenon at great personal cost. I am outraged that she is being harassed by a small number of those she has so diligently attempted to serve. 
Few of us will ever know the full extent of what Kay has endured both by alien assaults upon her health, by being stalked and harassed by fellow abductees, and by having her website hacked and private files corrupted. All that we are now left with are precious glimpses into this unseen world left to us from her diaries. The Alien Jigsaw served as a haven for all those who cared about alien abductions and the unseen reality that pervades our daily lives.
While I cannot fathom the reason(s) for cruelty directed toward Kay and her work, I feel it is imperative that those of us who care about these matters continue her quest to understand the nature of the abduction phenomenon. Strangely, whether by chance or intuition, her abductor’s could not have selected anyone who could better represent humanity at its best. I never knew a kinder or more sincere person than Kay Wilson.  For Kay, and for those like her, let us remain resolved to not be bullied or intimidated by those who oppose us or our views. In her name, let us remain inspired to unashamedly speak the truth about the events we experience.
A colleague and friend of Kay Wilson.
Richard Bonenfant

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