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Alien Civilizations Exist and There are Those who Care About our Species!

I care about our species and am concerned as much as the next human about our future welfare on this planet. 
However, I have the comfort of knowing that there are others out there who are far more intelligent an older than we are here on planet earth. We are a much younger species as far as humanoid sentient intelligent beings go. I know this based on the knowledge that I have experienced and am aware of that others who are ET in nature have shared with me. I have a part of me that has dealt professionally with those who are considered not of this planet.
I have been asked what my main theme for writing has been in the paranormal community and I believe I can suggest that I have two main themes. The first has always been that “Alien Civilizations Exist!”
The second as always been that the “Ascension Center Enlightenment” is real.
Some of us are allowed to share a special place in time on earth and in space. The fact that the world has not embraced the higher levels of ET visiting earth has a long history that we can try to understand in our own way. I believe and I have experienced extraterrestrials. 
In other words, I believe in those above and in the vertical lifestyle we call ascension. I have a faith based energy that drives my passion, perfection, preferences in this life. We all can be more than we are here on earth and I personally believe that we are here to be more than we believe we are today. I believe all the yesterdays and past lives make up who we are in this life as we experience life in this plane and dimension. 
Being one who has been trained as a woman to be logical and having worked in investigations and mostly with the males of our species, I learned a lot about the criminal aspects of our human nature. I learned that it is easier to profile others based on their entire lifestyle and background and that history can tell us a lot.
One of the questions that comes up a lot in the emails and communications that I receive from others is why me? Why was I chosen to have a life of experiences of the alien ET’s in my lifetime experiences here on earth. I cannot answer that question with the knowingness that others expect. I can only share that I have been in contact with others of an Alien ET nature since birth.  Coming forth and sharing a lifetime that is almost 60 years on earth with the various levels of how I experienced life with entertwined levels of humanoid sentient intelligent beings and figuring out the new way to live and exist knowing various parts that only a few know has not been easy. The knowledge comes with a price that the mind learns to adapt and overcome. 
I have been seen as the all woman with white hair that knows secrets while I was in the military. That is not the exact reputation one wants to have in order to have clearance levels.
Las Vegas was like my second home for years. That is a story that deals with the future.
Montauk Point and Long Island was a brief part of my life and I have a story to tell about how certain reverse engineering we could use as well as remote viewing and speaking to Grays with our minds. That is another part of the Taken Up Story. There will be many chapters and the one I look forward to sharing is the one in space. People will naturally want to assume I am just creating another Star Trek episode from fantasy and this will not be the case. I heard the way that people thought of me once on the Kevin Smith Radio Show.Kevin Smith Show – UFO and Paranormal talk radio like nowhere …
The Kevin Smith Show is the paranormal and ufo talk radio show with info about ufo and alien, paranormal, planet-x, nasa, nibiru, roswell, ghosts, evp, ancient mysteries …

I was not mentally and emotionally ready to share a part of me that had been so real and intense that I had yet to learn to voice the energy aloud to others in a public forum and on radio. I had been interviewed before in Hawaii, and had even been a DJ in Hawaii. I had been on television shows and even been in a movie called When Will I be Loved with Stephanie Powers. I have a public voice and one that was trained for radio and I have had an FCC license. All the professional expertise in the world could not prepare me for going public with what to most on earth was not known and accepted as normal on earth such as a real life with extraterrestrials and UFO contact experiences. TJ Morris
I now know that it was Dirk who must have suggested my name to Kevin Smith. Had I known it I probably still would have been just as evasive. I know that it took me years to address the fact that I was a considered a Walk-In of which Ruth Montgomery described as well as a Star Being like the Star People written in a book by Brad and Nancy Steiger. The Star People (9780425106037): Brad Steiger …
     (3 Reviews) Most Helpful Customer Reviews: An excellent composite of stories and research completed years ago but as valid today as it was then… also has a copy of the …  ? 
We must believe in the creative process of discovery for ourselves of life that exists elsewhere not only on earth. There are some of us who know of these beings and have met those who from the heavens came. This is not just a legend and myth.
The Flying Sun Disk is one of the oldest symbols on this planet. There are ways we can find how we all are related to those who from the heavens came. I suggest a good read about our past folklore and legends is written by our own Dirk Vander Ploeg called Quest for Middle Quest for Middle-earth (9780595440931): Dirk …
     (9 Reviews) – $14.95 as of Aug 20, 2011 
In the Quest for Middle- earth he suggests that The Lord of the Rings may be more than an imaginary tale set thousands of years in the past in a place called Middle … 
There is so much I want to share and feel that for many they are ready to know the truth. I would like to share my way of thinking about those who are called the Supreme Beings. Sharing ontology in words for others to find is a very delicate balancing act with one’s own yin and yang. We all are held responsible for our own life here on earth in the body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experiences. Sometimes it gets hard but we must keep holding on.
We are in for a rocky road so to speak for the time up through 2012 and we hope the calming will begin 2013. We are all here on a quest for the star people in one way or the other. When we join them once again we will have the veil lifted and all our past life memories will come before us to screen and imagine how we could have used our inner knowing to guide us better on our spiritual journey in this lifetime. I do what I can to understand life and how we brain train our minds. We all have a process that deals with how much we can absorb about what life and the eternal spirit guides us on this planet. We can be sure that part of our journey is based on the faith and the other part is hope. We create faith, hope, charity in order to share the energy and forces of this lifetime with others.
There are parts of the future of the “TAKEN UP” experience I will begin to share that will deal with what life can be like in space much like we already can imagine based on the television series “STAR TREK” by Gene Roddenberry.  
Gene Roddenberry Star Trek Book – 

