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 Did you see the big deal that was made  on the internet concerning the alien body found at the Siberian UFO crash site? Did you watch all the video’s and read all the blogs about this huge new find?  Did you then read the confessions and watch the video’s of the two men who carried out this fraud.?  The alien was made from  a mess of chicken skin and stale bread. Sort of like one  of those specialty cakes you see on the cooking shows that look like cars, cartoon figures or a family pet!

Do you realize how ridiculous this makes all things related to  UFO’s  or aliens look?  Do you  still wonder why we have no truth in the matter of other life forms? Do you wonder why we have no answers concerning the massive amounts of unusual objects reported all over the world? The answer is  simple .  We sabotage, destroy or directly cause ridicule and rejection by way of our own actions .
 The constant fraudulent photo’s , reports, video’s and stories overwhelm the real events happening leaving us on a constant rat wheel of darkness and ignorance .
On top of our own deeds stopping  progress in finding answers to so many unknowns the stresses of today’s world seem to be having a impact on the public.. People seem to be crazier than ever.
As a paranormal writer I receive lots of email and phone calls. Most of the time the emails and calls are from wonderful people who want to share an incredible experience.. I have been fortunate to have so many intelligent, truthful – sane people  share their encounters with the unknown with me. I also have been sent amazing photo’s and a few extremely interesting video’s over the years.
Unfortunately I  also have been sent insane emails ,  crazy voice messages as well as phony photo’s and faked video’s. Sadly all of this comes with the subject matter.
Over the years the percent of good people with truthful reports to the wacko’s and frauds has been about 60/40. At least 60% of the interactions have been with good decent people who have had real experiences to 40% fakes , flakes and attention seekers. It was the way of things and seemed to stay in that pattern for a very long time.
It started gradually as the world situation started to deteriorate  so did the world of the  paranormal.
 Fakes , frauds , liars and those with problems were growing . The good people kept  coming along however they all seemed extremely reluctant to share openly their experiences due to the concerns of being grouped with the crazies and confused. 
I needed to promise more than ever before total confidentiality with each and every person I talked to. I am known to protect those I write about which is why I think I receive as many reports as I do . The new wave of things however has this the first priority before all else with people. Things were changing. Things were becoming more closed and our moving forward to  finding answers now seems bleaker than ever. 
The worlds problems started to dominate the public’s attention which lowered the time and interest the population once had in the world of things unknown.  With so many hard problems growing all over the planet people just did not have the time , energy or interest they once did in subjects considered paranormal. Good people who were having real events were now overly concerned about public ridicule or reaction that might affect their family or jobs. With times hard enough now adding a new source of possible difficulty was just not worth the risk of coming forward about a sighting or encounter with an unknown event. 
It seemed  the stresses of today’s world was most apparent with the unbalanced population of those who circulate in the paranormal. The proportion of emails were tipping towards the bizarre with some downright insane. 
Fake photo’s seemed to double  as well as video ‘s. Some were so bad that they insulted the intelligence of an adult . I had to chalk them up to the work of a 12 year old with too much indoor time on their hands. I would shudder to think a grown up would think such nonsense would be considered real. I will tell you sadly that I have seen these ridiculous fakes displayed in full glory on other sites. I can only shake my head as we sink deeper and deeper into the depth of darkness with all things considered unknown.
People are showing the signs of the weight of the problems in the world . The world of the paranormal is a perfect place to act out the stress of the times . It is obvious to me that this turn will continue as long as our world continues to  slide in turmoil and confusion.
Those needing professional help are active and worrisome. I have had a few very ill people send me rambling confused statements which display their serious delusions. It is sad . Others use this time in history to try to feed other twisted  needs in their character. I also get the real dark  losers of the paranormal who try to use the subject matter of the unknown to threaten or frighten . I find these to be the biggest fools loose and know they will one day pay dearly for their negative nasty deeds.

I fully recognize and  understand the laws of karma. You will without exception pay for the misery, harm, mean spirited and hateful things you do. It will come back and attack you in the exact fashion you send it to others. I would seriously contemplate that law of the universe the next time you do something dirty , evil or nasty. All I can tell you is to get ready because soon you will receive what you project  10 fold in return.

I can only hope that the history of our planet can swing quickly to a place that is once again in a better balance.  I pray for a time where we are all  out of harm’s way and prosperous. I know that good  brings hope and truth as  evil  brings all things that are  opposite to good. All we can  do is try to help  our world return to a better place.

Think good thoughts , do good deeds and stop the hate. Make the world a place we all want to live and thrive  and leave the darkness behind.

For now I will continue to read my emails and answer my calls weeding out the good from the bad . I will write about those who are honest and ignore those who are fools and frauds. 
One day we may be on a better path. One day the world of unknown subjects may be understood and accepted . Until then all any of us can do is be our best, fight the temptation of evil and keep looking forward to a brighter day.
The paranormal however I fear for a while longer will stay locked in the dark ages.

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