Puppet Masters and Puppet Strings

How to Stop Demonic and Alien Obsession and Possession
by Paul Schroeder

Our spiritual and emotional energy is considered ‘food’ to negative earthbound ghosts, demons and to reptilian aliens, all unseen predatory negative thought entities who can drain us, into disease and mental illness, when they climb aboard as joy riding psychic parasites.

These parasitic devilishly cunning entities are similar in that they feed from and are predators of the seat of consciousness, itself.

Is all mental illness caused by indwelling demonic entities or are demons attracted to those who are already mentally ill?

Both are relatively true.

It’s the same answer, to the question,”Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

The farmer came first.

Imagine this indigestible truth, and then consider intrusion on a global level and you have the accurate stance of mankind.

People who are deeply troubled by the nightmares and other signs and symptoms of poltergeists, hauntings, alien abductions, well know the paranormal’s gangster fringe element of the spirit world, and do not, herein have to be convinced.

In panic, however they run to gurus, priests, exorcists, regressive memory hypnotists, Imans, rabbis, psychic healers, relying on others and not ever themselves.

These people have been variously afraid for most of their lives, of physical injuries happening to them but not ever, until now, of spiritual injuries.

One can learn to defend oneself rather than seek a hired gun.
The defense against this intrusion, is to accept that your spiritual nature which attracts and addicts negative thought entities, can also be used, to stop them.

After suspicions and realizations of the strong symptoms of intrusive hauntings or of abductions, should come resistances.

It’s an odd struggle, like one who,’hears voices’, one has lost trust of one’s own true thoughts or feelings,

Under telepathic attack by such beings, one oddly knows a psychic tightrope to walk; new ideations,
and feelings are suspect, possibly broadcast , rather than self originated .

Suddenly, under such an attack, one within a labyrinth of struggles, seeks one’s true self, distinct and separate from unseen but pervasive diabolical and brilliant psychic leeches and lampreys.

Ironically, it’s a knife that cuts both ways; these individuals have a rare and uncommon human chance, an opportunity, to truly find themselves.

Who ARE we, if demonic, ghostly or reptilian-grey alien puppet masters, can whisper within us and often control us, who can at will, ‘shut off’ or ‘turn up the volume’, on us,

sexually, emotionally and intellectually?

In the same way that we ride horses, these beings ride us, usually proficiently, and have for the longest time.

Dark Force natures, insidiously replace and substitute human’s thoughts , internal dialogues, with their own Dark whispere
ed promptings.

Mankind is and has been especially susceptible, vunerable to such tampering; just peruse the local, national and international News.

To control us, they ‘speak’ to a part of our mind, that we are barely aware of, the subconscious.

One must then, ally oneself with that hidden part of one’s mind, and speaking aloud, verbally direct the removal or change of implanted ‘programs’:

Loudly announce, to one’s Unconscious Mind, openly, and tell it to slash and burn all broadcast images, end any Dark Force directives and implanted suggestions, especially those implanted during sleep state .

This anti-suggestion de-programming stance works.

Discorporate, negative thought entities characteristically broadcast hypnotic suggestions to our unconscious mind, suggestions aligned with worst scenario negativity:

of poor self esteem, anxiety, pain, doubts, urges, demented ideas, cravings, obsessions, perversions, addictions, dark psychic intuitions, libido stimulations, compulsions and fears.

Who said,” that the best trick the Devil ever accomplished, was to convince mankind, that he didn’t exist”?

Whispered suggestions, masquerading as our own, from childhood to adulthood, does easily make any human being spouting,’free will’, a total and complete unknowing marionette.

Think of the multitudes under a direct Dark Force Entitys’ control, who stalwatly and abjectly deny that thoughts can come from outside of our cranium

Must we languish in those ‘hands’?

The way out, away from demonic or alien mind control and their crafty puppet strings is a total dissolution and restructuring of your perception of reality.

Relief arrives by being able to change one’s aura and vibrational radiance by sustaining a fully accepting realization that one is, in actuality, a spirit.

Newfound power, to thwart furthur abductions and the unseen influences of negative thought entities, from earthbound ghosts, to demons and reptilians, all of who are bedroom, nighttime, intruders, comes from one’s spiritual ‘authority’, thus ‘activated’.

