Remote Viewing as UFO Defense Against Reptilian Aliens; Overlords of Human Abducting Aliens

by Paul Schroeder
alien / demonic attachment

I used to firmly believe that we as predators were at the very top of the food chain.

Then, others like me, who also claimed to be abductees, some of who I met through Budd Hopkins and his house get togethers many years ago told me  horror stories about some abductions.

They had seen onboard craft, a Mothman alien race, an ‘in-charge’ being who radiated rage and hatred.

This satanic, diabolical alien being was overlord of many alien races who abduct humans and who pilot UFOS.

Muscular, winged, sentient, highly technological, upright standing to seven feet tall, monitor lizards governed large craft; reptilians who looked upon us as we fancied veal violated our World’s airspace every night.

These abductees had even gleaned what reptoids regular diets consisted of..

Just as bad or even worse there was a spiritual/supernatural element, an ethereal placement of young reptilians along human abductees spinal chords for aural feasting; they could trespass interdimensionally as well and tamper with our energies that extended there also.

That explained why so many abductees had such horrid spinal issues; tampering with astral energies causes somatic injury.

Imagine a whole cityscape with most people walking around with an affixed juvenile reptilian attached upsidedown to their spines; it lends a new meaning to a silent invasion.

It was a chilling story I was to hear repeatedly echoed elsewhere.

It reframed correctly, at least to my mind, what the ulterior motive, purpose was behind many alien/mankind interaction/visitations.

And it angered me to think how blind UFO skywatchers and media are to simply focus attention and reporting on craft and not ever the intent of occupants within.

It puts one in mind of a Twilight Zone episode called,”To Serve Man”, which neatly summed up man’s importance in the galaxy as a mere condiment.

Director of CIA, Admiral R.H. Hillenkoetter: “It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings. Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense. To hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel.” p. 58, quoted from New York Times, February 28, 1960, p. L30

But you and I, reader, should not worry as our flesh is too tough, old and tainted with age.

It makes one want to change, to make an apparent moral decision and assume a vegetarian diet and not ever atavistically revert;

but we too have mouths intended by evolution, equipped with meat tearing incisors…..

Who could ever imagine such creatures ?

MY abduction recalls were of entities who were masters of illusions, ones who tested me in mind imposed scenarios of moral dilemmas and values choices.

They calibrated souls and assessed minds.

They were tall, white like a refrigerator, flat like a Gumby cartoon character and politely spoke mind to mind.

Years later I saw one close up; at first, it cocked its head at me sideways, birdlike .

I  had tried an experiment with my mind to see if I could control a UFO by remote viewing, a mind flexing field exercise to show my irritation for the copious nosebleeds I had sustained after my abductions from devices inserted into my sinuses.

By virtue of the unexpected result, the appearance of a saurian monstrously tall reptilian in the center of my living room who radiated a loathsome palpable rage and hatred shortly after I tried using this psychic technique, I determined that I would never try this mental exercise tool again;

however, a skilled TEAM might bring marvelous results.

The unused power of our mind is part of the raw quantum physics of the universe ; it has latent power both miraculous and awesome, seen in this power flexing exercise.

The fact that it brought almost immediate retaliation against me underlines its potential efficacy.

With your eyes closed, visualize an alien craft, a disc shaped or cigar shaped large UFO, and see it perched or flying above our planet or high within our skies, many miles overhead.

Visualize all quadrants of this very large craft, full of overlord reptilians and subservient greys all busy at machinery; study the tiers and levels of it in full detail for a full half minute.

Visualize that a force from your mind sharply hits the ship; jar the craft violently and then toss it into another section of space, like a football, end over end.

Clearly see it hurled across a short distance in space, at a tilted pitched angle and visualize/ imagine all entities onboard now suddenly very startled and frightened.

(Imagination, is a word that should be eliminated from our language.)

I augmented this visualization and used a quick head tilt to accentuate the strong mental suggestion of the craft’s jump.

I had totally forgotten about this experimental exercise within an  hour.

But then between me on the couch and my television set, a creature from a nightmare appeared and changed my life.
There are moments that define one’s life, moments that one says, ‘this was before that’, ‘this was after that’.

A mothman-like reptilian, a winged scaled saurian being a ceiling-high materialized.

Without moving I was suddenly warmed ; hatred surrounded me with menace as though I were near a hot radiator.

Its cat-like eyes radiated a palpable loathing and rage, which awed me rather than frightened me as I had lost my senses to surprise..

It vanished after less than ten seconds .

Later, days and weeks later in my life, that saurian vendetta surely and without question manifested a series of horrid and painful accidents which seemed later to underline the smoldering, tangible hatred and rage that it had radiated towards me.

In retrospect, those agonies and sudden misfortunes were not worth the risk of what was after all a very foolhardy experiment.

But I couldn’t help but wonder how just a single human mind could be such a powerful weapon/tool to control alien craft that do indeed respond to powerful telepathic messages.

And I later also couldn’t help but wonder what more a highly skilled group of focused minds, an orchestra of minds in unison, might also be able to accomplish.

We are not as helpless against these creatures and their machines as everyone has thought… 

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