Reports of UFOs Keep Coming In!

By Chris Holly

UFOs  Being Seen


After  a lovely Easter weekend with my family I returned to find more reports of UFO’s being seen by People all over the country including my neck of the woods Long Island New York.  See the reports below of what they are telling me they are seeing
” Chris Holly.
 My wife and I just followed a light orb in the sky on our way back to our house in Franklin Square about 10:35pm – Easter Sunday. At first we thought it was the moon but it was moving and we were able to see it for about 5 minutes  and then it moved beyond our view – was low in the sky and distant, yellow/gold kinda like a half-orange slice. 

I Google d ‘long island UFOs’ and came across your blog – thought I would reach out and let u know.”

 I have many friends in the San Leon/Clear Lake area,  south of Houston.  Last night,  around 9 pm, tons of people started posting on Facebook that they saw strange lights over the bay.  Sounds eerily like what you described in your Long Island article.  One posted a picture,  which I have attached for you. “

photo send of sighting

“Hi Chris,
I work in Garden City and just had a similar experience.  I was with two other co-workers on a cigarette break and we saw a bright white light hovering over the horizon of a building and then it slowly ascended almost vertically but it kept getting higher in the sky and then it hovered IN PLACE before disappearing.  The light was VERY bright and steady.  It was hard to make out the shape of the craft as the light was so bright, but what ever it was, it appeared to reflect the bright white light.  There were momentary red lights as well, but the bright light was the most present.  Its movement was fluid and there was no jet fuel streaming behind it as ascended.  This all took place in less than a minute.  Like I said above the craft “appeared” to be moving slowly but the amount of altitude that it gained in that time was impressive. I am skydiver and have been around many types and sizes of aircraft.  I have watched my fair share of planes high in the sky, as we are always looking for the moment when the jumpers exit the plane.  This did not move like any aircraft that I have ever seen before. I actually came in and told a co-worker about this experience and he directed me to you and the article as he is a follower of your blog, so that is why I have contacted you with this.
Whatever I saw did not cause panic in my heart, as with other things that you may see that you cant explain.   The air was very calm once the object was gone.  Almost surreal, its hard to explain I guess.
Best regards, Name withheld for privacy “
 ( Garden City is Located in Nassau County about 40 minutes outside of NYC on Long Island )

I also was left a message from a man claiming he and his family had seen a few nights in a row a large triangle of lights fly silently over his home frightening them all as it was silent and uniform in red lights that did not blink surrounding a large black craft.  The strange thing is that the man seemed so upset he never told me where he lived or what state he was seeing this object fly over him. I hope if he reads this you will send me an email or call me again with those details.

I do believe this will be the summer for record sightings as more of us each day see things we do not recognize that do strange things in strange ways right in front of their eyes!

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