Questions Concerning The Truth of our Reality


I have a wonderful friend who is a scientist. He is a brilliant man who is one of our countries best physicists. I learn from my friend constantly and love to talk with him on everything from vacation spots to UFO’s.
Recently I was talking to my friend. We were discussing the weather and recent world disasters when out of the blue my friend said to me:
“I think there are just too many things about UFO’s,  aliens in fact many  unknown subjects that do not make sense to me. I think that many things going on are far more sinister and frightening then we could ever imagine. ”
I think  UFO’s and aliens are rather frightening. We know little about them yet we seem to be easily manipulated by them. It is obvious we do not have the upper hand in this subject and the aliens do! ” 
Obviously  coming out of nowhere his words shocked me a bit.  I asked him what he thought was sinister and frightening?  My friend explained his thought to me this way.:
“What if our very existence, our everyday life, is a false reality provided for us by a alternate dimensional or  alien group?  What if humans from another era and level of development control us through our governments, economy and war?. What if   everything is a game or organized machine and we are nothing more than the game pieces? .
What if we are a big Disney land?  We may be the game pieces that run across this planet living by way of the moves of some force far beyond our comprehension . The surface- which we think is our true reality , where we work , live , have families, love and hate  may be no more than a board for some super being to play this game of running our lives like a huge monopoly game.  
Disney World is a wonderful place to play and vacation. Main Street is filled with flowers and fun  however the underground working of the park is a dark mechanical greasy horror being worked by people you may not want near your kids or family. On the surface it is one thing. The truth underneath, however, is a completely different story. “
I thought for a moment about this awful idea. I tried to think up a reason this would not be true. The only thing I came up with was war. I asked him if this was so why would they allow all the war and conflict to take place on the earth’s surface if we are all controlled. I thought it odd  that  any controlling force would want to destroy the very game pieces they created.  Why would they allow that to go on?” My friend said:
 “ War is just another level of playing the game. War tactics earn game points just as war for us earns power or land.  Maybe it is  a way to weed out  too many playing pieces or out play the others playing the earth game. It may be a  game move like when we jump pieces in checkers. .” 
That idea made me feel extremely uneasy.
My friend talked about history repeating itself which would make sense as new players tried to perfect or replay moves to work the earth game and continue playing with world civilizations. The idea of it all seemed far to extreme for me and  extremely frightening. 
I asked my friend how our souls fit in to this cold existence of being used and controlled by a super being for entertainment.  His answer was simply a shake of his head:
 ” I do not know how that would work. Maybe they use our life energy as a learning lesson and we all willingly allow our souls to take part in this game before moving on to a more rewarding experience. Earth may be a place to experience all the hard parts of living in the cosmos. Living as a human may be a necessary step  in preparation for another existence on another level in the great encounter of life energy” It may be a step all life energy is required to endure, many times for some , on the journey  of our souls energy.”


I thought about this yet felt the entire concept was just too hard for me to wrap my mind around. Could we be placed here to experience all that we can of living as a human while being guided by a controlling force to encounter what our life force soul needs to experience and learn along the roads of our journey on earth?
The idea is  abstract and for me difficult to fully digest. 
I could not stop thinking about this and wondered if we might be a huge experiment, or a form of entertainment? Are we a huge laboratory?  I  find it hard to think we are all living false realities  while being  controlled by a master group .  Could we be a class in some mighty universal university? Can those who visit, abduct and toy with us be students and we the lesson? I have a difficult time thinking this idea  could really be our truth. I also learned long ago that we do not understand the dynamics of life in our universe and many things I never thought possible turn out to be beyond comprehension. I think my friends thinking is another road to look at with so much that remains unexplained.
 I find  all of these theories  extremely strange concepts that fit into an extremely strange list of unknowns.
What if we are being visited by our own species who survived a catastrophic event long ago on a different planet  who have been trying to restart this planet and the human race?
 What if the people of today were seeded from these  people and they are the ones who now  watch us and nudge us to survive where they once failed. What if what happened to them will happen again and they are the ones trying to keep the species alive and well?. What if those who walked before us lost the ability to live on the surface of the earth and linger below? Could we be looking outward to those who visit, take and experiment on us when all along we should have been looking inward?
Could the healthy humans who live on the surface of our planet today be needed by humans from the past who lost the ability to survive in today’s climate?
I have no idea what the answers are. It does seem however we are lost to the answers of the unknown. We seem fearful of the truth of what was or what could be. I learned long ago to keep my mind open as I do know that one day we will understand the answers to many of these confusing questions.
I am sure life has existed in this universe for a very long time. I think we need to consider all possibilities when the questions concerning life in the cosmos are examined. We are new to the game of developing intelligent life in this universe. Realizing what a new life form we really are compared to the age of space and time around us makes me understand that we understand little and have miles to go before we can comprehend the truth.
I can only wonder what the answers may be when my friend questions -“what may lurk below?”
My friend may over think things at times. Life in this universe and in our dimensions of living may be  more black and white and straight forward . I think many of his ideas may be extreme and our existence far more simple .
I do feel we are on the bottom end of intelligent life in our universe. I think we are equal to those who conquer and travel our space as monkeys and pigs are to humans. We are getting there however have miles and years to go before we can join our cosmic neighbors who visit us from afar.
I would hate to think we are no more than pieces on a game board or used to play out scenario’s of some other being. 
The real truth of it all is that as it stands at this point in history on this planet we really are only beginning to understand our past and only starting to reach out towards the stars. I guess it is true that any idea may be possible. Until we develop in to more advanced beings we just will not know for sure.
All any of us can do  is keep an open mind which we continue to feed and build so one day we too can know what the real meaning of life is all about.  Take nothing for granted. Realize there may be many different answers to all these difficult questions. If we combine our minds and fight our fears we too will one day know the truth.
 Remember before all else  be careful out there, pay attention to your surroundings, and keep looking up!

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