‘Activated’ spiritual power protects best when one maintains a sustained realization of that self-same spiritual awareness.

One must now be more afraid of spiritual injury than physical injury, as one sees oneself as a spirit, rather than a DNA contrived animal form.

One must constantly live in each moment holding true to the realization that one is NOT a person, having untoward spiritual experiences, but instead a spirit, having untoward human experiences.

Within that full realization, that one is always and foremost a spirit, comes hidden, latent power sustained by the removal of all negativity and doubt.

Demons, reptilian aliens, small dark greys, and sinister earthbound spirits are totally reluctant to cease and desist, or to show any respect for us and keep their distances, when we can only ‘see’ ourselves as body-centered victims.

God helps those, who help themselves, has never been more clearly demonstrated.

May the light, love and power of God, surround you, always.
Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for Paul, a confirmed atheist, until he saw aliens float him out of his body, in his bed, at night. Then, he knew that they were interested in an essence he never suspected that he had; a soul. Our spiritual powers that interest and addict interdimensionals are the very powers that can be used to thwart further attacks.

They infect auras with attachments to themselves and ride the reincarnation roller coaster with people, to avoid the death that they fear and to steal the spiritual recycling that we have.

These joyriding grays can be sinister, discorporate alien souls ,stuck to your energies, who bring a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion.

9 thoughts on “Puppet Masters and Puppet Strings

  1. Puppet Masters
    “Our spiritual and emotional energy is considered ‘food’ to negative earthbound ghosts, to demons and to aliens, all of who are unseen predatory negative thought entities…”
    Paul Schroeder

    Is no one going to question this approach when this and other articles are presented with no qualifications, no consideration of vast evidence, no “perhaps some aliens are negative thought forms.” No, this is “all aliens.” This is inclusive, draconian, absolute, and authoritarian.

    Sometimes I wonder why the positive view point almost always allows for the fact there are “bad aliens” too. But the negative point of view seldom, if ever allows, for the fact there are “good aliens”.

    However, intelligence and reason will not be drowned out.

    1. Draconian and absolute
      From my forty years of research into alien abductions and from my own personal abductions, all of my life, there are two prevailing alien types: ones who do nothing, and Nazi types; there are no,”good aliens”.

      Reptilians, small dark greys and taller prevail in demonic antics and pilot UFOs; they have the precise criteria of evil: predatory, sinister and self justifying.
      I respectfully wish to strongly differ with your plea for alien equanimity; it doesn’t exist.

  2. The real danger!
    When I first clapped eyes on this article ‘Puppet Masters and Puppet Strings’ I at first thought I was reading shortened text from ‘Malleus Maleficarum’,

    Let me explain further.

    ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ was the frenzied product of fundamentalist bias exacted on the trusting masses by 2wo notorious German monks, Jakob Sprenger and Heinrich (Institor) Kramer both Dominican fathers.

    They had already eagerly observed the anti-occultist encyclical ‘Summis Desiderantes Affectibus’, issued by Pope Innocent VIII in 1484. Encouraged by this intolerant bull, the two monks set about producing their own infamous document ‘Malleus Maleficarum’, meaning The Witch-Hammer (1486-9). This malevolence piece of pro-fundamentalist propaganda was at first taken by the monks to the directors in charge of the theocratical department at Cologne University. The vast majority of erudite academics dismissed the Dominican effort as wholly unsatisfactory. At first the monks were dismayed however not to be deterred the rabid duo somehow managed to fraudulently gain the blessing of the college tutors. This sick Forgery was unfortunately not uncovered until the late Victorian era – long after the damage was done.

    The Malleus Maleficarum was a breaking point in man’s inhumanity to fellow man. It contained everything the ‘would be’ torturer could ever need to destroy witches. In its wake the world went absolutely mad. Perceived witches were not now tormented and killed in small groups; they were executed in dozens and hundreds and ultimately in millions over a lengthy period. So yes, there is danger in promoting

    fundamentalist ideas that we are all prey to negative entities. The ‘real’ danger lies closer to home!

    1. the rabid duo
      Weren’t Batman and Robin also defamed by the precise maldictum of,”the rabid duo”, but went on to fight coporeal evil, nonetheless.

      I do wonder what varied criteria defined a witch, then, and how aligned it is today with what we know about possessed people.

