Religious Tolerance Requested – Extraterrestrial UFO Nuclear Powered


The power that we use in space is nuclear. There is nuclear dust in space.  

Our ships scoop up the nuclear dust in the front, it goes into a chamber and the reaction occurs to create the power. Then the nuclear dust is released out the back through an exhaust manifold. 
There is no reason to debate those on earth any longer. There is no reason for me to make up what we use in space. I am not a nuclear scientist nor am I looking to become rich and famous with a patent discovery.
It is simply information that I am passing along so that we may get on with our Ascension Center Enlightenment Movement on this planet we call earth.
The gravity fields are created on board the spacecraft and it is artificial gravity. All planets in our solar system have some type of gravity in one form or another. Just as our earth has a rotation and wobble in space there is gravity and that which is also related to the sun.
Andromeda has its own sun and solar systems. They are those who are much further advanced than we here on earth.
Some men on earth have chosen to debate the issue in the past and the proof to show those who desire to see an extraterrestrial spacecraft will have to ask their governments to allow them to see the spacecraft not of earth.
There are give (5) on this planet that have been presented and left for the time when the world is ready to know the truth.
It is my belief that it is time for all of us to stop spinning in circles based on hypothesis that are not accurate. We can create all types of other designs to fly human spacecraft but if we desire to compete in space, we shall have to learn how to use nuclear power.
There is nothing more that can be said about powering spacecraft. The spacecraft such as the one that was captured in New Mexico, near Roswell, is one such spacecraft that is kept on the North American continent for the whole world to know about and to learn about.
It is important that more intelligent beings become aware in government about government secrets. 
There are those with the need to know and there are some in power that keeps this spacecraft a secret although it really is not one any longer of the powers. Find out who these people are and the power of the people to address the House and the Senate first and then the President for proof will have to be the only way that this country we call a democracy as the United States of America will ever be allowed to know. 
We are pushing for the truth to be allowed to the general populace as to affect the critical mass or global mind prior to December 21, 2012 so that we may begin the advancement of our entire human population on earth with a new sense of being a part of something in space. There is an alliance in space and there are beings similar to those we have been lead to believe exists such as those on Star Trek, Star Wars, and Star Gate.
The world will just have to work together in cyberspace on the web and with the Internet as an open source of information the way we have been doing.
We will see if we can begin to speed up the enlightenment process as a small nudge in time. Somehow, it feels as if we are all waiting on each other to make one giant step for humankind.
The ET spacecraft is shaped like a boomerang and appears to have wings of a sort much like our stealth, which was designed similar to the ET spacecraft.
All of this information has been released in the last three years. There still has not been anything that has changed other than time on earth. Our government still has not released the information and those in charge are still not aware. 
Those who are in charge of the information are still choosing to keep all that they know secret from the world. Until all five countries decide to communicate their finds to the global population, then there is no way for everyone to know for himself or herself.
Even for those who know the truth, when they share the truth no one believes it. Even if we share, the truth there will always be those who are not in tune with the reality or information that is shared.
There is much to share regarding philosophy and technology and we shall call this our Energy Ethos Ethnology Examiners while we are all going through this climb to the top of the information heap for those who are supposed to assist the world in the Ascension Center Enlightenment age. 
Those of us who know shall do what we can to share information with others and hope that in time there will be a proper assimilation of the truth and the believers will learn and enough people on the planet will be able to understand the spacecraft that they are viewing in space that are to share information in hopes for global cooperation among all the global community governments.
This release is being made on August 25, 2010 central time in the USA. Again in hopes that the Communication Officer on earth can bring some light on the matter of the truth for some to light a spark in their own core of their being. 
My name is Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris and I am only one sentient intelligent being who is a contactee experiencer. The best way I can share information is to deliver it on the computer as I was instructed to do while I am here on planet earth. Some may believe me and others may not. It will be up to the believers to join me in the Ascension Center Enlightenment process, which to some appears as Christian Mysticism based on my personal beliefs of which I cannot deny my upbringing and education and spiritual guidance as a Christian.
While we are being asked to share in religious tolerance in the United States of America, based on the present day information on the news based on the New York City location of a mosque to possibly built near the former location of the Twin Towers or Ground Zero, I was given this information once again to share with those who may make a difference in the future for all of humankind.
It is in our power not to learn more about ourselves and how not to react to religious differences while there are others in space that we are being blind too. It feels to me we need to get our priorities in order. I have no need to lie. I have nothing to gain from sharing the truth other than making the world a better place in the future for the entire human race. This is a plea for others to share in the “Shift and Uplift health and prosperity for All” and this will assist in ushering in the Ascension Age to begin on December 21, 2012 for the entire global population to let go and let God. Allow the God in all being to share in knowing the truth that will lead us into a brighter more enlightened future. I ask this in the divine power granted me by being chosen to be alive at this time and blessed with the education to write in English on the computer so that others may find this message on the Internet that I shall send out into cyberspace. I am woman here me roar! – What – you were expecting a man. Not this time, we are all going to share as equals in the future as humankind with other sentient intelligent beings who have visited space and met others not born on earth. I have friends in high places including some from the closest galaxy next to this one. May God Bless Everyone!  TJ

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