Regaining Our Humanity



Architects of Change invites you to meet inspirational individuals who envision and construct powerful practical changes that substantially enhance our planetary wellbeing. Like their namesakes, Architects of Change lovingly restore or construct fresh versions of our world, one brick at a time.

In the spirit of the great salons of eighteenth century Europe, our online hostess, activist, connector and creative strategist Rosie Much gathers together a kaleidoscope of remarkable people including environmentalists, academics, activists, film makers, inventors, journalists, creative artists and the residents of far flung magical places. In this first trio of conversations, Rosie’s guests address the challenge of Regaining our Humanity. Each fireside chat focuses on a particular topic. NANCY ROOF, founding editor of Kosmos Journal and UN advisor, will talk about Creating the New Civilization for the Common Good. Award winning journalist, author and conservationist ALEX SHOUMATOFF together with global advocate for 100% renewable energy MARTIN VOSSELER, share their ideas of A New Generation of Compassionate Communities. In the final session Rosie and JONATHON MILLER WEISBERGER, ethnobotanist and guide in the Ecuadorian Amazon, explore the idea of Reconnecting to our Universal Umbilical Cord.

16 – 30 September 2012

Architects of Change: Regaining Our Humanity
with Rosie Much

11am Los Angeles • 2pm New York • 7pm London • 8pm Paris

Good listeners are an essential element of any gathering, so you may choose to kick back, relax and watch as the conversation unfolds. Alternatively, choose a more energetic role in this budding global community. You can enter the discussion through comments and questions or take up opportunities to offer your skills online, make suggestions or join the change makers through other tangible actions.

Whilst the Architects of Change may create concepts and blueprints, a diverse group working together is the most powerful means by which these transformative visions will come to fruition. Through gatherings such as Great Mystery’s Architects of Change, the worldwide web empowers us to work as a global community for the creation of a better future for Mother Earth and All our Relations.
—Rosie Much

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