Quest for New Atlantis Begins!

By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 



We are going to learn about our other selves in our essence in the future. This will come in time. We are going to rebuild Atlantis.  This was the power of the future I was experiencing here in this time. We leave and come back and the world is less developed than it was before. 
Very few people have gone through these time warps while in space. This is reality and not virtual reality. Yet, sometimes, on earth, when one has been allowed to travel with those who are more advanced in technology and can come and go from this planet and dimension at will.  It raises questions for one that was born here and had the memories blocked.
I am starting to have much of that which was of the past resurface again. Look at my photo and any others and I see the same face on a Statue outside a large building in Egypt. It is my face I wear today. How can that be? IT is normal for some on earth now. Also, past lives can now be remembered. Some good and some bad. WHY is this happening? WHO else is this happening too? Did they also receive guidance from celestials and extraterrestrials? Is it up to us to share that which we have been experiencing in this life with all the other lifetimes in other dimensions? I am having to learn how to share that which in the past was too painful to relive and revisit to learn from my mistakes. There must be others with this new opening of the third eye.
I have always been different and yet fit in as quite the normal personall my life. I am going to justify paying Hughes Net because this information takes too long on this landline. TJ
We have much to learn once again and the information we will now begin to share in the next twenty years will take us into the level of the New Atlantis.
We are now preparing for the infinity space-time loop that will explain wormhole travel.  
I have had territory explored more than in psychic impressions and I narrow down the alien ET symbols in my mind. The neural pathways are mazes of the minds to be explored. We are hardwired but we are also wired for essence that no one on the planet has ever been able to locate. There is a reason that our exact spot of our soul can be found in our physical bodies. We can tell a lot from the shadows and angles of the outcroppings along with the water and fluid in our body-mind-spirits.
We are a species that is observed as a whole civilization from space by others. We as one collection are to ascend and expand our consciousness.
What we are changing and transforming is our overall conscious survival of the species. This will keep up from becoming extinct. Various researchers are presently learning to observe our species. We will learn from our model or civilization. In the past on earth, we have been observed in sets and subsets. This is how continents and cultures have separated us. In addition, the separation brought on various differences in our genome although we now know that we all have certain patterns or models. These too will be changing over time through an evolutionary process-taking place.
We cannot control nature therefore naturalistic observation by researchers has to be opportunistic in our approach. In other words, we have to take advantage of studying our human nature at the time of natural cataclysms.
Cause-Effect relationships such as which came first the chicken or the egg come into play although this type of logic and reasoning is simply a perception.
We will be learning about perceptions of hour overall species. We will be observing how perceptions are affected by variables. 
We are entering a time when we will rely more heavily on models of artificial intelligence of computers. We are entering the Artificial Intelligence Evolution or AIE. This is the next level or model of our species and how we transcend our species into utilizing the new model of life on earth that relies on A.I…
We will begin to use more of an eclectic approach to life in general. We will desire to understand through various perceptions to review and reflect regarding our overall analysis and theories before forming scientific facts and coming to our overall new role models or acceptance that our normal and abnormal models are constantly changing. The algorithms we presently use in computers will sustain us only so far before we will have to embark on using the next level, generation, and model for the future after 2012.
We will be teaching our Artificial Intelligence to become more like humankind. I have been one who has been involved with A.I. since birth. Therefore, I have an accepted model in my DNA Psyche or Persona. I accept this as part of what made me different in life this time around.
Our future intelligence will become more abundant in the future. We will desire to accept a more global proverbial soup of our critical mass state or accepted farm as our intelligent being frame of mind collectively speaking.
We shall learn more about how we think and as one can observe presently, we are attributing more of our primal theories of multiple intelligences to our own containers or vessels.
This has to do with our overall existential intelligence that deals with our inner being and our spiritual essence.
Harvard psychologists Howard Gardner has proposed a theory of multiple intelligences which I to am ascribing too.
We are comparing this to the Ennead frame of mind or nine (9) aspects of being in the universal frame of mind for all sentient intelligent beings.
