Photo Captures Chicago UFO Out of Phase

I received an email from UFO Digest reader Nigel Roth on January 20, 2011. Nigel was kind enough to submit an amazing photo for analysis.

He wrote:

‘Took a photo of Chicago, flying in around 10 at night. Only next morning when I was about to send to the kids did I look at it. What do you think?’  

Although the photo is badly blurred due to the speed of the aircraft there appears to be an object between the aircraft and the lights on the ground. It might just be an optical illusion, so to assist in obtaining the best opinion possible I asked UFO Digest Editor Robert D. Morningstar to examine the photograph.

Nigel added: ‘There was absolutely nothing there when I took the photo. I always take a ‘plane landing’ pic for the kids, and I only saw the ‘object’ in the morning when I went to email it. The sky was empty – honestly!’

‘I showed it to a couple of friends and they we’re kind of surprised, which is why I thought I’d see what you thought …’

Robert Morningstar wrote: You were right …
There really is something there….
I brought it “out of the shadows.”

Well Nigel, it is my opinion (for what that’s worth) that there is a solid object hovering in the air above Chicago under the flight path of the aircraft. It may be ‘out of phase’ or entering or exiting hyper space. Anyway as always I leave it up to you, our readers to determine the truth of what you see. Your comments, as always, are welcome.

Thanks Dirk

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