Originally, Roddenberry envisioned the USS Enterprise to land on various planets, but it turned out to be too expensive as it would require them to build expensive sets. The next idea was to use shuttles – but when filming began, the full-sized shooting model wasn’t ready. So, they came up with the idea of “beaming down” the crew via a teleportation device and thus the transporter was born! (Source)

In 1994, TIME Magazine interviewed Star Trek technical expert Michael Okuda about the intricacies of the transporter:

“It should be possible if we decompile the pattern buffer.”

Transporters can send people instantly from one location to another by converting their molecules into energy, then reassembling them. Every living being has a distinct pattern of molecules; the pattern buffer fixes the configuration by adjusting for the Doppler effect — the apparent change in the frequency of the energy waves caused by motion.

“I’ll verify the Heisenberg compensators.”

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that you cannot know a subatomic particle’s exact position and its exact direction and velocity at the same time. To transport people you have to know all those things, so the Heisenberg compensator was devised to overcome that problem. It’s an attempt by the Trek writers to signal that they are at least aware of the issue. And how does the Heisenberg compensator work? “It works very well, thank you,” says Okuda.

Gregory Weinkauf: ‘Star Trek’ Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary in Las VegasThe Huffington Post – Aug 22 10:40am
Aug. 19: National Aviation Day, Gene Roddenberry Birthday, World Humanitarian Day,…  via Yahoo! News – Aug 17- A good read to get to know the part of us that shares the future in space. Read about  -Gene Roddenberry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Early life…|
Los Angeles…|
Eugene Wesley “Gene” Roddenberry was an American television screenwriter, producer and futurist, best known for creating the American science fiction series Star Trek. Born in El Paso,… Star Trek: The Motion Picture (9780671253240 …
     (7 Reviews) – $2.70 as of Jul 30, 2011 
The historic 5-year mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise TM is over. But when three Klingon starships are destroyed by a massive machine/organism called the V’Ger, the …
There are variations on a theme and many will continue to sell books based on their own opinions and research about our future. There are so many people that share the interest in the Alien ET UFO Community that the list is too large to include in this article but Google the words separately and together to get an idea. We can now create our own list and links. The radio shows available to us online are great like Coast to Coast with George Noory, Kevin Smith, Jerry Pippin is huge now. This is a time when being one who believes in aliens and UFOS can be fun and exciting. Life is what we make it and together makes it even better. Synergy is real.George Noory has a book called Journey To The Light 
Haven’t read it yet but I have it on my list of books to purchase. 
I work with many sages, seers, psychics, shamans, and the younger generation who want to enter our field as the new writers of the paranormal and metaphysical work and world. The world will be a better place when we leave than when we arrived.
This is a great time to be alive with an eye for the mystical and magical spirit of our species. I want to encourage all who desire to learn about Ontology and Metaphysics with the added Astronomy, Cosmology, and Quantum Science as a new shared field with interests in the ET Contactees. We have a new awareness that some of us all have a shard or a piece of the puzzle to share with others. We share and hope that others desire to excel while here on earth! I am about love and light as are most of my talented friends in art, culture, education, science, technology, folklore and basically everything that ontology and etymology entails.
For those who follow my life’s path and spiritual journey I am about to embark on the journey of fantasy and imagination to share some of what I already know in other worlds as what we call here science fiction. I hope that those who know of my past work will learn to tell when I am writing from known experience and when I am trance channeling the art form of the spirit.
I shall come to the place where the imagination of the present being meets the future for us all in the book series called “TAKEN UP” for Dirk Vander Ploeg who is a truth seeker and has the insight to share with us all! Robert D. Morningstar is our Editor and a fine one too. He shares a spirit and does healing work, as well as, book editing for some of us.
We Must Hold Onto The Force of Faith in the Future that Alien Civilizations Exist! Taken Up Series by TJ – We look forward to sharing with new readers and new writers as our contributors. Thank you for a wonderful past and share the future as we shift and uplift our minds and spirits into the galaxies in the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse.
We must have faith in order to have hope in all that we cherish including love. For those who know and don’t want to share in the world of Belief that is logical to expect a scientific outcome. But know that science began from the philosophy about our beginnings and our spirit. Love and Light to all and know that I have an entire lifetime of experiences to share for those who are interested. I will be here so email me your thoughts about the future articles called “TAKEN UP” and let me know you want to know my story. Love and Light TJ
There is a Never Ending Story we have begun together in this lifetime right here on UFO Digest which we called “TAKEN UP” and I am the storyteller as “TJ”.
“WHAT’s COMING in the Story TAKEN UP for Dirk Vander Ploeg’s UFO Digest?

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