Psychic Protection from Negative Thought Entities: Metaphysical Cleansing of Alien Imposed and Demonic Nightmare Images

Psychic Protection from Negative Thought Entities; Personal Metaphysic’s Cleansing of Alien imposed and Demonic Nightmare Images
by Paul Schroeder

Demonologists and exorcists know full well that demons and other negative thought entities cause nightmares for a reason, and that is to actually RESIDE in them, so metaphysical removal of imagery is tantamount as revealed in private communiques to me by R. Bruce,et al , “Astral Dynamics”

“Core Image Removal

The basic core image treatment techniques involve reliving and capturing snapshot images of bad or traumatic experiences with visualizations, in the minds eye. Core images can stem from real life experiences, or from bad dreams and disturbing fantasies. “

“They can also be implanted by demons via telepathic/hypnotic attack and broadcast. This can happen in the waking state, but more usually happens during sleep.

The key to breaking demonic attachments is to unearth and destroy mental attachment points inside personal inner meta-space, the mind and aura. These attachments are rooted in core images (memory images) implanted within the mind/memory of victims.

From these core images grow the bio energy body attachment points of demonic residence and eventually possession, as is their goal. “

“The physical manifestation of these bio-points are usually identifiable, as they cause skin blemishes, i.e., lumps, moles, rough patches, irritations, infections.

The stronger demonic types of blemishes appear as gristly lumps (a kind of tumor) under the skin and these generally indicate that much stronger varieties of demonic are involved.

There are two main types of core images, natural and created. The natural types (i.e., memory images of actual experiences) are grafted onto, where the created types are specifically designed and implanted as attachment points. “

“All core images of this ilk are the types of memories that cause stress when they are relived, i.e., painful or distressing or worrying memories.

Created core image (artificial) are made by telepathically broadcasting into victims during the sleep state. This impinges on the victim’s dream mind and generates distressing images, as the signature symptom, nightmares.

The mind cannot really tell the difference between a real traumatic experience and one that it experiences in the dream state. When remembered and relived, you will find these all cause stress, i.e., anxiety, increased heart rate and blood pressure, sweating, fear and long recollections of these nightmares, afterwards.

They will also have the effect of making you obsess about them, going over them again and again, trying to change them or to forget them.They may often appear to be meaningless, illogical fantasy scenarios.

Some core images are hidden, i.e., the dream memory causing them is forgotten (as dreams are often forgotten) and they thus bury themselves deep into the subconscious mind. There are ways of digging these up, but this is more advanced and I will not go into this at this point. “

Bruce continues;
“Discovering Core Images: I discovered the principles of core images and their significance, after experiencing two strange, disturbing dreams, after sleeping in a badly infested house, dreams that kept bothering me for many days after having them.

I began to get suspicious of these dreams, and eventually wondered if something sinister might be behind them. During meditation, following my intuition, I relived the first dream. Again this caused mild stress symptoms, which I ignored.

Following an idea, I used my ‘awareness hands’, (astrally visualized hands in your mind’s eye) and pushed the scenario away from me, visualized it in my mind’s eye until it was less than postcard size (small envelope size).

Intuitively, I reached out and grabbed hold of this image with my awareness hands and tried to turn it over, to see if anything was beneath it. Feeling a lot of resistance, I found it would not turn easily.

I had to shed some honest mental sweat over it. Eventually, with great effort, I managed to turn it over. It moved suddenly, with a ‘tearing’ sensation inside my mind; I felt this movement with my awareness hands.

Behind it (amazed look) I found a tree root-like structure, ropy and crystalline, as if it had been torn out of the ground and damaged, i.e., bits of root were broken.

Intuitively, I adapted Dion Fortune’s (Psychic Self-Defense) ritual of severance, to this situation and attacked this structure with a mentally visualized created sword in my right awareness hand and a burning torch in my left, repeatedly hacking away at it, then burning it with the torch. I then tackled the second core image (from dream #2) with similar results.

Of interest, I noted/saw with astral sight, black, ropy lines (about as thick as a finger) arcing back from these core images into my body and mind. These I also attacked, severed, and then burnt. “

“(Note: experimentation has shown me that it does not really matter what you use for this, i.e., I often use an imaginary chainsaw and flamethrower. A flamethrower, you’ll find, is good for reaching core images that appear at a distance in your mind’s eye space. A couple of my patients are also having success using an imaginary laser guns and rocket launchers).

