Pagan Code of Honour

Your destiny, your choice!

OK – so you think you are worth it. You think you are going to get what you want because you think you deserve it. You think that some allegedly omnipotent/loving god in a white robe is going to take your side against all the perceived evil, bad guys and unfairness in the world too. Wrong, dead wrong!

Such a quaint myth has been cleverly promoted over countless centuries by shrewd priesthoods and devious politicians that have hidden agendas based on mind control; control concerning ‘YOUR’ destiny!

The very same type of picturesque mentality, based on wrongly perceived notions of righteousness, exists in kids’ cartoons wherein Mickey Mouse and friends speak like humans and have the same idiosyncratic moral code of conduct. We bring our children up with this mind-screwed, dualistic gobbledygook then later wonder why they turn into teenage delinquents or worse. Is it any wonder when we purposefully delude them about the realities of life from such an early age?

The universe is frequently a harsh place with certain survivalist laws that care nothing for the self-indulgent whims of mankind. Ultimately yes, the meek will inherit the earth. But the meek will NOT be underprivileged humans; they will be ferocious yet well-organised insects that look at life with a basic code of ruthless pragmatism. Their amazingly simplistic code states: ‘CAN I EAT IT, OR WILL IT EAT ME!’

You can stamp, scream and kick all you want to but the world will ultimately please itself how it deals with you. Is this unfair, is it unjust? Well no, in fact it is the way it has always been. Those of us who fully appreciate this inherent truth can take the next evolutionary step forward, yet those who struggle against the cosmic tide of truth are doomed to stagnation and apathy.


Our ancient Pagan forefathers knew intimately that the powers that be (the gods) could bless you one day then smite you down the next. That was literally the way the world worked and how it still does today.

The good ‘Lady of the Wheel’, Fortuna, was the one to seek good favour from more than others in uncertain times, as many a hard-pressed emperor knew only too well.

Conciliation of the gods was never a bad idea and it also built up a reserve in many of a Code of Honour that helped to place him/her on the right track, in a spiritual sense. This noble code is the one that will greatly sustain you in unsympathetic times and one that will strengthen you in lighter days. Such a code was essential to the logical, military mind of Rome. For instance, and hugely popular veneration of the ‘Soldiers’ God’, Mithras, throughout the Empire was firm evidence of this principled code. In fact Mithraism was almost once taken to be the dignified State Religion over Christianity; the latter being commonly perceived as feeble, subservient and wholly unprincipled by many great minds of the day.
Man also had one weapon in particular that changed the odds enormously in his/her favour. That weapon is called ‘choice!’ You have a choice on a motorway. You can drive nose to tail with the traffic and the odds are that sooner rather than later you will kill yourself or others. You also have the choice to drive safely. You hold the same choice with the food you eat and the fluids you consume. Live or die, the choice is still there and it is yours alone to take.

To a greater extent you also have the choice to live your life to the full and look up to the stars in wonder. Alternatively, you have the choice to spend your days looking at the ground and feeling sorry for yourself. You decide the path to follow – no one else! The responsibility rests with you and you are accountable for it.

Manifold levels of reality exist and how you live your life on this single mundane, physical plane is reflected in higher dimensions that you may currently be wholly unaware of.

The choice to take the noble path towards enlightenment is one that will attract beneficial energies. The choice to undertake a more negative role in life will bring in obstructive forces.

The universe perpetually seeks balance and is self-healing. Thus, by making the right choices in life the apparent chaos of the universe can be utilised to some degree and brought into the lower realms of existence where we may reap the benefits of its great power.

The universe is us and we are the universe. Freedom toward opinion and personal thought is your legacy that no one has the right to monopolise.

The choice is yours alone.


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