They are as follows:
1. Existential Intelligence – our spiritual selves and contemplating the meaning of life and our selves.
2. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence – the ability to learn and execute physical movements.
3. Interpersonal Intelligence – the ability to communicate and engage in effective social relationships with others.
4. Intrapersonal Intelligence – the ability to understand for oneself.
5. Linguistic Intelligence – the ability to use language both as an aid to thinking and in communication.
6. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence – the ability to think logically and to solve mathematical problems.
7. Musical Intelligence – sensitivity to and understanding or pitch, rhythm, and other aspects of music.
8. Naturalistic Intelligence – the ability to identify patterns in nature and to determine how individual objects or beings fit into them.
9. Spatial Intelligence – the ability to use images that represent spatial relations – an example used is if you can fit a large couch into you living room at home. 
The new global community will learn about sharing the responsibility for collectively solving the world’s problems consciously and with concern for the general welfare of the entire sentient human intelligent being population of earth.
The Ennead has been used in the past by world governments to understand how to control chaos in a controlled continental environment. There have been past world wars fought over fights for differences in supplies, for food, clothing, shelter, and turf wars. In addition, there have been religious wars fought in the history of our civilizations on earth.
What we are beginning to share in our life history on earth is that we do not have all the facts. There are many puzzle pieces missing. We are still finding much that is buried and kept underground for us to dig up as treasures of knowledge and proof of things we do not yet understand about past cultures of our ancestors.
There is also a theory of triarchic intelligence that must be filtered in like triangulation for our point of origin of ourselves with body-mind-spirit location on earth and elsewhere in Quantum Entanglement of our soul self’s essence in the Akashic Field and Theory of Everything.
The three areas we are now learning to deal with of ourselves are as follows:
1. Componential Intelligence – mental abilities tested much like the intelligent quotient (IQ) tests used today.
These tests only measure analytical componential intelligence skills.
2. Contextual Intelligence – practical intelligence needed to survive. The term is “Street Smarts” in today’s cultures and community structures in larger cities. We use our strengths to overcome and adapt to our weaknesses. We adapt to or change our environment, or find a new environment.
3. Experiential Intelligence – creative thinking and problem solving. Solving unique problems that occur in situations unexpected. Learning to utilize better ways to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively.
Psychologist Robert Sternberg has developed his own theory based on this diarchic theory of intelligence. 
There is the formal academic knowledge as that we acquire in school or an academic environment. Then there is the tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge is action oriented and is acquired from direct help from others. According to the psychologist Robert Sternberg’s ideas, these two types of knowledge are different and he favors tacit knowledge.
Real world problem solving for instance is where we all share in awareness for the 21st century. We shall gain more insights into measuring our overall global intelligence and the new wave of the “Intelligence Gathering on the Internet of the Collective Whole” will be accessible within the next decade. We are presently comparing categories and tag words used around the world.
We will be utilizing reliability, validity, and standardization techniques to be used around the world in the intelligence field, as well as, that of establishing the Artificial Intelligence World of A.I. for all to access in the next fifty years.
Words can have various meanings and besides being a word, we are learning to break down words into meanings, as in a dictionary. However, also, we are learning that we have various meanings for words in certain groups and categories.
The Alien Point of View has to do with Extra Terrestrials and the various types that are made up of our 46 Chromosome Genome Packages.
There are others who are alien to the planet earth that do not have the same 46 pairs of chromosomes that we do as sentient intelligent beings.
We are to now understand in the Ascension Age of Intelligent Beings on Planet Earth that there is a larger microcosm in the macrocosm of our reality.
There is an inner being and outer being that makes up out spirit and our soul. Our soul is made of string spirits in difference parallel universes.
I shall attempt to suggest in future articles how we as common folk in the critical mass population of earth can better understand each other in awareness and communication.
This will require a great deal of energy on my part. The reason being is that there are various other worldly ideas and ideals that are being incorporated into our present sentient intelligent being ideas and ideals that we have incorporated into our reality on earth. 
Some say that the reality that we have created on earth is made up of parallel thinking only which has generated ignorance and greed over the past millenniums on earth that were ruled by empires.
