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One of the Real Time Abductees I have been writing about requested I take some time to write about the life that follows a person who has without choice endured a life time of lost time events resulting in an aftermath of life changes an abductee is forced to deal with without choice .

I think a good place to begin is with the understanding that no one I have ever interviewed about lost time events or abduction have wanted or gone about any action that would bring them in to the situation of being taken. The people I have interviewed have all been taken or more precisely kidnapped against their will by unknowns or other life forms while the abductee was busy going about the normal routines of their day to day lives. Usually they would be returned hours later with little or no memory of where they had been taken or what had been done to them. Many times they would be returned to places they have never been before and have no idea where they were.
I find the fact the people are taken without permission and the lack of concern by society concerning this act of kidnapping a sad fact concerning how the human community behaves towards criminal acts on fellow humans. After enduring a harsh abduction abductees are treated with a dismissive hostility delivering another abusive blow by their fellow humans. This is a strong statement on how ignorant we are about things we do not understand.
 If something is unknown in our society it is taboo. If in the past we always went about change or unknowns in this manner we would all still be sitting in a cave. The fact we consider abduction and unknown crafts in this manner is not a plus for our species. The fact is as a group we abuse those who are suffering from these unwilling kidnappings with such malice is truly a fact we all need to think about.
The first thing the people who have lived abduction experiences want to tell society is that they are making a huge mistake in forsaking the people who are enduring these acts of strange abduction by leaving the door fully open for the beings taking innocent people to continue doing it. If we took an investigative approach to these events we may eventually be able to find out who is taking our fellow humans and why. Most of all we would be able to stop it which would be best for all concerned. After all you must understand it is only time before you or someone close to you is the next to find they are the ones looking in to the cold dead eyes of those who take and abuse us at will. The longer it goes on without regard for those it is happening to and without any effort by the human race to stop it- the more people it will be taken. 
I have written in length about my interviews with a group of people I call the Real Time Abductees. I call them this as they are all everyday people who while going about the everyday business of their normal life routine suddenly had their world interrupted by being taken against their will , experiencing hours of lost time before being returned like a bag of old trash. Many times they would find they would awaken sick, alone and miles away from where they were when their ordeal started. These events are extremely frightening for the people who are forced to deal with them. The first thing most abductees will tell you is that the fear that over takes them when they realize they are going to be taken is like no other fear they have known. One abductee told me she was sure her heart was going to stop beating as the fear that gripped her was unlike anything she ever encountered before. This fear is something that those who are taken deal with each time they are taken.
The next thing that society needs to understand is how these incidents affect the people who have been taken.
All the Real Time Abductees I have interviewed suffer from physical problems that occurred after years of repeated abductions. The physical harm is a bit different for each person but each one of them suffers from some kind of lasting long term harm caused by what takes place during their abductions.
I decided the best way to present the physical aftermath of abduction would be to describe the lifelong physical effects of one abductee starting when she was a child. 
This abductee can remember strange events happening in her life beginning at about age 4. She started feeling the effect of her odd happenings at age 10 when she started a lifelong agony of severe pain in her legs. She would cry at night from the stabbing pain that filled her legs complaining to her parents about the pain but sadly her family simply ignored it and gave her an aspirin, soaked her in a hot bath and sent her to bed. This went on until she went through puberty. At that point her abductions increased and so did the physical aftermath,
As a young woman her incidents of being taken increased as did her physical reaction to them. She would become ill with what appeared to be a bad stomach flu that included throwing up, fever and severe body aches and an odd rash for about a week after each event. As she entered adulthood she would develop rashes all the time that would cover her legs and chest that would last anywhere from a few weeks up to a few months. The abductee would go to the doctor but would never talk about her experiences with lost time or strange crafts as she feared they would think she was insane and hospitalize her. Her family knew she was enduring these awful events as they were witness to a few of her abductions and did not know where to go for help. Earlier in her life they did try to go to the authorities for help but were ridiculed and chastised that they quickly learned they were on their own and their only choice was to try to protect her to the best of their ability. The protection was from not only the invaders who were taking her but those who would abuse her a second time when they reported the incidents.
As she aged the abductee realized that her ability to learn new things increased at an incredible speed. She would read a book a day in order to obtain the information she needed to become successful in her career. She went to college late in life graduating in half the time it normally takes to obtain a four year degree. She found her work comforting and threw herself in to it becoming successful quickly. She used her success to build a life that protected her from the horror of abductions and was able to slow the events until she finally stopped them.
