Often when alien abductions do occur, the abducting entity places a screen memory in place; a telepathically imposed vivid dream, or if one is attempting active resistance, a nightmare replaces the actual abduction scenario before one’s physical or astral  face and masks any real recollection.

However, the imposed worst scenario dreams do reflect the inner nature of the creatures who are psychically ‘in charge’.

Each night after writing essays, like this one, I have always received a slapping rebuke.

Last night was no different; after writing and posting this my night became emblazoned, again, with their unseen presences.

I was locked into vivid nightmares that I could not awaken from.

I wrote about my abductions and about alien entities and about an alien invasion quietly happening on this planet, that we call Earth and that night, it happened, again.

Imposed nightmares, given in clear retribution, are not only screen memories to muddle the memory of an abduction but are also primarily controlling strong telepathic attacks by a discorporate energy with intelligence, an alien entity that is usually in-dwelling or attached.

Therein is the true invasion; only God knows how long this has been going on with people, on Earth.

It is surely demonic in nature. It is predatory, sinister and self-justifying, the three criteria of pure evil.

I surmise that small dark reptilian-grey, or more certainly, as I have briefly seen one materialize for three seconds or less with me in the shower stall while I was showering, a young immature reptilian is to blame.

These entities are initially interdimensional unseen energies afoot and more prevalent than one would guess; they are overlords of many noxious alien races.

Reptilians are red eyed and look like upright monitor lizards; they are brilliantly sentient, crafty, devious and diabolical, eventually grow wings and stand to over eight feet tall (Mothmen) and as entities, they loathe us with a tangible, palpable rage.

Young immature reptilians ones are affixed ethereally along the human spinal chord ( this is why so many abductees suffer spinal diseases and ailments) in the way that lampreys or remora affix to ocean denizens, as parasites.

Imagine a cityscape with most people walking around with such alien parasites secured and feeding.

It adds a new meaning to the phrase , “Silent Invasion”.

I was attacked in vivid nightmarish imposed scenarios making me again realize that my writings irk them to no end; any truths exposed about them represent light shone on them which they detest and see as resistance which they despise in any form.

Under the guise of technical testing, bug-eyed diminutive reptilian grey creatures interfere with our daily lives; they orchestrate problems and then resolve them.

They create dithers and stresses and impose raw anxieties in abductee’s daily lives to create the juices, endocrine stress flavors that their night time palates crave, a most unique relationship akin to vampires of the 3rd century myths, negative, bedroom, night time intruders who crave bodily juices.

And yes, oddly, garlic does indeed repel them as an herbal repellent.

Psychic vampires from techno space?

Sounds like a bad B movie but abductees are food, ethereal and physical food, cows for the milking, through implant drain controls that involve micro manipulations of almost all psychic and bodily functions.

We are mere marionettes, to these ‘ puppet masters’, yet still considered someone else’s very valuable property.

The parallel between abducting alien entities and controlling demonic entities in their tactics, is powerful , though truth be told, grey alien entities themselves may be more vulnerable to demonic control and possession by dark force entities than we humans are.

A stipulated definition of ‘evil’ as a uniform molasses syrup for both aliens who abduct and for demonic who do possess humans and aliens, is almost always unvarying; sinister, predatory and self justifying.

Like insect praying mantids and their higher alien archetype who cannot understand higher, elevated ideals like compassion, forgiveness, love and mercy, intrusive dark intentions to disrupt and control come from both aliens who abduct and demons and both move against us without conscience.

One real difference between demons and aliens may be in facile use of clearly advanced technology.

Demons do not need craft technology to manifest and interact with our physical world, ,just darkness and stillness; aliens who can technologically vibrate their chitin like outer exoskeleton and walk through solid ceilings and walls, ride down on tractor light beams from overhead cloaked craft.

But both are night time, harassing, bedroom visitors.

Are all aliens sinister like demons are sinister?