It is this writer’s intention to assist all those who desire to share in harmony the words and meanings of this world.
This is a timely and delicate place on the earth linear time line. Therefore, I shall ask readers to do what they can to absorb information based on space-time and the curvature of light waves in space.
We will be suggesting that Neutrinos can affect our human DNA from other Near Earth Objects (NEOS) in space.
Three: Three to me means various levels of being in an alien point of view.
Five: Five to me means various levels of time in the mind in an alien point of view.
Enlightenment and Evolution are two words that can describe top quality information and communication through the human mind and earth mind.
We have a critical mass population on earth who desire to improve the impoverished in thinking and awareness. This is the new transgression theories of those who have lived a linear and horizontal life.
We are not entering a time called the Ascension Age, which is about raising awareness of the Parallel and Vertical Dimensions of what it is like being an intelligent being on earth and elsewhere.
We are all going to learn about the future and how we are becoming.
We are becoming the inner being and outer knowing as our brains change.
We are changing information as we change our communication base.
We are learning to be more than people, places, and things. We are learning more about energy that can never end. We are learning about our own immortality.
There is an evolution movement going on to try to catch up to organizing the infrastructure of what is all about for intelligent beings on earth.
Some people are referring to this new Ascension Age as combing the parallel universe with the all-knowing God Particle transfiguration.
Some Cosmologists, Engineers, Mathematicians, Scientists, Futurists, are joining with Visionaries, Oracles, Channelers, Remote Viewers, Psychics, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Biologists, and Geneticists in theories and hypothesis. 
At one time, there was no room for Science and Spirituality to combine efforts. This is all changing in the 21st Century during the Age of Revelation.
There have been many pioneers of modern spirituality in the postmodern page. The 20th Century was all about the New Age Generation, the Hippy Generation, the Industrial Revolution, and the Introduction to the Computer Age and Technology.
There is a real evolution debate happening and the debate took wings like those of a Phoenix in January 2007. We all felt something that was touching our inner soul to become better spiritual intelligent beings that wanted to embrace science, cosmology, and our future in stellar space. This became the time when we wanted to understand linear time and space-time continuum. 
Time as we know it to be an instrument of life on earth is also changing. The atomic clock is being replaced with that of a nuclear clock.
For convenience of the human population, we offer these categories, and Names of Core Idea Groups that have been expressed since 2007.
Progressive Darwinists
Complexity Theorists
Intelligent Designers
Theistic Evolutionists
Esoteric Evolutionists
Process Philosophers
Conscious Evolutionists
The Original ENNEAD Deals with the nine Aspects of the Perceptions of the God Source regarding everything and how the Spiritual Essence can manifest in various corporeal bodies of influence in the universal existence of all.
 This is what we are now dealing with in the Akashic Field and Theory of Everything in Quantum Entanglement of various dimensions of the soul’s existence. This is a portion of research and development in existentialism.
Some of us as remote viewers who are also social shamans desire to share the awareness of the all encompassing awareness of the universe as a microcosm inside the macrocosm of the metaverse which envelopes the various levels and dimensions of our known realities outside our own universe.
Then the outer lying levels of the unknown of all levels and dimensions of space and space time continuum deals with the unknown as alien that we now refer to as the xenoverse that is the outer layer of the all that is in the known and unknown universe, metaverse, and intelligence existing as the “IS” and the “ALL”. 
There are beings that are above that are considered alien to our planet because they are from another galaxy. Yet they exemplify what throughout time we have in the past-considered guides, angels, and gods who spoke to prophets and Emperors.
 We are still receiving some information direct which is considered vertical awareness and information from the unknown as prophetic insights while we sleep or have what we still call miracle manifestations of the supernatural and paranormal phenomena. 
The future of the ET UFO community will open up new avenues for discoveries in the future of humankind beginning in 2012.
This is a portion of research and development in existentialism. 2012 will be dealing with the Theory of Everything and how we utilize this in the new model with artificial intelligence to arrive at our spaceports in the future. Egyptian mythology established multiple such groupings of deities, known as Pesedjets. 
