Photography Methods for the UFO Hunter

“Photography Methods for the UFO Hunter” is the result of several years of research and investigation into techniques to capture video and photographs of Unidentified Flying Objects and ET.

This book carefully demonstrates for the reader step-by-step photography instructions from modifying off-the-shelf computer video equipment to photographing high speed UFO fly-over events.



Containing easy to use “how-to” illustrations, “Photography Methods for the UFO Hunter”, is meant for the reader who is curious about our universe and would like to collect first hand information and visual evidence on UFOs.

This book is a resource for anyone who wants to learn new photography skills. Filled with a diverse collection of photographs extracted from actual UFO sightings, this educational book provides the reader with the learning tools for exploring the incredible hobby of UFO hunting and ET. Search the skies and expand your mind by using interesting and informative photography methods contained within these pages for capturing UFOs as photos or video. Short Excerpt: Chapter 3: Where to Capture UFO Images “Maybe they have looked us over and don’t want to come in contact.

Or perhaps they have conquered telepathy so they can read our thoughts and feel that is enough. Or maybe we represent nothing more important to them than a termite colony in the jungle.” Professor Hermann Oberth,

One of the Fathers of Modern Rocketry discussing UFOs Where to Start Where is the best place to set up equipment to see UFOs? Despite Dr. Oberth’s opinion, UFOs seem to have man under constant study. Constant study of people by UFOs actually helps quite a bit in figuring out locations where UFOs can be captured on video. It is a logic game in figuring out where UFOs will appear.

This logic game is really about spatial logic, i.e. figuring out where UFOs can achieve the best vantage point from the air to see people. It is similar to how pilots back in WW II must have thought when they lined up on ground targets. A UFO, studying people on the ground, must be always jinking and jiving across the sky, trying to find best air flight patterns for seeing people on the ground. Take for instance, tall buildings in the middle of a city. Are UFOs studying tall buildings? Tall buildings represent a flight obstruction for UFOs. UFOs tend not to hang around the middle of cities unless the UFO is flying above buildings.

People walking on the ground below office towers could be a point of interest for UFOs, while office towers stand only as a type of flight blockage for UFO craft. Other UFO vantage spots for viewing people are at large open public events where crowds gather. UFOs, while looking at us from the air, have the same problem as people who look at aerial photos, which is, finding the best line of sight on objects situated on the ground from the air. I will define “line of sight” as a straight line along which an observer has a clear view when they are sighted at an object on the ground. With too many buildings, and too many trees, UFOs lose line of sight of people on the ground.

If you require more information or wish to purchase this book simply click on the book’s title: Photography Methods for the UFO Hunter: A “How-To” Book for the Discerning Reader who Wishes to Photograph UFOs (Volume 1)

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