Real Time Abductees and the Aliens

Real Time Abductees and the, Aliens...

I have been writing for about two years about a group of people I call Real Time Abductees. I call the group real time due to the fact they are taken when they are fully awake while going about the usual business of their normal days. These people are taken against their will they are taken by beings that are not human and returned hours later with little or no memory of what happened to them during the lost hours of their abductions. The people are fully aware of when the event begins, have only flash or no recall of what took place during the kidnapping and are always returned feeling drugged, ill and disoriented. They are at times returned near the place they were taken however many Real Time Abductees are returned far from where they were taken. At times they are placed in areas they have never been to before making the ordeal very difficult for the poor souls who are enduring these events. 

Real Time Abductees are not sleeping when these abductions occur, do not claim telepathic communication with aliens or have the encounters brought forth via hypnotism. They are everyday people going through everyday routines of everyday life when they are against their will kidnapped by something that easily overpowers them rendering them unconscious. The abductee s have suffered from these events for most of their lifetimes many having them starting when they small children.

I have been fortunate to have six  Real Time Abductees from the Eastern Coast of the United States agree to  come together in a group over the past year  to try to find answers to the horror of being an abductee by forming this group. It was the hope of the group that by sharing with one another what they experienced they could better understand the ordeal of having this type of abduction. 

One thing that brought the group together in the first place was the hope that what they had to share and say would somehow someday help or save other people who may be suffering the same horrors they have during their lives. They also felt they may have useful information about the kind of abductions they had to endure that could help mankind understand what is going on to so many on this planet each and every day. The fact it is ignored swept under the carpet or laughed at has been a torment to all of these people. They all felt that the fact they have lived such incredible experiences without any benefit being gathered from it a sorrow and shame. So much information could have been obtained from people like the Real Time Abductees however instead they have only met with deaf ears and ridiculing remarks by the very people who should have been wanting to collect data on what was happening to them. These people were kidnapped many times in broad daylight, harmed and returned ill and altered yet no one was there to help or protect them. Society turned their backs on these people. I find the fact they were willing to try to make a difference by meeting in this group and allowing me to write about what they had to say a very kind gesture by people we as a society have abandoned and abused on top of the horror they have been forced to endure.   

In this article I will talk about the views of this group on the different types of beings they feel invade , visit and take part in the many things that aliens do while visiting our planet.

The first thing this group talked about was how shocked they were when they looked at how the subject of aliens were handled among the many inter net sites, forums and radio shows that discuss the topic. The Real Time Abductees thought that at this point in time people understood that aliens came in many forms and from many different places. When the group started to view the topic on the internet they instead found a  very closed view  by most concerning the overview of this subject, They found a few different types of being discussed by the paranormal public such as Grays, Reptilians and the human light haired tall beings but felt past that the public seemed closed down to what this group feels is really happening when it comes to alien visitation. 

The Real Time Abductees feel that there is a huge amount of different type of alien beings as well as other unknown creatures visiting and watching what goes on here on earth and with the primitive human race. They feel that beings come not only by way of universal travel but also  via inter dimensional , time or even trans universe travel. The amount of life that could be visiting us is as vast as the amount of different life forms found on our own planet. The group thinks it is a huge error in our thinking to limit the amount of life forms that may be visiting, watching or even living among us. They also all believe we are considered low level or primitive life forms which are why the interest in us is limited or kept at the level of curious overlooking, experimental or containment. They feel we may be a cosmic zoo outing for some or source of biological material for others. They do not think we are a danger to them or important to them and find the self-importance that many place on the subject of alien –human contact funny. The group feels that if we were truly something that aliens wanted or needed beyond what they are taking or using us for we would have long ago been rounded up and stored, breed and kept for those purposes. The group feels that we are an easy pick for what they need without being a threat to them in any way. The abductees think we are easily kept floundering around as we continue on our primitive journey towards a more technical future. They think the problem for the human species is accepting the fact we are on the bottom of the ladder in the cosmos and not as important or powerful as we think we are. To the beings with the advanced technology and science knowledge needed to transverse the cosmos or travel between dimensions, universes or even time we are simply ignorant struggling animals. Watching how we conduct our planet and thrive still on war and conflict we must seem very primitive in deed.  We are only now entering in to the world of technology and that may be by their helping hand. 

The Abductees can only describe the one form of being that they have been forced to deal with and share their opinions why they think they have been abducted. They warn however that their experiences are only one type of event happening by the hand of one type of non-human being. They are sure other entities from other places also are following their own agendas while they visit earth and may well be taking humans for other purposes. They also think that beings visit the earth and take and do not return people. The reasons for this type of abductions or kidnappings are not understood. Obviously the abductions where the people go missing are the ones that are most feared as well as the ones least talked about due to the horror that may be involved.