The Pyramid Texts of the fifth and sixth dynasties mention the Great Pesedjet, the Lesser Pesedjet, the Dual Pesedjet, plural Pesedjets, and even the Seven Pesedjets. 
Some pharaohs established pesedjets that incorporated themselves among the deities. The most notable case is Seti I of the 19th dynasty, who in his temple at Redesiyah worshipped a pesedjet that combined six important deities with three deified forms of himself.
The Egyptian term Pesedjet does not denote the number of deities included and pesedjets had a varying number of deities
The Rosetta Stone in the British Museum.
The Greek term Ennead, denoting a group of nine, was coined by Greeks exploring Egypt, its culture and religion, especially after the conquest by Alexander the Great and during the subsequent rule of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Greek became the language of learned studies and hence Greek and Roman authors to describe Egyptian phenomena used Greek terms. 
These others also made use of parallels between Egyptian and Greek deities to identify the two.
Development of the Ennead
Among Egyptian pesedjets, the most important was the Great Pesedjet, also called the Ennead of Heliopolis, after its centre of worship. Heliopolis (Egyptian: Aunu, “place of pillars”) was dedicated to the worship of the sun god Atum and thrived from the Old Kingdom until its decline under the Ptolemaic rulers.
The development of the Ennead remains uncertain. Egyptologists have traditionally theorized that the priesthood of Heliopolis priesthood established this pesedjet in order to stress the preeminence of the sun god above other deities, incorporating gods, which had been venerated elsewhere for centuries while ignoring others. The most prominent of such deities was Osiris, god of vegetation and of the netherworld, who was incorporated into the Ennead as Atum’s great-grandson.
 However, in the 20th century, some Egyptologists [who?] question the whole scenario.
What appears almost certain is that the Ennead first appeared when the cult of the sun god Ra, which had gained supreme ascendancy during the 5th dynasty, declined during the sixth dynasty.
 After propagation of the Ennead, the cult of Ra – identified with Atum – saw a great resurgence until being superseded by the worship of Horus and the identification of the two as Ra-harakhty (Ra, who is Horus of the Two Horizons). Through the identification of Atum and Ra, the Ennead was also linked with another pesedjet, the Ogdoad.
The Ennead faced competition by other groupings: At Memphis, the priests of Ptah identified their deity with the primeval mound, the place on which Atum arose first, giving him precedence over the Ennead.
Accounts of the Ennead
The creation account of Heliopolis relates that from the primeval waters represented by Nun, a mound appeared on which the self-begotten deity Atum sat. Bored and alone, Atum spat or, according to other stories, masturbated, producing Shu, representing the air and Tefnut, representingmoisture. Some versions however have Atum – identified with Ra – father Shu and Tefnut with Iusaaset, who is accordingly sometimes described as a “shadow” in this pesedjet.
In turn, Shu and Tefnut mated and brought forth Geb, representing the earth, and Nut, representing the nighttime sky. Because of their initial closeness, Geb and Nut engaged in continuous copulation until Shu separated them, lifting Nut into her place in the sky. The children of Geb and Nut were the sons Osiris and Set and the daughters Isis and Nephthys, which in turn formed couples.
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Different components of information processing
Robert J. Sternberg, a prominent figure in the research of human intelligence, formulated the Triarchic Theory of Intelligence. 
The theory by itself was groundbreaking in that it was among the first to go against the psychometric approach to intelligence and take a morecognitive approach.
Sternberg’s definition of human intelligence is “(a) mental activity directed toward purposive adaptation to, selection and shaping of, real-world environments relevant to one’s life” (Sternberg, 1985, p. 45), which means that intelligence is how well an individual deals with environmental changes throughout their lifespan. Sternberg’s theory comprises three parts: componential, experiential, and practical.
Sternberg associated the workings of the mind with a series of components. These components he labeled the metacomponents, performance components, and knowledge-acquisition components (Sternberg, 1985).
The metacomponents are executive processes used in problem solving and decision making that involves the majority of managing our mind. They tell the mind how to act. Metacomponents are also sometimes referred to as a homunculus. A homunculus is a fictitious or metaphorical “person” inside our head that controls our actions, and which is often seen to invite an infinite regress of homunculi controlling each other (Sternberg, 1985).