      Fundamentalists should sidestep the “evil’ label and instead simply accept that alien abductees are treated by aliens as perfunctorily as we treat chickens.

      I wonder if you’d consider the chicken’s uniform complaints about the many butchers, and the many chefs, to be fundamentalist point of view and complaint.

      The title, by the way, is not mine but was the apt and worthy editors’ choice.

  3. Puppet Masters
    From my 35 years of research into aliens, UFOs, the paranormal, and my own personal encounter experiences of more than 35 years, there are “good aliens.”
    Granted, that is an overly simplified term but this is a comment, not an article. As usual, the positive point of view is careful not to make the sweeping conclusions the negative point of view makes so absolutely.

    So, I respecfully wish to strongly differ with your plea for hatred of all that is alien.

    How can you and I differ so greatly?
    I suppose it is because we have had different experiences and research, and/or experienced events differently which is the point I was making: Reason, logic, and accounting for different points of view and experiences is wise, absolutism is not.

    Of course, it is not just you and I who differ in the field of UFOlogy!

    1. Hatred for all aliens?
      Stuff and nonsense; I have a resentment, a grudging awe, an aversion, a revulsion an agog indignation, surely NOT, a “hatred” for my abductors.

    Make NO mistake. There is a fundamentalist nucleus out there, which seeks to equate all UFO/Alien – related issue with the alleged bogeymen, i.e. Satan so they can bring in the all singing and dancing Tonic, which is of course their assumed Messiah. On numerous websites etc they promote all extraterrestrial contact as ‘evil’ but why? Well in fact this of course is nothing new and this is why anything that is perceived as being unbiblical (e.g. extraterrestrial life forms, herbal medicine, gay rights, horoscopes, pagans, rock music, abortion, etc) is equated by fundamentalists as being negative, evil and dangerous. We see the very same thing when freethinkers, who wish to extend their spiritual outlook, experiment with the runes or tarot etc. The old dire church-oriented warnings of hellfire and damnation are never far away. The Church, fearful of ALL spiritual competition, was even critical of John, Paul, George and Ringo (the lads lived up the road from me) when they grew their hair, wore beads and went off to see the Maharishi…

    This repressive and unhealthy religious fear of the ‘Unknown’ is something they wish to spread to the rest of us like a clandestine spiritual cancer in order to keep the spiritual monopoly. They always deny this with shrewd excuses but this ‘is’ the bottom line. I know that this smokescreen by fundamentalists, which masks their hidden agenda, must be exposed if mankind is ever to evolve as a successful species into the future!

  5. This repressive and unhealthy religious fear of the ‘Unknown’
    Part of the wondrous part of the unknown, is its merging with the known. My ribald articles express a clarion warning ignored by sanguine minds.

    Are all aliens sinister like demons are sinister?


    I relish a recall of one abduction where a brief psychic wave of affection/love was flashed into my mind, from a very tall grey who was seated at a table, after I had been subjected to a series of surreal imposed scenarios exams.

    I often juxtapose that brief wave of ‘affection’ from that taller grey being with the psychic signature imposed ‘terror’ generated by the small dark greys, that swimming against the current of electric fear, powerful feeling that one has in their presences, like a surfing, resisting the powerful controlling creepy waves of imposed terror, that smaller darker greys generate when they move to control you.

    Are we as a race of beings lost and helpless against such myriad forces of evil such that we should resign ourselves to deep despair of any real personal and group liberation?

    Although I do rarely feel tinges of despair, I am convinced that struggling against truly evil ones who overpower us, who prey upon our consciousness and see us as mere ‘containers’ for their own embodiment and possession, forces us to evolve more than we could have otherwise, growing more adept in moral, psychic and spiritual growth.
    You misunderstood my motives, supplanted them with imagined tactics of “fundamentalism”, alien to my ilk and message.

  6. Abduction is a violation of rights and personal safety
    Anyone who were to perpetrate such a thing as an all out abduction on an individual, especially children and were of this earth would be locked up or worse. I see no excuse for those not of this earth to get a free pass. if anyone thinks these little bastards are your friend, you’re probably going to be easy pickings and I would like to volunteer you up to take the place of the rest of us who don’t want this perpetrated on us.
    If they are so advanced, why can they not get this simple concept? Because they don’t care and it serves them to abuse us.

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