 The Real Time Abductee group describes the beings that they encounter during their abductions as being similar in physical makeup to humans. The Real Time Abductees can only give flash memories of their captors due to the fact that most of their abductions are wiped from their memory leaving only pieces of the details that take place during the time they are taken.  All of the Abductees in the group however had almost identical recall of what the beings looked like who were present during their abductions. They describe them as about human size in height and thin. They have a human form with a head, arms and legs arranged on a human type body form. They have two eyes and a place where a mouth would be that seemed to be covered offering only a slit where a mouth would normally be found. They did not recall a nose or ears. The abductees all agreed that the beings were wearing what appeared to be a skin like covering or suit that completely enclosed every part of them like an exterior skin. It was seamless and in a white/silver color. They also noted that everything around them also seemed to be in that same color making it nearly impossible to make out outlines of things around them. They could tell there were things that were table like or computer like in the area but all of it seemed to blend into the surroundings of this strange silver white color making it difficult to judge shapes and sizes of the objects surrounding them. The Abductees do not recall any direct communication with their abductors and could only recall the sensation of complete heart stopping fear during their events. 

They do not recall being harmed or inter acting with the beings but do have flashes of seeing other humans around them. They could not distinguish if the humans were working along with the strange looking beings or if they were other abducted people. They said the beings had a lens type of glass covering their eyes that was very dark in color however they could see movement of their real eyes behind the lens which made it clear the beings were in protective covering from head to toe, if they had toes!

The abductees do not recall any pain during the abductions in fact recall little if anything of the time with these creatures. It was not until they were returned and the ordeal had ended that they found they became ill. Often it would take days even weeks for the aftermath of the abductions to take its toll on the abductees.

The abductions occurred for many of the abductees multiple times during their life which after time left them physically altered and dealing with lifelong aliments. Common problems in the group included spine, neck and bone problems along with strange lingering skin problems as well as repressed immune system diseases. A shared effect after the abductions by all the abductees was a noticeable increase in their mental abilities. An increase in their skill sets or IQ was seen in each one of them. It was the only positive result of the abductions for the group as they were able to use these increases to help provide increased security and protection from their abductors which they all believe has helped slow or end the awful events from continuing in their lives. 

The group has spent hours trying to find the common denominator that made them the target of these abductions. They have compared many notes and have formed a list of what they have in common that may have made them the target of these events. 

The obvious things are in appearance. They are all fair skinned; most have light color eyes and they all have at least part of their family coming from Irish decent. All the abductees have Rh-negative blood. The one that did not have this blood type was the son of an abductee who did have it. Another thing that I noticed about this group of people is that they were bright and curious about the world around them and all seemed to people who were more of a loner or rebel type of personality and not a follower or type of person to be part of a certain click of friends or consumed with following what is the in thing at the moment. They are all people who march to their own drummer and do not care about what is the current fad. They are all strong individuals. Many but not all of the abductees come from a family line of other relatives who were known to have lost time or abduction experiences as well.

The abductees share other traits however they are from years of being subjected to the strange abduction kidnappings and the toll it took on them physically – not a common trait like RH negative blood.

When questioned about what they think was done to them during their lost time hours of being taken by their abductors they also had similar if not nearly the same accounts. . They recall being handled by their abductors but did not have any recall of pain or being tortured in any way. They do think however that they were used for their biology and could have been experimented on or used to collect some kind of biological material however they do not recall it. They all know they had the memory of their abductions cleared by their captors before being returned. The Real Time Abductees remember lots of silver white color including that being the color of the outer skin type material they believe the beings that took them were wearing. They all agreed they did not see the real form of the creatures that abducted them due to the fact they were incased in this skin like suit. The abductees all agreed that the beings eyes were covered with a large lens and all remarked at being able to see very fast flickering or blinking large eyes behind the black covering lens over their eyes. 

When returned from their abduction ordeals the abductees all became ill and ran fevers for a few days and vomited as well. They would arrive back with rashes on their arms and legs and had severe headaches for days afterwards. It would take anywhere from a few days up to a few weeks for them to feel well after being taken. They all held one memory from their experiences and that was of total heart stopping fear that stayed with them for a very long time after one of these events occurred. 

The Real Time Abductees all have long term after effects from their life time of abduction experiences. The physical problems can be severe and have caused major problems in their lives. They know they have been altered and feel the fact they have been changed mentally is from the ongoing procedure of removing their memory of the abductions that their captors preform while they are taken. The group feels that each time this was done to them it opened up pathways in their brain that helped by slowly increasing their ability to learn and think quickly which helped them achieve what they needed to do in order to become successful educated people. It is the only positive thing they can say about what otherwise is an evasive horrific event of intrusion by those who kidnap, alter and then toss them back like small insignificant fish!

The conversations with the Real Time Abductees included their thinking on why they were taken as well as what they think other people may be abducted for by other life forms. I will talk about that as well as some of the warning this group had for us all concerning the dangers they feel we all face in future articles.

I spent many hours with this group of Real Time Abductees asking questions and listening as they talked together about their life experiences with the nightmare of being abducted as well as what they think concerning different types of aliens that may be visiting our planet.. My time with this group of people has changed my opinions on many unknown topics as well as my view on the abduction phenomenon. It has been a life changing experience for me to spend time listening to this group of people discussing many subjects and I am grateful I was able to have the precious time I did with them. They are unlike other people and having the opportunity to talk with them has been a rewarding event in my life.

For now be careful out there and always pay attention to your surroundings and not the wireless gadgets in your hand. That may be the every choice that could save your life.

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