Patty Yu Wants You to Thrive

Patty Yu - Actress

Her name is Patty Yu and she is not only a beautiful  and talented young actress, she is a also a beautiful person who is plugged into some very deep truths about our universe. 

I met Patty in Los Angeles where I was speaking at a conference.  I won’t pretend I ignored her beauty, but I am going to tell you that behind that beauty is a phenomenal mind and a heart that beats for everything positive and lifegiving for mankind around the world.  Yet, she did not seem to be one of the woo-woo people with stardust in their eyes that we run into so often these days.

Patty and I talked several times during the conference, and she was very interested in telling me about a movie called Thrive.  That was in 2011, and you have probably watched the movie by now.  If you haven’t yet watched it, you should.  In fact, you should watch it as soon as possible. She wasn’t pushing the movie because she was in it.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think she appears in the movie.  She was promoting it because she genuinely believed the information and message of the movie was of extreme importance for the people of the planet.

While sipping coffee, and chatting about the movie, I asked Patty why she was so “into” this movie.  A quite thoughtful look came across her face as she told me that the freedom and survival of our race depends upon knowing the information this movie provides.  There was not a trace of shallowness about this young woman.  It was obvious that what she was saying to me was coming straight from every beat of her heart.

In this business, I meet a lot of people.  I meet a lot of well known people.  I’ve met a lot of people you have seen on television and in movies.  A percentage of them are the stereotypical shallow Hollywood types, but most are people just like you and me.  Like most people, they are just busy going about their daily business of earning a living. But some–a few–seem to rise above the din and see things in a deeper and more far reaching dimension.  That’s Patty.

I am writing about Patty because I think it is important to share the fact that everyone you meet is a complexity of many more layers than what you see.  We see someone on television and think, “he’s an actor”.  But, that is only one layer.  He may also be a highly educated economist like one of the stars of Mash.  We see and hear a politician, but he may also be very open to information about extraterrestrial presence on Earth like Ronald Regan. 

Some people are simple mushrooms who never engage their gray matter in activity above the animal survival level.  Others are a wonderful and complex mixture of layers and interests.  In fact, many people you meet are such a complexity of layers, interests, and information. 

When I was in college, I became friends with an especially brilliant professor.  He was a wealth of information on just about any topic (in any field) you wished to discuss.  I once asked him, “How is it that you know so much about so much?”  His reply was a smile and, “Time is life.  If I am going to give you part of my life by spending time talking with you, there is a price.  I am going to keep you talking until I learn something I didn’t already know.”  That statement hit me like a falling anvil and changed my life instantly.  It made so much sense that I adopted it on the spot and never looked back.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to talk with Patty because of what she taught me about Thrive.  When I first met her, I had never heard of Thrive.  After I talked with her, I had information I did not have before–and wow!  It is tremendous information.

Now, every guy on the planet would be delighted to have the opportunity to meet and talk with such an attractive young lady.  But, vital information and knowledge is residing in packages of every description.  I’ve learned fantastic things, been enriched beyond description, and grown as a result of meeting and talking with people of every description.  And therein is another lesson to help us grow.  It isn’t the package that’s important–it’s the contents of the package. 

There is cosmic-level truth residing in almost everyone you meet.  Virtually everyone you meet is truly an expert at something.  When I meet them, and when I walk away from that meeting, it is my goal to know their expert information whatever it is.  Life is a university and almost every one of us is a professor (consciously or not).  The tuition is the time it takes to listen.  It doesn’t take money in order to learn truly high level information in any field.  It takes being a friend, listening, and paying attention to what you hear.

Patty Yu wants you to Thrive, and so do I.  Since you’ve spent time to read this, you should be able to walk away with some important info you may not have had before.  THRIVE.



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