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By Chris Holly 

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Over the last few months, I have been sent a steady stream of emails from people all over the United States telling me that they have had a UFO sighting. I have had reports of silver oval craft, groups of bright lights moving at incredible speeds and Orbs, mostly red Orbs.

People continue to see strange things in our sky daily all over this planet.  You would think by now we would know what they are seeing and from where these things originate.  The truth is we are exactly where we are now as where we were years ago when I first started to write and interview people about this subject.

The people who contact me when they have seen something that they realized was not like anything they had ever seen before all hold one thing in common.  Every single person is stunned and wants me to have an OMG reaction to the fact they saw something considered unknown or unexplained.

They also think that now that they saw something that it should be front page news.  The fact that people have been reporting UFO’s, and having encounters with these unknowns from the start of time seems to be completely lost on people who have a sighting with their own eyes.  It is clear to me that our society is so backwards and lacking in basic knowledge about this subject that they are stunned when they see one with their very own eyes .

They learn very quickly what it is like to be on “the other side of the coin” and now they are the ones looking for acknowledgement that they did see something that was strange and unexplained,  They also know what it is like to look for protection and understanding instead of being laughed at and told that it was a plane and seeing friends turn away from them when they know they had just seen a damn UFO.  

Funny how we act towards one another with this subject.

When they contact me I tell them that they are now part of “the club” of millions worldwide who also have seen a UFO and that they now have the knowledge that they Do exist.

I often get back emails wanting me to be more stunned or shocked or shout in a hysteria that they actually did see a real object in the sky and do not understand why I do not “do something.”

I explain that I have seen UFO’s and I know that they exist and have spoken to many people who also have seen UFO’s.  It is not earth-shattering news to me that yet another human looked up to find something they did not recognise looking back down at them.

I ask the people that have this type of reaction why they are so shocked that they finally saw something?

The answer always is that they really did not think they existed.

So, I have to wonder how so many can still be walking around this planet when the internet, TV and media, in general, is covered with videos, stories and photos of UFO’s from all over the world?  The fact we still are so reluctant to understand this is part of our reality on Earth for me is actually frightening.

How is it we are so blinded and kept controlled by something so huge and seen by so many?

How is it that the people do not demand answers and are far happier to stay on a UFO gerbil-wheel of ignorance never wanting any real answers as they run, blindly competing in a “global rat race”?  We have  millions reporting seeing a strange object. Our reaction is to say wow, maybe look at the photo or video and then just  yawn and walk away.

Is it just me? Or are we a bit insane not want to know more?   Honestly, what the hell is wrong with us?

I often have people ask me where is the official place to report a UFO sighting.  They seem to think there is some government agency or organisation that is seriously dealing with this issue.  I think at times that society thinks that somewhere someone who knows what they are doing is taking care of all of this UFO stuff so they do not have to worry about it.  

Well gang, sorry to be the one to tell you…

 but when it comes to UFO’s it is everyone for themselves as you are on your own with this issue.

Other nations have department’s or government agencies that do collect and keep data on the UFO issue in their country but we here in America are NOT one of them.  If you call the police, you do not get anywhere.  If you call the military you get nothing.  We are set up to shut up and shut down people who try to discuss what they are seeing.  Using ridicule and laughter has worked for years to silence the public on this subject and obviously continues to work as we are still locked on this rat-wheel of stupidity with this ever growing issue of UFO’s flying all over our country and nothing being done or explained or addressing the problem at all.

I had a man complain to me that he placed his sighting on MUFON but nothing happened.  I asked him what he wanted to happen?  He thought a big truck with white lab coat researchers would show up at his location to investigate his encounter.

I hated to be the one to tell him MUFON is a privately owned website, no hangers or buildings involved and the guy who owns it? …Well who knows what he does with the reports?  It is not connected to any agency or government or military in any way so hs should stop waiting for any official reaction from them.

It is not the guy who owns MUFON or the TV shows making a fast buck off of our curiosity or the media or the thousands of internet pages that talk about this subject, IT IS US! …

It is us, you and me, to blame for our ragged approach to this serious issue that needs to be addressed.

Why do we want to look at the subject as we do?  Why do we treat is as  a scary movie but not want to digest the fact that these things are real and flying over our heads often?  We may be in deep trouble and real danger yet we refuse to look up or ask why these objects are watching us.  I fear them and I know you should too.  Why are they here?  What do they want?  Who are they?  Are they ours? Good God I think we need to know.

Why is it we will see a UFO and still just go about our business as usual? Why do we just want to NOT KNOWN what the hell these things are and why do they fly around watching us?  I will not even address the fact that they take some of us. The question has to be what is wrong with all of us. We can sit and listen to an hour-long radio show on this subject, yawn and go to bed and give no thought at all to the fact that maybe we all need to know what is going on with these things. It is almost insane in my thinking that we are content to do nothing at all about asking questions of those who should have the answers for us. We should in mass be demanding our government and military tell us what these objects are and if we need to fear them.

I want to know.  I really am fearful and want to know, don’t you?

For now, I will watch as we run round and round on a large UFO rat-wheel of blissful ignorance, refusing to get past the point of chatting about the issue and staying locked in the dangerous dark ages of  looking away, ignoring or denying  what and who it is that is flying our skies and watching us as we ignore it all in ignorance and a mindless bliss.  Maybe we are hypnotized or brainwashed or drugged to be so complacent about this serious subject, I just do not know …

I will pray for us all.


Chris Holly

Long Island, New York

October 28th, 2016


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Al Rights Reserved 

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