Rectangular Object Sighted Over The Cobequid Pass

I received the following article from Iain Jones, who as a UFO Digest reader, was familiar with a rectangular UFO sighting we published several years ago. The following is Iain’s article and report.

 “On Saturday, May 6, 2006, Tushar Bhatt and a friend were walking through the city of Magdeburg, Saxon-Annhalt, Germany, taking photographs with her new digital camera when they accidentally took a photo of a flying rectangle!”

This rectangular object could be a mysterious unidentified flying object.Same photo as above but enlarged and enhanced using Adobe Photoshop 6 and auto contrast. Note vertical stack on right rear of object which could be an antenna.
Same photo as above but enlarged and enhanced using Adobe Photoshop 6 and auto contrast. Note antenna on right rear of object.


Link to original story: Strange Rectangular UFO Photographed Over Germany

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Dear Tushar Bhatt: I can hardly believe my eyes! I saw this very craft approximately one month earlier than your sighting (March 06, 2006) near Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) in the early hours of the morning, around 0330!

I was driving from Saint John New Brunswick to Halifax and at 16 km north of Halifax International Airport, coming down from what is called The Cobequid Pass, I saw a bright light in the sky, low to the ground, near the runways of the airport.

At first I assumed it was a large aircraft on landing approach, but I soon realized the light was not in motion. It was definitely stationary, sitting there in the sky. (Helicopter? I thought…..)

Ten minutes later, I was 300 meters in front of the light(s), which:



had remained in the same position during that time;
were obviously not part of a ground structure of any kind;
were so blinding that couldn’t see what was behind what turned out to be many bright white (like sodium iodine lights) in a lateral row with no space in-between, with a larger light in the centre of the row;
were hiding what they were attached to.


At this point I am on a 4-lane divided-highway travelling south and the lights are in the night sky at an altitude of 100 meters (very low) and to my left which is both east of the highway and towards the city of Halifax from the airport terminal.

The sighting took place at Highway 102 Eastbound, south of the Halifax International Airport at the Aerotech Drive Exit (which is also Hwy 212), Halifax County, Nova Scotia.

Having travelled extensively for four decades, I can tell you that this is not my only sighting nor experience…. however it *is* the most recent.

I travel the 300 meters which puts me parallel-to and beside what is now clearly – The Craft In Your Photo ! The ambient lighting from everything in the area: an airport industrial park, highway and ramp lights etc., permitted a clear view. and as soon as I could see the craft I immediately braked from 120 kph to a full stop on the side of the road, and the craft began to move forward (north) *immediately*, at a leisurely velocity of about 50 kph ! ( it seemed to be in no hurry, but I did take note that it did get under weigh the very moment that I pulled over and stopped ).

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the same vehicle! By it’s look and behaviour however, I felt at the time and still do… that this was a reverse-engineered craft manufactured by terrestial engineers.

Thank You for your report and picture. I feel less alone now, knowing that someone-else has both seen and imaged this *no wings / no visable propulsion* vehicle. I was by-myself in the car in the middle of the night and I had been awake for nearly 20 hours. I never told anyone at all these details, as I had no camera therefore no proof. Who would believe me?

Sincerely, Iain Jones
Nova Scotia, Canada

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