For those of you who’ve been following and supporting our work at yowusa.com over the years, this is the video you’ve been waiting for. In this video, we’re going  to view some very compelling images of two objects within the Planet X system. The brown dwarf at its core and one of it’s outmost orbitals, we call Bluebonnet. 

Here is what our findings shows. 

Current: PX System is presently inbound from beyond the orbit of Saturn in conjunction with us (opposite side of the sun beyond Earth’s orbit.)

Late 2013 to early 2014: The brown dwarf will be in a superior conjunction (opposite side of the sun inside Earth’s orbit.) Around this time, the brown dwarf will be passing through the ecliptic into the Northern skies. This is when it will begin have more severe interactions with our Sun. We’ll see solar storms and a big increase in volcanism and seismicity. 


2015 to 2016: We’ll see Bluebonnet (the outermost orbital we’ve tracked from the Turrialba volcan feed, with hundreds of images.) Shortly after that, the Brown Dwarf will move around to our side of the sun to it’s point of perihelion (closest distance to the Sun) to the Greatest-western elongation (our side of the sun, inside our orbit to our right.) At this time, the brown dwarf will enter the kill zone. 

Early Kill Zone: The Kill Zone is that part of the brown dwarf’s orbit from perihelion to the ecliptic (the plane of our solar system.) This will be when we see solar storms of Biblical proportions. 

Late Kill Zone: The Planet X system will exit our system through the Western-quadrature (our side of the side, exiting behind Earth’s orbit) as it crosses the ecliptic from the Northern skies into the Southern skies. This is when the pole shift will be most likely as this is when the brown dwarf will lock on to our lithosphere (crust and the portion of the upper mantle) and where it’s tidal gravity forces cause the pole shift. 

Post Kill Zone: Overall, this whole flyby could take as long as a decade from now to when we begin to see the first signs of blue skies once again. 

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   Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9szmVIqhV8&feature=youtu.be


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