Orbs/UFOs Over Windsor Ontario


Publisher’s Note: Received several emails including photos plus a phone call from Roy Berger today, August 9, 2012. Roy is a writer who describes where he lives as: Roy Berger lives in the legendary artists colony of Windsor, Ontario where the palm trees bloom in the winter and a cool breeze blows in the summer. I have been to Windsor and don’t recall the palm trees but….

To see an enlargement to the photo on the left simple click here.https://www.ufodigest.com/sites/default/files/DSCF0076-large2.jpg

Here is Roy’s story:

Last night in Windsor Ontario, at about midnight I took pictures of what looked like four Kleig lights moving in a fixed circular pattern against the clouds in the sky. The sky was completely overcast.  There was no light beam from earth to sky which made me suspicious. When I looked at the photo on my computer I saw almost no clouds and many spherical, perfect orbs of different sizes. I’m not insane and have written several books available on amazon.com.  This photo is my copyright, Roy Berger. I have not submitted the photo to anyone.

Just to be clear, I didn’t see any of those orbs with my naked eye, what I saw was four hazy edge bright spot lights following a spirograph pattern against opaque clouds. The orbs only show up when I import the photos. So I guess the camera sees a broader light frequency spectrum than we do. Have a good one.

Check out Roy’s book:

2012 Rabbits and the Happy Apocalypse on Shortwave Radio



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