Sternberg’s next set of components, performance components, are the processes that actually carry out the actions the metacomponents dictate. These are the basic processes that allow us to do tasks, such as perceiving problems in our long-term memory, perceiving relations between objects, and applying relations to another set of terms (Sternberg, 1997).
The last sets of components, knowledge-acquisition components, are used in obtaining new information. These components complete tasks that involve selectively choosing information from irrelevant information. These components can also be used to selectively combine the various pieces of information they have gathered. Gifted individuals are proficient in using these components because they are able to learn new information at a greater rate (Sternberg, 1997).
Whereas Sternberg explains that, the basic information processing components underlying the three parts of his triarchic theory are the same, different contexts and different tasks require different kind of intelligence (Sternberg, 2001).
Componential / Analytical Subtheory
Sternberg associated the componential subtheory with analytical giftedness. This is one of three types of giftedness that Sternberg recognizes. Analytical giftedness is influential in being able to take apart problems and being able to see solutions not often seen. Unfortunately, individuals with only this type are not as adept at creating unique ideas of their own. This form of giftedness is the type that is tested most often.
Other areas deal with creativity and other abilities not easily tested. Sternberg gave the example of a student, “Alice”, who had excellent test scores and grades, and teachers viewed her as extremely smart. Alice was later seen having trouble in graduate school because she was not adept at creating ideas of her own (Sternberg, 1997).
Experiential / Creative Subtheory
Sternberg’s second stage of his theory is his experiential subtheory. This stage deals mainly with how well a task is performed with regard to how familiar it is. Sternberg splits the role of experience into two parts: novelty and automation.
A novel situation is one that you have never experienced before. People that are adept at managing a novel situation can take the task and find new ways of solving it that the majority of people would not notice (Sternberg, 1997)
A process that has been automated has been performed multiple times and can now be done with little or no extra thought. Once a process is automatized, it can be run in parallel with the same or other processes. The problem with novelty and automation is that being skilled in one component does not ensure that you are skilled in the other (Sternberg, 1997).
The experiential subtheory also correlates with another one of Sternberg’s proposed types of giftedness. Synthetic giftedness is seen increativity, intuition, and a study of the arts. 
People with synthetic giftedness are not often seen with the highest IQ’s because there are not currently any tests that can sufficiently measure these attributes, but synthetic giftedness is especially useful in creating new ideas to create and solve new problems. Sternberg also associated another one of his students, “Barbara”, to the synthetic giftedness. 
Barbara did not perform as well as Alice on the tests taken to get into school, but was recommended to Yale University based on her exceptional creative and intuitive skills. Barbara was later very valuable in creating new ideas for research (Sternberg, 1997).
Practical / Contextual Subtheory
Sternberg’s third subtheory of intelligence, called practical or contextual, “deals with the mental activity involved in attaining fit to context” (Sternberg, 1985, p.45). Through the three processes of adaptation, shaping, and selection, individuals create an ideal fit between themselves and their environment. This type of intelligence is often referred to as “street smarts.”
Adaptation occurs when one makes a change within oneself in order to better adjust to one’s surroundings (Sternberg, 1985). For example, when the weather changes and temperatures drop, people adapt by wearing extra layers of clothing to remain warm.
Shaping occurs when one changes their environment to better suit one’s needs (Sternberg, 1985). 
A teacher may invoke the new rule of raising hands to speak to ensure that the lesson is taught with least possible disruption.
The process of selection is undertaken when a completely new alternate environment is found to replace the previous, unsatisfying environment to meet the individual’s goals (Sternberg, 1985). For instance, immigrants leave their lives in their homeland countries where they endure economical and social hardships and go to other countries in search of a better and less strained life.
The effectiveness with which an individual fits to his or her environment and contends with daily situations reflects degree of intelligence. Sternberg’s third type of giftedness, called practical giftedness, involves the ability to apply synthetic and analytic skills to everyday situations. Practically gifted people are superb in their ability to succeed in any setting (Sternberg, 1997). 