Unfortunately for the abductee the damage to her body had already been done. She suffered enormous bone and joint pain to the point she was not able to walk and now needed to spend many days in a wheel chair. Once again she reached out for help to the medical community to see if they could provide a solution to her on going bone pain. The doctors did a full examination of the abductee returning with a list of bizarre findings they could not explain. They found that her liver, pancreas and kidneys were not functioning correctly. She had strange rashes they could not explain or come up with a cure for all over her body. She could not tolerate the sun which developed over her life time. Once the abductee was once a beach lover who spent hours swimming and playing on the sand. Now she could not stand but a few minutes outside. The X-rays showed that her bones in her joints were in perfect shape.  However her bones did have a severe arthritis type of disintegration with abnormal growths which had developed in the middle of her bones nowhere near the joint areas.. The doctors had not seen this before and could not explain it. She could not tolerate eating a great many foods and her diet was becoming more confined to only a few selections as she aged. Her life was painful and difficult and there was no answer or help at all for her.
The abductee had an accident once when she was younger. Her leg bone was involved and the doctors told her that they were shocked to find her bones were purple in color unlike any others they had come across. During her unusual life the abductee continued to become stranger in her views about the world and her views of who took her and why. She would constantly warn people about the dangers of our new technology as she firmly believes it is a plot of those who visit this planet to control the population. She thinks society is being brain washed and controlled by the very gadgets we now have become addicted to. She feels that the more time you spend with your cell phone or hand held computers and games the more likely you are of being controlled by those who can easily use out technology to influence and control you without ever needing to go near you. She has been warning me for years to write about this subject. I found a great deal of negative feedback when I tried to approach this subject in the past however I  promised I would  try to convey it again in this article. It is up to the reader to consider her warnings or simply brush them off and throw caution to the wind.. 
She strongly suggests you all turn off your connection to these dangerous gadgets and learn to reach out with your humanity to mankind on a one on one basis before you all become robotic type beings controlled by creatures you should not trust. She believes it is only a matter of time before you all lose your ability to have human relationships and communication. Stop tweeting and texting and emailing and start spending real time with real people face to face using your own mind to develop your own ideas and thinking before it is all taken away from you as you sink in to the world of controlled machines following the will of what is being downloaded in to your heads by your gadgets and computer driven life style. Stop being a robot and start fighting to save your humanity.
I tried to have this conversation with a few young people in my own  life and was shocked at how aggressive and defensive they became when I suggested they need to stop their addiction to these new technologies. I could not get over how quickly they turned nasty and hostile towards me when I gave my view on their addiction and suggestion they spend more time face to face out in the world with real people and shut off their connection to what seems to be a dangerous grid. I realized the abductee was right and I now fear this new techie society is going to take us to a place we will not be able to return from. . I fear it and know in my heart she is right about it.
This abductee is fighting daily now to stay alive as her body continues to fail and fall apart around her. She is a very smart lady with different and clear thinking on many things we consider unknown but extremely reluctant to have anything to do with reaching out or commenting on them due to our handling of the subjects considered paranormal. She also laughs as the very meaning of the word paranormal is:” Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation” . Paranormal things are the subjects our science does not yet understand. It is what we call the subjects we are still completely ignorant about. They are also the subjects older and more advanced civilizations have conquered. I wonder what they think about how we stop our own kind from advancing by way of our Dark Age view of things we do not yet understand.
She is a senior citizen now and spends a great deal of what time she has left doing things she enjoys and with her family and those she loves. Sadly she also spends a great deal of time dealing with all the harsh health issues she was left with after a life time of abduction events. The abductee told me that a doctor who once helped her told her that her body seemed to be acting as if her adrenal system had been drained. She often wonders if that is exactly what they do to the people they kidnap all over the world. We may be a farm for substances they can no longer make or perhaps need for purposes we are not yet able to understand. She remains alone with only her family to deal with the aftermath of her physical problems and tries hard to be happy with what days are left in her life.
She told me she knows that as a society we are far from understanding the truth of what is out there. She told me she feels we are our own worst enemy when it comes to intelligent growth. She thinks we are far more backward then we should be and lacking in knowledge of math and science in a way that is sad and dangerous. 
The abductee also told me she does not care any longer about trying to share her life experiences with others as she did try many times over her life only to be rejected or attacked again by her own kind for trying to educate them on what happens to all the millions of people all over the world who are taken. She told me she is going to her maker knowing the truth and really does not care if anyone else believes her. She knows the truth and does not feel it her job to convince you about any subject.  She told me many will die without knowing the truth of their own reality and others, well, one day when they find they are  all alone -they may find out by being the ones looking in to the eyes of something that will nearly frighten them to death. I can only agree with her words.
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