One Devil Dead


As one of the New Yorkers who watched the attack happen on Sept 11th  I can say without question I am happy to find that this devil – this monster is dead. I will go to my grave with the memory of innocent men and women jumping to their deaths while thousands of others perished in flames right before my eyes.  My hatred for this man and terror is deep and hard.

I watch as my fellow New Yorkers rejoice in the news this animal is no longer alive . I feel justice knowing he is  mere fish bait. I also feel concern.

I hope everyone has learned that a terrorist is a vile , mean, ignorant animal that kills on the command of others for little or no reason. I hope all westerners understand that you are their target.

It does not mean you are safe because you do not live in a city. You are not safe if you do not live in the U. S. A.. If you are part of the western world or if you do not agree with terrorism YOU are a target.

I am thrilled this beast is dead. I also know our killing him has poked a huge stick in the bee hive of terror and they will be drooling for the next  retaliation , the next kill.

We have no choice in this world but to fight terror. We need to grasp this fact and own it. For us to ever return this planet to a balance of good over evil we need to buck up and stand tough against the bleak dark heart of terror.

Be more diligent then ever  when out in the world. Pay attention to your surroundings and the people around you. If we all stand strong and aware this cancer can be destroyed and removed from our world. We must  raise out of the days or darkness and stress into a time of light and strength. This we can not neglect or deny.

Rejoice in the death of this monster but know we are not finished and he was but one spoke in the wheel of the terror machine. Let the good and just people of this planet find this bleak killing machine and blast it from our world. Let the earth be a place of light and hope.

This fight will continue- be prepared, be diligent and be strong. Let those with dark killing hearts know their reign of terror on us is over.

There are many ways to build strength against the evil in this world. Know whatever you do to rebuild this planet to a strong healthy working system is in fact a bullet to the body of terror.  Healing our economy, our issues in society , finding a road to working governments all are the components to killing evil and restoring good to our ailing planet.

Whatever you can do you must do. The death of this monster is your cue to jump in and do all you can on any level you can to continue our road back to the days when life was better and our kids had a future.

May no man or method put us under- So help us God! 


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