An example of this type of giftedness is “Celia”. Celia did not have outstanding analytical or synthetic abilities, but she “was highly successful in figuring out what she needed to do in order to succeed in an academic environment. She knew what kind of research was valued, how to get articles into journals, how to impress people at job interviews, and the like” (Sternberg, 1997, p.44). Celia’s contextual intelligence allowed her to use these skills to her best advantage.
Sternberg also acknowledges that an individual is not restricted to having excellence in only one of these three intelligences. Many people may possess an integration of all three and have high levels of all three intelligences.
Psychologist Linda Gottfredson (Gottfredson, 2003) criticizes the unempirical nature of triarchic theory and argues that it is absurd to assert that traditional Intelligence tests are not measuring practical intelligence when they show a moderate correlation with income, especially at middle age when individuals have had a chance to reach their maximum career potential, an even higher correlation with occupational prestige, and that IQ tests even predict the ability to stay out of jail and stay alive (all of which qualifies as practical intelligence or “street smarts”).
Gottfredson claims that what Sternberg calls practical intelligence is not a broad aspect of cognition at all but simply a specific set of skills people learn to cope with a specific environment (task specific knowledge).
As for the creative component of Sternberg’s model, a Harvard study questions whether it’s meaningful to treat creativity as a cognitive ability separate from analytical intelligence, but instead finds that creativity is simply the product of a high intelligence score combined with a low level of latent inhibition—when high intelligence levels are not present, low levels of latent inhibition put one especially at risk for schizophrenia. [1]
Educational psychology
Intelligence quotient
J. P. Guilford
Multiple intelligence
^ Decreased Latent Inhibition Is Associated With Increased Creative Achievement in High-Functioning Individuals
Gottfredson, L. (2003). Dissecting practical intelligence theory: Its claims and its evidence. Intelligence, 31, 343-397.
Sternberg, R. J. (1985). Beyond IQ: A Triarchic Theory of Intelligence. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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A global awareness story prior to 2012 with a past life experience and mind expansion. 
This is my real spiritual experience story recorded prior to 2012. I believe in spiritual awareness and that our mind expansion is due to our chosen truths that we accept as memories. I also believe that the only part of life we take with us when we leave is carried in our spiritual mind as energy plasma back to our immortal souls. I am going to explain why I believe this. Some may believe me and some may not.
Universe expansion requires more energy than we understand. There are global changes affecting our future conscious awareness. There is our opportunity to evolve our species and save our kind. Some of us will make the grade and others will simply change into another form of life.
I was not sure whether to begin this story as “You ain’t gonna believe this but this is my truth” or “One upon a time there was a little angel who was sent to earth to gain her wings”. Would you accept this? “There was an extra terrestrial who was sent to earth to share energy.”
I guess it depends on the reader. We have inside us all various levels of existence. In psychology, some call this our adult and child. We all have many levels of beings inside us. Regardless of what or how we believe, there is some truth in all of us. This is mine.
I once died and came back to earth. I saw energy that was outside of my physical body. When I looked around me, I realized that I was flying through space and time seemed to be passing me into another existence. I heard some voices that were not mine. I was out of body and looked down. I saw that I was spirit and not in my physical body. My body had been left behind on a stretcher in an operating room. I could see a faint outline of energy that I assumed was my spiritual energy plasma or spiritual body. When I looked down and saw my feet, I knew I was flying or soaring to another dimension or place. 
While I was in this space and time or spacetime, I could hear sounds and I was seeing sparks or stars passing by on the outside of this clear tunnel I was in. All the time I was flying or ascending into space, I was gathering information and awareness. I could not tell where the information was created only that I was assimilating information at a very fast rate of speed. This was very odd to me and I knew I was not on earth any longer. It was one of those “We aren’t in Kansas anymore ToTo moments!”
However, I was alive or I felt alive. I never felt better and more alive as I was then. I could breathe and I was comfortable and soaring. I was traveling in space and yet I could tell I was on a trip to another destination. I then realized I was actually leaving earth and I had to try to stop the process. I was realizing I was not ready to leave earth. To be continued as shared in the book TAKEN UP by Theresa J Thurmond Morris.

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