Imaginary, visualized weapons and tools used for this, may seem ridiculous to some, but think on this: in personal inner-meta space, these weapons have just as much substance as the core images they are being used against.

They are in fact composed of a very similar substance: a mind energy substance. One could aptly call this astral matter.The more that they are used the stronger and more ‘real’ that they become. Demons and other negative thought entities can see these tools and are fearful, as you are ‘fighting fire with fire’, using applied metaphysics in the same ethereal dimension that they frequent. (‘imagination’, is a word that should be totally removed from our language) “

“The results of my first experiment were quite amazing. The next day, a large gristly lump (1/4 the size of a walnut) on the back of my neck, that I’d had for several years, disappeared, gone overnight.

Probably 50% of the negative internal urges and cravings that had been troubling me for several months vanished with this lump.

I felt lighter, had more energy, slept better, and nocturnal psychic attacks on me were reduced significantly. I also grew stronger by the day, especially in mental/psychic energy. The attachments I removed seemed to have been draining me of these.

Of note, for the first three days after removing these core images I came under significant psychic attacks nightly, as entrance again was re-sought.

But this was quite different from the usual strong attacks I had been weathering for many years. And now I had something to fight back with besides prayer and use of garlic as a successful herbal repellent, i.e. cutting and burning core images as they appeared in my mind’s eye during the attacks.

These attacks quickly reduced, but for a couple of weeks after I felt intermittently depressed, seemingly lost and empty, but nothing really major. This was followed by a period of strong positive internal growth.

Logically, I had removed something from inside of me, something that was influencing/ motivating me, and taking up some of my internal personal space. This took some getting used to, but I soon moved to fill that space within me (with more of ‘me”) thus becoming larger and stronger in the process.

Since removing these first core image attachment points, I regularly hunt more during meditation and pre-sleep for such imagery. I have worked my way through a great many real memories that could contain attachments, including early childhood memories; sometimes I find them, sometimes not. “
Bruce continues:
“Its easy to tell if a core image has nothing attached to it as it turns over easily in your ‘awareness hands’ and nothing is seen or felt underneath it.

I also worked through dream and fantasy memories; occasionally finding roots and other strange looking devices. Sometimes they look like roots, sometimes like a circuit board stuck to the back of the core image. Sometimes it will move under my Awareness Hands and reveal a black snake (typical astral snakes and spiders, classic demonic impositions).

Of note, if nothing is present on a core image, it will turn easily in your awareness hands. But if one is present, the turning can be quite difficult. “

“However, easily turned images can sometimes have links attached to them that will lead to real core images. For example, you may easily turn prospective core image in your ‘Hands’, only to find a picture of some person attached to the underside.

Turning this new picture over, again easily, you find another image, and so on.

Eventually, this process leads to the real core image, which is then treated as usual, i.e., slashed and burned. “

“Floating Core Images: Negative energies generate strange patterns and faces and objects in the mind’s eye, seen most clearly during meditation and pre-sleep, where the sight center of the brain interprets demonic energies as ugly or strange floating images.

I have come to habitually attack anything strange or ugly-looking in my mind’s eye, with my sword and torch.

This helps to stop them from attaching and/or reattaching. “

“This can also break any new psychic attacks and demonic influences associated with floating core images fairly quickly, while they are at their weakest.

. Most of my patients find a baseball bat, rocket launcher and flame thrower are a good set of tools. Some prefer to use a laser gun. Myself, I used my own astral sword, plus a large, burning torch. Traditionally, these items should be blessed by the name of God and the Holy Spirit. This does help, but is not absolutely necessary. “

Core Image Treatment Instructions: Grip the image with your ‘awareness hands’ and push it away from you until it is postcard sized or smaller in your minds eye. Then turn it over with your ‘awareness hands.’ If nothing is behind it, it will turn easily. If something is behind it, it will feel solid and immovable. Lots of effort is sometimes required to turn it over.

Once it is turned over it will be broken, but will still need destroying with the meta sword and burning with the torch.