I actually recall a brief psychic wave of affection/love from a very tall grey who was seated at a table after I had been subjected to a series of surreal imposed scenarios exams.

I often juxtapose that brief wave of ‘affection’ from that taller grey being with the psychic signature imposed ‘terror’ generated by the small dark greys; that swimming against the current of fear feeling, one has in their presences, like surfing, resisting the powerful creepy waves of controlling imposed terror that smaller darker greys generate when they move to control you.

Are we as a race of beings lost and helpless against such myriad forces of evil such that we should resign ourselves to deep despair of any real personal and group liberation?

Although I do often feel tinges of despair, I am convinced now that struggling against truly evil ones who overpower us, who prey upon our consciousness and see us as mere ‘containers’ for their own embodiment and possession, forces us to evolve more than we could have otherwise, growing more adept in moral, psychic and spiritual growth.

How then, to fight such enemies of consciousness, itself?

One must constantly tangentially rebuke and sidestep them, vector affronts sideways in a type of small moral baby steps; I have learned that any reciprocal mean spirited direct attack against them, in kind, any frontal lunge, full in their face, brings horrid retributions.

We shall overthrow all yokes with God’s help.

We must try to keep at all times to the narrower path of a morally much higher ground to hopefully therapeutically instruct them of their wrongdoings.

This tactic will not give them additional blatant reasons to outright destroy us.

We must not use comparable evil methods against them, that we condemn them for using against us; like Gandhi, we shall endeavor in pure goodness and sheer moral ingenuity, to prevail against them having won God’s assistance and Heaven’s intervention.

After all, we are much closer to God than they are.

The nightmares are extraordinary in clarity and vividness as compared to consciousness, in every way.

They begin even before my head hits the pillow and before I even start to dream and underline the nature of an unholy one’s psychic attack. 

 This morning’s, below, was typical of the intensity and ferocity: 

I am drowsing over the bathroom sink half asleep and yawning, supporting myself with my arms on both sides of the sink, tired, still half asleep and naked when something brushes my face and loins, both just below the sink and just above my face above the sink.

I open my bleary eyes and see an enormous conglomeration of festooned fishhooks surrounding me hanging from the ceiling across the sink. 

 It is a filigree chandelier of razor sharp connected fishhooks that I’ve stumbled onto stark naked. 

   Pinching sharp connections at my groin and lip and face apprise me, quickly panicking now, that I’ve been deeply hooked in myriad places. 

 I am hooked into my genitals and hooks pull through my lip and my cheek! 

 To move backwards in shock or panic flight is to deeply gaff myself further, inextricably and beyond help. 

I am attached painfully.  

As I lift my right arm to gently work out one fishhook, razor thin, dozens of others fasten against and bite into my flesh, scaring me further into desperation and deepening my angst . 

 As I fully awaken, more quickly now to a gathering sense of panic and helplessness, the hook in my cheek tears deeply into my mouth and the fishhooks  

unseen beneath the sink begin to bite deeper and more painfully into me. 

I am a marionette impaled from face to scrotum; I am panic struck. 

I have wandered unknowing into this macramé of razorblade like fishhooks some madman must have concocted over my sink in my bathroom. 

The slightest movement brings sharp painful reminders that I am stuck fast and in a nightmarish predicament that I cannot solve. 

I am screaming, but muted, for the hooks bite deeply when I open my mouth to holler for help from my wife, asleep in the other room. 

 Opening my mouth to yell, I feel the deeper bite of the hook into the deep muscles of my face and I can only growl and moan loudly, aware that I won’t likely be able to reach her ears with my low moaning. 

 I am becoming more entrapped with every movement. I am so full of fear that I can hardly breathe. 

I am impaled throughout on a monstrous wind chime of dangling fishhooks. 

I am completely and totally trapped and in heart pounding horror, feeling fully conscious, now.  

 My fear level climbs to near hysteria! 

 Suddenly, I awaken in a startled reflex, in bed.