Often, when treating a spontaneous core image, this will trigger a major core image to appear, the one it is attached to. You’ll know when this happens as it’ll suddenly get serious and more difficult. When this happens, fight for all you are worth and never give up.

These things cannot actually hurt you if they are uncovered and fought in an inner- meta space battlefield, in the mind’s eye. “

“Sometimes you’ll see the demonic entity behind the core images, once core images have been ripped away. Astral snakes and spiders,insects,scorpions often with ET type heads, are common. Don’t be scared, they are ugly but they can’t hurt you at this time. They are the ones vulnerable and exposed. Take advantage of this to get some payback. Call up all the anger and rage you can and slog it out and you’ll win every time.” 

Not only have I found this information tantamount but have myself found that
 If one relives a snippet of a dream during daytime hours, if that image resurfaces, spontaneously, during one’s waking day, it is  a clear sign that an unclean one hidden or hiding within that image has either exited or is reentering.

 One must use slash/ cutting and burning of that image using an envisioned sword to sever connections between that image and its ropy connections to one’s layered psyche and then a blowtorch envisioned to burn the severed remnant stumps of vestigial connections.

This metaphysics removal of the image that spontaneously surfaced is designed to eliminate the evil one’s “Hiding place” within one’s mind.

The image of an alien’s face or a snakelike, bug like image or a skull and crossbones demon’s  representation in your mind’s eye will scurry from its now discovered and now removed previous hiding place.

Fighting (metaphysics) fire with (metaphysical) fire works perfectly as envisioned “tools” are as real in that dimension as the interloper is real.

Now, that’s something that Freud, psychiatry and psychology simply cannot ever wrap their analytically trained minds around .

If Freud’s and Jung’s models are wrong, then our mind’s embrace of that whole subject can also be wrong.

Even as a ‘jumping off place’ towards understanding the layered psych, one is awry and stiltedly wrong in one’s foundation premise .

The same holds true for Freud’s dream analysis models of  dream symbols; he was also predominately wrong about the very nature of dreaming, itself

If one hears voices that sound sinister and threatening one is certainly far more psychic than psychotic, but one could not ever be seen thus by a trained Freudian or Jungian clinician.

There are dozens of such examples of unseen outside influences as a threat to the layered mind, a concept that psychoanalytically trained clinicians cannot grasp at all on any level because of their training.

Bruce continues;

“One other addition I have found valuable. Once a core image has been hacked to pieces and burned, sealing the residue (the dimensional hole in your personal inner-meta space it represents) should be sealed.

Using ‘imagination’, visualize, see any holy symbol that has meaning to you, i.e., crucifix, pentagram, Start of David. Simply imagine/visualize this being placed over the hole. Repeating this last bit several times (redrawing it in your minds eye) is a good idea if you are having trouble holding the shape of the symbol in your imagination. “

“It is also a very good idea to bless this creation by saying a prayer after creating it. Ask for this hole to be sealed in the name of God (or deity of choice) forever and ever, Amen. And if you are familiar with other metaphysical magical practices, this symbol can be connected to a reliable power source.

That Empty Feeling: After successfully removing a core image, and consequentially breaking a demonic attachment, it is quite common to experience a period of emptiness, even depression. This comes from the lost influence and motivations, caused by the previously attached negative entity.

An empty space has been created, vacated, by the evicted demon.
Bruce finishes by saying;
“This empty feeling may last up to a few weeks, but eventually ones own personality and mind will grow to fill the empty space.” 

 Who would have ever thought that there was a true and present danger inherent in nightmares?

For those dubious or cynical about the ‘realities’ discussed, herein, I remind you that it’s never too late to increase your learning,now that I’ve made you aware, at least, that much knowledge exists outside of your accumulated realm of learning.

It’s sadly more than probable that there are many like you who are totally unaware of the unseen as well as the evil unseen, which makes you and them all the more vulnerable .

Knowledge is power and in this realm, ignorance is hardly ever bliss.

The unseen evil world around us is as real as the nose on your face and as equally hard to see,but it exists nonetheless .

You’ll find much about this topic under the headings, on the net, of metaphysics, religion, exorcism, possession and demonology.

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